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E60 M5 and E61 M5 Touring Discussion

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  1. How do I get ahold of Troy Jeup?
  2. Carbon Fiber Hydro-dipped Parts
  3. My Mpower story
  4. Throttle Position Sensor? Peake Code 27AC
  5. Help please...Changed the fuel filter car ran out of gas now wont start (in driveway)
  6. Friend says my car has some 'play' in the rear
  7. TWS 10W60 well is really drying out
  8. how to fix spoiler?
  9. Which GT hood to get for my M5 (E60)?
  10. Runflat tires, do or don't?
  11. m5 fault codes. need help please.
  12. Interlago Blue (Feeler)
  13. Engine spuddering, Trans faults, and CPS code, advice needed
  14. BMW 1M3
  15. Suspension Upgrades and Exhaust
  16. It got better with age
  17. e60 m5 rod bearings
  18. Power steering pump failing, need to replace it
  19. Z06 brakes.
  20. Rough shifting, clutch won't disengage
  21. Cooling fans
  22. Rennen R8 Wheel specs help
  23. E60 m5 s85 breaking
  24. DIY: Warm start/Gas fill up Idle fluctuation fix || Fuel Tank Vent Valves
  25. Throttle Actuator Circuit Board Wanted
  26. Analog value inpa
  27. Spotted in The ATL...75/85 Northbound about 9:30 today
  28. Oil Sensor Stuck?
  29. M5 Board meet. Brooklands UK
  30. M5 Jed BBK Redo (brake pornography)
  31. m5 e60 modded vs camaro 418ci
  32. e60 m5 oil analysis
  33. DSC Issue Help
  34. E60 M5 Active steering failure (New slip ring)
  35. What color to paint my calipers?
  36. Sepang M5 now Hartge look!
  37. Frozen Grey Metallic vinyl wrappin' (Pic Heavy)
  38. AVN Motorsports Alameda Plug (tires)
  39. New vanos solenoid problem please help!
  40. competing brand dealer- no PPI?
  41. 19x11 Fit Stock rear?
  42. Belt slipping?
  43. Decsion Made...I think
  44. 2006 M5 Welcome Lights
  45. I-Drive Japanese to EU Specs
  46. 2006 M5 -Bluetooth Phone Flicker
  47. Dinan Stroker M3
  48. How To remove panel in trunk for radio/amp harness
  49. How long does it take to replace the clutch?
  50. The care and feeding of vinyl wraps
  51. Thinking about selling
  52. rough idle and white smoke on cold start..
  53. CIC sat nav gone weird
  54. Suggestions, if I should put on fog lights on my e60?
  55. Front lip - who has one?
  56. knocking/tapping noise - help :(
  57. M5 E60 Reduced Power, Vanos or fuel pressure mystery? Appreciate your help please.
  58. Primary CAT removal without taking out the headers
  59. Journey to Rod bearing Change
  60. New owner with some faults - help
  61. Battery swap and now steering angle fault
  62. The New M5 Board Site
  63. Crazy vacuum in fuel tank?!
  64. Help with TPMS Sensor Selection for 2008 M5
  65. Engine malfunction - Ok so I messed up! Please Help
  66. No brake pedal pressure after changing pads...please help!
  67. CCW / Holster Combo with M Seats
  68. BMW e63 M6 v10 TWIN TURBO DCT powered by Gintani the most powerfull bmw in the world.
  69. Oiling my BMC air filter
  70. Looking for aftermarket exhaust
  71. New E60 M5 owner
  72. Help..codes 2789,278A,2765
  73. e60 m5 waterless coolant
  74. 535d e61, dsc light!! Not an m5, but plz help
  75. high flow cats
  76. New to site and need help
  77. TROY JEUP | California vacation
  78. EGS 5006-5007 shadow codes???
  79. New Throttle actuator installed and giving bad codes right off the bat!
  80. Another transmission error + reduced power
  81. Headlight Hue Issue - Pink HID?!?
  82. My Euro lights came and...
  83. Thisssssss close to buying my dream car
  84. just replaced throttle actuator - more questions!
  85. What made you buy a e60 m5?
  86. 2006 BMW M5 SMG stuck in 7th gear won't shift won't start
  87. e39 vs e60 As a Daily Driver
  88. Hello everyone , New to M Cars
  89. Custom sec 1
  90. Got my 2008 M5. Now need goodies.
  91. Possible to play video using snap-in adapter in 2010 E63?
  92. Wheel spacers
  93. ALP, V1, Hardwired Phone Installation Information with Pictures
  94. Au Revoir to the M5
  95. 2010 for sale with low miles
  96. Always Imitated, but Never Duplicated. |HRE||RPi||Evolve||Republic Werkz||Dinan|
  97. Did my 3.91 gears this morning
  98. Adding a new comfort access keyfob
  99. Changed my fuel filter today, was dirty.
  100. 10K miles and VANOS solenoids out of spec again?
  101. Clutch Adaptation Inpa, did it completed?
  102. Help with CEL (increased emissions)
  103. Holy Crap - E60 Racing Through Traffic
  104. Ride comfort
  105. Rear diff??
  106. Turning off car...
  107. ABS Warning Light Stiff Steering Wheel?
  108. USB/AUX connection port
  109. Question about temp sensor on primary cats.
  110. M5 vs R33 GTR
  111. e61 with a lot of fault codes, low voltage problem?!
  112. What cars compete with the E60 M5, and why is the M5 better?
  113. Primary cat delete question !!
  114. 06 M6 Gearbox questions
  115. Introducing SPEC - Dream. Build. Drive.
  116. Codes help
  117. E60 Random starting issue
  118. OEM wheels refinished in gunmetal?
  119. Best site to sell M5 stroker
  120. BMW 535D E60 finally re-mapped!
  121. LED Marker Bulbs
  122. Test: Evolve E-Tronic, QTP Valves and SS X Pipe
  123. Jeremy Clarkson BBC announcement on Wed.
  124. What program is needed and where to get it..???
  125. Does anybody know a place in the Bay Area to get interior parts carbon fiber wrapped...???
  126. Replace 06 M5 DME with used donor DME?
  127. Rear Folding Seat Upper Locking Hinge Squeak
  128. Car bogs down / lurches when pulling away
  129. ABS Error after new brakes
  130. Got 600 Mile to Front Brake pad replacement warning, what should I get?
  131. Video from Autocross
  132. Front/headlight LED turnsignals that do not need a resistor/do not hyperflash (plug and play)
  133. Redline limit stuck at around 6500
  134. Ionic current control unit part number
  135. SMG leaking
  136. Service Engine Light
  137. Help Concerning this car~E60 M5 Cylinder head cover oil leak
  138. BMW M5 V10 Sounds On Video!
  139. Lambda Errors
  140. Trip to the dyno this morning for some base line numbers before loading Bren's tune.
  141. The E60, my first sports car
  142. Wider T(y)res on OEM 19" RIMS on E60
  143. Be Careful!!
  144. New Silver Grey E60 Owner
  145. old and new blue cars
  146. advice needed..
  147. What to look for
  148. Ex E39 M5 Owner - Needing M back in my life
  149. Red Cog then Yellow Cog caused by bad battery
  150. LED Lights upgrade
  151. I've never been so happy to have SMG
  152. WTF No German F1 Grand Prix
  153. What would you do?
  154. Training courses
  155. 08 E60M5- Clutch kit- SMG
  156. The Story of why Fiat 500e's are taking over the Bay Area
  157. Pricing of E60 compared to E39
  158. New coil packs?
  159. Thinking of buying coilovers
  160. Rod bearing change, break in?
  161. Made room for the newest addition
  162. Only One Wheel Spinning
  163. Why Rod Bearing change??
  164. What would cause decrease in MPG?
  165. Drove this beauty today.... and I must have one!
  166. Drove this beauty today.... and I must have one!
  167. Just in time! - Bearing change photos @ 114K miles
  168. I feel old in this car
  169. New Engine Required
  170. H&R Springs And Spacers Fitted
  171. Euro SMG and CA smog test
  172. My BlackStone results
  173. anyone know how to take an oil measurement in ista?
  174. How the heck do I get the angel eyes on all the time?
  175. Hockenhiemring!
  176. Do any BMW dealerships work on high volume, lower cost?
  177. Driving issues, new bc coil overs, new rims
  178. Which color for dpe wheels for my M5 Touring
  179. KW V3 Teaser Pics
  180. Stock size 285/35/19 Michelin PSS rubbing
  181. facelift x6m on e60m5 again
  182. E60 LM2 Upgrade Question
  183. Knew wheels and spacer question
  184. Need advice with RPI GTS exhaust
  185. Holy crap repair estimate
  186. Advice re: Bent Rim from Craigslist Seller
  187. Oil changes and Track Time
  189. Strange battery issue, need help.
  190. Do you guys know what the latest build date for E60 M5 was?
  191. Cheapest place to buy rod bearings?
  192. Frustrated M5 Owner
  193. Are there OEM seat covers for rear seats?
  194. need e60 m5 fender and suspension!!!
  195. MFest Atlanta March 22nd at Mountain Motorsports in Conyers, GA!!!
  196. SMG problems...
  197. Wheelsize and offset for my M5 V10 Touring
  198. rubber oem mats
  199. More CF parts from Dinmann!!
  200. Put too much oil in, can it hurt?
  201. installing corsa exhaust
  202. Does anyone want my dead diversity antenna?
  203. S85 Engine derived from Williams P84 F1 program
  204. Any E60 M5 Part out salvage places?
  205. Need help removing CCV hose
  206. Anyone have a vanos pressure test rig they want to rent me?
  207. BMW M5 Auction Question!
  208. Confused: what headlight do I need to buy?
  209. M5 Side Mirrors covers replacement help!
  210. E60 M5 New Owner orientation video
  211. Thoughts on upgrades?
  212. Drain cock on e60 m5, passenger side with red cap...????
  213. Help, Not starting
  214. Please help with codes (in German) *urgent*
  215. have the E60 M5 prices bottomed out?
  216. Best Aftermarket Diff
  217. Coding being done this weekend in the DMV 3/7 & 3/8
  218. Hre wheels offset question help
  219. Code-out Speed Limiter??
  220. Misfire #4
  221. DEPO LCI Style Replica Tail Lights USR
  222. Oil level
  223. I hit 100,000 miles on The Beast a few weeks ago
  224. Tesla P85D Test Drive
  225. In D mode, M5 downshifts from 5th to 3rd
  226. Coolant low
  227. remote trunk button activates alarm
  228. Rods & Bearings refresh
  229. Carrera GT
  230. Transmission Fault??? Advice wanted
  231. Snow Tire Alternatives!
  232. How much do you care about tire DOT?
  233. Need help to diagnose - fuel and drivetrain
  234. First, cylinder 1 misfire; now misfire moved to cylinder 8 misfire
  235. Another wheel question
  236. AZ members (need some help).
  237. Hartge / replica rear apron-diffuser
  238. VANOS and Main pump questions
  239. E60 M5 vs E39 M5 Epic Comparison Test!
  240. help removing seatbelt wiring harness cover under front passenger seat
  241. RD Sway Bar Failed Me Again
  242. Clutch Adaptation... yes or no?
  243. Long time lurker finally takes the plunge
  244. Rear bumper tow cover issue
  245. Parking sensors: is this normal?
  246. Pulleys question
  247. New shoes - Rennen R10 X-concave
  248. So, Last Night Sucked... (SNOW related)
  249. Fault code 9C54 IHKA : AUC Senor
  250. Bay Area M5ers
  251. Made in Austria
  252. Broken screw part 07119904912
  253. Found this article an interesting read
  254. Stalling - flywheel maybe??
  255. Issues with my abs and traction control
  256. Don't replace your SMG Hydraulics or Pump
  257. Post rod bearing change oil plan
  258. Can Somebody Run A CarFax For Me?
  259. BBS CH-R suitable rim?
  260. Looking for a mechanic in Los Angeles
  261. 800 mile trip in my new M5...
  262. Ball Joints so loose they made Dinan Service Facebook page (Feb 24) - video
  263. So I decided to give headlight refinishing a try...
  264. Tune, SMG and coding
  265. MOST Adapter
  266. Healthy Blackstone Report @ 75,000 miles
  267. Advice on an 07?
  268. New M5 Owner Ireland
  269. Waterless coolant...?
  270. Your Best Pull Over Stories driving the M5, please.
  271. Rear Diff Problem
  272. Range to empty calculation?
  273. Replaced CCC and coded but no FM/AM selection (greyed)
  274. Are all E60 doors the same?
  275. Please Help Diagnose this noise
  276. DIY: Rebuild Your CCC (PHOTO HEAVY)
  277. Help- will not start
  278. Special thanks to Dinmann.
  279. Does anyone have a VINYL/LEATHERETTE interior on their E60 M5?
  280. Engine noise/knock after oil change (Video clip included)
  281. EDC
  282. SF Cars and Coffee this AM
  283. Oil Change Results: 2 Flakes in filter cover.
  284. Clunking on reverse and between gears
  285. Believer in torquing on wheels now...
  286. DIY: Bank 1 Actuators!!
  287. Early morning Red and Yellow Trans Malfunction
  288. BC Coilovers and EDC errors
  289. HELP! Stripped Drain Plug!
  290. Ecs tuning Led taillights
  291. USB Control Module Faulty
  292. New here
  293. I have to say...
  294. Looking for a RHD cic compatible part number
  295. Evening all. New 08 m5 owner in Sydney
  296. oem Section 2 cats worth anything to scrap??
  297. Will OEM rd278 18" wheel fit E60 M5?
  298. Higher Mileage M5 advice
  299. CF / FG hood
  300. Help needed! Reduced power E60 M5 2005! :(
  301. Smooth shifts better for the car / transmission failure?
  302. Blackstone Report - Fuel?
  303. Brens Tune Results
  304. E60 M5 engine reduced power, swapped iconic module!
  305. V10 SMG Clutch torgue limit.
  306. Post videos of your beast on the TRACK!!
  307. 295/30/19
  308. E60 headlight "lens" replacement
  309. Active Autowerkes Dyno run, 520rwhp!!
  310. How many miles on your beast
  311. Some Pics after Wash
  312. Pre-Emptive Rod Bearing Photos at 50,680 Mi ~81500 KM
  313. F10 M5/M6 Brake System Retrofit Kit
  314. Yet another noob posts SMG questions...
  315. Rear bumper template for Eisenmann oval
  316. Steering Column Help
  317. CCC to CIC Navigation 2006 e60 M5
  318. E60 M5 vs F10 M5 - above 300kph
  319. Question for owners that have CIC and Logic 7
  320. Car died and doesn't start
  321. When should I change my rotors?
  322. E60 M5 Speed & Distance , 170MPH (1 Mlle), 200MPH (2 Miles)
  323. Set of 10 NGK LKR8AP Spark Plugs for $90 shipped
  324. Red brake light replace pads warning
  325. Door Sill removal?
  326. Traded my M5 for a...
  327. Alignment Question
  328. Unlock and lock "beep" low
  329. Unexplained Battery Drain
  330. Programming a new key
  331. M6 V10 Modded vs E63 Biturbo performance package
  332. Steve Dinan to Leave Dinan - Joins Chip Ganassi Racing
  333. New rod bearings look damaged
  334. Coolant Temp Sensors
  335. For those who track their M5 - What is your oil temp at?
  336. Anyone have an ICOM in NY Tri-State Area and is willing to assist?
  337. Vanos - vamos!
  338. Voice Command retrofit questions...
  339. Our V10 beasts vs F82 M4
  340. Clutch slipping above 3k rpm
  341. custom carbon fiber steering wheel
  342. Thoughts on this.
  343. 2005 M5 fault codes (gen,ibs,oil).
  344. Overdue intro thread
  345. Increased Emissions CEL...some guidance?
  346. CIC retrofit from donor 535i went ok. One minor glitch
  347. vacuum in fueltank
  348. Just hit 5k miles on my new engine -- thanks Troy!
  349. looking for a review.
  350. CD reader not working
  351. Taking the barge to the track
  352. m5 splash guards ,
  353. RCOG, no start on first start of the day.
  354. New ower 08 M5 Miami
  355. Another 10w60
  356. Question for CIC retrofit guys
  357. E60 M5 reading 29 to 34 bar SMG pump pressure (low)
  358. Double agent
  359. Flywheel Inspection
  360. First Blackstone analysis on Troy-built motor
  361. How to: Coding lock/unlock "beep beep" to the classic BMW "wolf siren"
  362. Starting and ending DIS
  363. Is anyone here running an OEM square wheel setup?
  364. My Beasts Birthday.. Presents for it
  365. RD sway bar questions..??
  366. Intake Plenum clamp socket size?
  367. Phoenix owners chime in
  368. Coding off cold checks with headlight wiring damage?
  369. m5 vanos solenoids
  370. Selling the M5
  371. S85 cylinder bore repair; possible?
  372. m5 e60 modded vs lexus ifs bolt ons
  373. Clutch/flywheel options
  374. Pagid pa4065/4072 pads advice
  375. Can-Bus driven Guages?
  376. Finally bought the car I have wanted for years...
  377. What fuse to remove??
  378. New M5 Owner
  379. E60 w/ F15 ///M Key - Possible?
  380. Coding out EDC Issues
  381. Yet another CIC retrofit thread
  382. Thoughts on the Alfa Romeo 4C?
  383. E60 BMW M5 Help
  384. Thoughts on used E60 M5
  385. e60 m5 fuel control module
  386. Pre LCI Gauges
  387. E60 Idle and Throttle actuators
  388. Am I crazy to buy a e60 M5
  389. I finally have a reason to register!
  390. No sound, SOS warning, no handsfree
  391. New issues
  392. LCI headlight question
  393. 2010 needs thermostat and alternator
  394. WPC treating rod bearings
  395. How to check power steering fluid level?
  396. Help with M5 Alloy size?
  397. Steering angle sensor error after new cas installation
  398. Video: 42 Minutes of Chris Harris Hooning His Favorite Cars of 2014
  399. Fuel Pump Noise
  400. how BMW makes its carbon fiber parts.
  401. Experiencing some problems.. Need help!!
  402. E60 with F10 M Carbon Ceramics Retrofitted (not to mention Dinan Stroker...)
  403. Vanos Solenoid nearly doubled in price!
  404. Congrats to Troy on becoming a Dad!!
  405. another exhaust tip thread...
  406. e60 m5 codes ,vanos fault. any ideas how to fix ?
  407. How Much are you paying for 92/93 Octane Fuel?
  408. E60 M5 Brake Pad Replacement Question
  409. E60 M5 Billet paddles
  410. Anyone at ITExpo in Miami this week?
  411. DIY: Correcting the E60 speedometer via coding
  412. Confirmed SMG fix with codes.
  413. DIS software and cable
  414. E60 m5 warranty
  415. Lift advise
  416. would an aftermarket ECU refresh solve my ecu problems?
  417. Tough times.
  418. Best ACS Rear Roof Spoiler Rep to Buy
  419. Has anyone changed their own radiator fluid..??
  420. Searching for a hi res picture of the rev counter on the M5/6
  421. Power Steering Rack Removal Question
  422. Who made the E60 M5 stock brakes?
  423. help/opinions needed
  424. So, I had an interesting discussion with a BMW Tech last night
  425. Thigh Extender Problems
  426. Storage on the M5 & BMW X5 Issues - Battery Tender?
  427. Good indy mechanic or dealership in SO-CAL
  428. Trouble with seat heater distribution - one side only?
  429. What a great car......
  430. Looking for a good tool
  431. Techron Additive
  432. New member to the fold...
  433. Some Pics of my New Wheels | Work VSXX Inside
  434. Should I buy the $220 diff fluid from BMW or can I used a cheaper alternative?
  435. Has anyone's dealership started getting the new Shell Oil yet?
  436. Help Passing DEQ with De-Catted Headers
  437. IATs for Centrifugal Supercharged Engines
  438. I guess its my turn...
  439. dinmann carbon fiber full aero kit for e60m5
  440. Vossen CV7 or Rohana RC7 - advice? (Pics)
  441. Swivel car mount
  442. 24 hours of Rolex --- Daytona speedway
  443. Help with codes 510B and 520B please!
  444. Code 9C55 Fogging Vapor Sensor
  445. Emissions and thermostat
  446. Nitto NT555's vs Michelin Pilot Sport - Thoughts?
  447. Value of Used M5 with New Engine
  448. DIY: Throttle body links maintenance
  449. bosch alternator any good?
  450. CCC Wiring harness gauge question
  451. e60 m5 big end shell
  452. Death of DIY in Near Future?
  453. CCC to CIC retrofit question
  454. custom carbon fiber/sway steering wheels m5 m6
  455. New in the forum I need some advise in coding!
  456. Red cog
  457. Pre-purchase question from a new guy
  458. Gear selection for Dyno 6 speed?
  459. Poll: How Often Do You Drive Your E60 BEAST?
  460. duplicate
  461. Evolve Eventuri Intakes with MAF's in freezing temps?
  462. Rear CF Diffuser Installed *Pics*
  463. High voltage...
  464. m5 e60 modded vs corvette ls2 cammed
  465. BMWlogger software.
  466. Bmw M5 E60 idle
  467. Anyone in SoCal that can help replace Rod Bearings
  468. QTP Exhaust Cutouts - A Review
  469. e60 m5 uprated bushes including diff bush.
  470. clunk noise when engaging into first gear
  471. For those curious about fuel economy
  472. Trans Malfunction !! E60 M5 2006
  473. E60 M5 or G8 Gt
  474. E60 M5 SMG Pump Black Relay
  475. Went to Eurocharged, came home with a new tune, pulley and handheld
  476. Finances
  477. Anyone with USAA Extended Vehicle Protection
  478. Software and Instruction SF Bay Area (Wish)
  479. what do u use to adhere your fiberglass spoiler to your trunk lid...???
  480. Question: How much quicker/faster is an Evolve tuned M5 vs a stock one?
  481. M5 with Foose wheels
  482. Anyone identify this M5?
  483. UK Meet
  484. e60 m5 faults need help please
  485. Finally hit the autobahn but...
  486. e60 m5 more problems , help.
  487. Easy CCC to CIC upgrade in the Bay Area
  488. So, who's actually got Powerflex on their E60 M5?
  489. BMW E60 M5 on HRE RS100
  490. Can I mix Michelin Pilot AS/3 rears with different fronts
  491. Slowly dying!!!! HELP!!!!!
  492. Long Road Trip - TX to NYC
  493. e60 m5 fuel filter
  494. Hello from the Queen City
  495. OEM 19" Square Set up
  496. SMG Adaptation Failed, error
  497. Carbon fiber wrap in the San Francisco Bay Area...???
  498. 2010 M5 LED Daytime Running and Angel Eyes
  499. Soft Close door retrofit completed
  500. Hi guys, a little help on BMW tecnics please?
  501. Not your usual RPI Scoop thread
  502. BIzarre SMG happening this morning.
  503. m5 e60 modded vs corvette c5 full job
  504. Free S85 core motor in Hong Kong
  505. E60 M5 cats install
  506. e60 m5 fuel pump
  507. Need Help Car Won't Start/Unknown Dash Symbol
  508. O2 sensor heater circuit problem help!
  509. So, I ran 2 consecutive VANOS bleeds using Rheingold
  510. m5 problem please help
  511. Advice needed - wheel/tyre combination
  512. Anyone have the Escort Laser Shifter?
  513. What is yours?
  514. E60 M5s w/ Exhaust Mods in New Haven CT area?
  515. How to clear Airbag/passager restraint on dash/Idrive
  516. For All U That Like To Run DSC OFF...
  517. clutch slipping?
  518. Ticking noise
  519. m5 problems. please help
  520. DME 2B06 CODE - Bad Gas Pedal??
  521. e60 m5 issues
  522. Need help with decision on repair.
  523. Black RPI Pulley?
  524. Low Coolant Level Warning but level is fine
  525. Anyone have a tuned servotronic steering?
  526. The Ultimate bank account depleting machine
  527. Creak from front end
  528. Owners Manual for a 2010?
  529. CCC to CIC Retrofit problem
  530. Cabin Video Modified Exhaust on DD
  531. 6 Speed: Gearbox Oil Change
  532. Any warning lights with no TPMS?
  533. Repairs for 2014
  534. How much have you paid to have Evolve Edit your tune
  535. Motor Oil
  536. GS-F is the new E60 M5?
  537. Joining the E60 M5 side of things
  538. Fuel Injector Cleaning
  539. 2015 Map CD?
  540. Anyone in touch with ESS Europe?
  541. Still waiting on our engine care package and SMG care package.
  542. CEL (engine emissions)
  543. Who has full Evolve exhaust (headers back)?
  544. SMG Shifting violently
  545. Fidelity Extended Warranty Services Brokers
  546. Non M5 but near pissed myself
  547. New member
  548. lowered... swaybar end links?
  549. Help with some error codes
  550. Creak from Driver's Seat Belt Buckle area
  551. Looking for recommendations for a good shop in S. NH
  552. 2006 M5
  553. Muffler delete!!!!!
  554. $23 for ten quarts of 10W-40 at Costco.
  555. Highest MPG
  556. Found another "Best Motoring" video of the E60 M5 in battle
  557. Hot air blowing in foot well while cold out of other vents
  558. Oil measurement not available at this time
  559. F10 shifter installed and wheels refreshed
  560. Oil Return Hose Leak
  561. leak
  562. Smg pressure/leaking test
  563. Relatively new member saying hi! Been lurking for a while. 06 M5 with light mods.
  564. Does anyone know of a company that can recoat BMW interior plastics or has done it their self?
  565. Sad but its time
  566. BMW Dealership won't give me my service history.
  567. RCOD on cold start only
  568. The E60 BMW M5 Is The Ultimate Highway And Track Cruise Missile
  569. Alpha N tuned guys chime in
  570. Realoem.com...???
  571. Happy New Year Everyone!
  572. My NEW E60 M5 V10 UK
  573. Which silencer??
  574. Rsonator delete
  575. Happy New Year!!
  576. BC Racing Installed - How to remove error code?
  577. E61 M5 Braided Brake Lines
  578. Can some one watch this vanos pump backlash video and tell me how it looks
  579. BMW's global brain drain continues
  580. Castrol 10W60 in Los Angeles?
  581. If you think E60 M5 has SMG issues, just compare with the bulletproof GTR
  582. Service Question - input needed
  583. Clutch type/installation in the SF Bay Area ???
  584. re introducing myself
  585. Rear Tyre Help!
  586. How many people think the E60 M5 will be more reliable than the F10?
  587. View your Launch Control usage count
  588. let's talk about Troy Jeup LLC
  589. Adding hydraulic oil to SMG tank..
  590. E39 M5 owner looking into E60 M5. Advice - comments - suggestions ?
  591. Hahaha! Us M5Board members managed to piss someone off!
  592. $12,000 later and still having malfunctions. Help!!!!!
  593. Anyone run a Designtek valved exhaust?
  594. M Fanatik in socal
  595. emissions
  596. New Exterior Mods = Pics
  597. how to flash back to stock SMG software?
  598. Left2Pass
  599. Parked for winter now steering gone hard ?
  600. So, 10quarts of oil (9.4L) and I get 'too much oil' warning?
  601. Why not a F10?
  602. DIY: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  603. Dinan CAI data
  604. S85 picture request
  605. Next Shift S3ctor 1/2 Mile event...Airstrip Attack 8 4/25-26 2015
  606. Vossen cv7 19" on e60 m5 - pics?
  607. Bearing replacement at 75,000 kms
  608. E60 M5 Jahre 25 ( not M5 CSL ) pics anyone?
  609. Caddy CTS-V: take a note
  610. What Is This m5 Worth??
  611. Wheel Preferences
  612. New member intro and a few questions.
  613. Whine on cold start. Please help
  614. Front Grill M Emblem
  615. Best Replacement Air Filter Stock Intake?
  616. Custom Clevite Rod Bearings for S65/S85
  617. Delay in startup
  618. Vanos line & Bearing change @ 99,000m
  619. Replaced Thermostat Today
  620. Need ARP Rod bolt Part Number ASAP
  621. Best E60 M5 trap speeds for 1/2 mile and 1 Mile?
  622. Little bit of voltage creep, normal?
  623. Vanos issues, maybe??
  624. Dynoed the Beast - Part 2
  625. Love to see V10 power in action vs RS6
  626. Smg software update, possible?
  627. How to check if battery is registered?
  628. What I miss and don't miss about my M5
  629. Rod bearings - Break in?
  630. A strong character that has what it takes to be a legend.
  631. Time to cut my losses and give up the V10 life
  632. So I replaced my relays ...
  633. Request Opinions | Pure Performance Motorsport 5.8L Stroker
  634. Am I missing something? Is this a Christmas stuffing item?
  635. SMG Pump Failure, the new old story again
  636. VANOS low pressure root cause determination
  637. m5 e60 modded vs camaro magnacharged
  638. Rod bearings replaced at 83k miles (with good BS reports)
  639. Pointer for PTech's Rod Bearing Group Buy
  640. Charl Tintiger and actuator gears
  641. 6.0 Stroker; the best bang for the buck Exotic?
  642. Noises from Transmission
  643. E60 m5 Clogged Cats
  644. Vanos supply line banjo size?
  645. Rear Differential replacement
  646. Finally another rod bearing option soon
  647. UK Owners, BMW Warranty
  648. Red line si1 fuel cleaner
  649. Shift boot frame - F10 M5 shifter install
  650. Fuel pump issues
  651. Increased Emissions/Engine Light/Thermostat Error
  652. M5 E60 smoking
  653. **UK E60/E61 M5 Meet**
  654. Toys for Tots Dyno Day - $20 for 3 pulls
  655. Diagnostic tool
  656. escort 9500ci installation in milw./chicago area
  657. BMW 550i E60
  658. keeping key fob charged
  659. ess tvs2 650 supercharger for s85
  660. How do these alignment specs look for tire wear
  661. ESS VT-1 slight idle issue
  662. When the time comes, should I buy parts for a tranny rebuild or buy one from Troy?
  663. CEL Removal
  664. My Vanos (Hi-Def clip uploaded).
  665. What do you guys think about using fuel system cleaner and fuel injectors cleaner
  666. I keep getting error msg!! Engine malfunction / reduced power
  667. Replacing clutch and flywheel
  668. dsc control unit removal question
  669. SMG reset when going down the hill
  670. Wheel Spacer Issues
  671. ?'s about 3.91 & smg daily driven
  672. m5 e60 modded vs gtr hks570
  673. BANG when starting in 1st... something I'm doing wrong?
  674. VANOS Accumulator, anyone?
  675. wheel spacers
  676. So I wanted to publicly say Thanks to Troy!
  677. JOKERGERMS Rod bearing replacement thread
  678. CIC Unsuccessful Retrofit
  679. 20" wheels owners - I need your help !
  680. PICs of AC Schnitzer Front Grills "black"
  681. Looking for Wheel Refinishing in Sacramento
  682. Here's a BMW shop to NOT use...
  683. Evolve-R Problem
  684. Diagnosing Fuel problem - no start
  685. Part missing from my M5! Help Please ;)
  686. Fling mirror issue and resolution
  687. Dyno'd my M5 recently
  688. Boost gauge???
  689. What would you do... M5 + z06 or z06 and simpl daily
  690. Is the prices fair for this work
  691. Going to try gutting cats need HELP GUYS
  692. Just got polish and detail.
  693. Another Engine Malfunction Reduced Power
  694. 2015 E60 M5 Calendar
  695. Dual Oil Pan Drain (LCI?) Guys:
  696. Newbie M5 about to be owner questions
  697. Another E60 M5 with Bearing issues, Winning!!!
  698. Cylinder 1 and 2 misfire while idling on a slant with low gas?
  699. What would you do?
  700. Another satisfied Troy Jeup customer

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