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E60 M5 and E61 M5 Touring Discussion

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  1. Newbie here
  2. re e60 m5 manual conversion
  3. hey fellow members .... is this a good buy?
  4. Radiator hose o-ring solution
  5. Random cyclinder misfires. No, No knock
  6. Awesome 9 dollar bluetooth audio solution
  7. V 2.0 Build
  8. Madness-Motorsport
  9. DIY: 5soko || Evolve Eventuri Intakes. DIY, Review, Datalogs
  10. Are there any equal length headers available for the E60 M5?
  11. Just Passed Virginia State Inspection with Muffler Delete
  12. New guy intro
  13. 101,000 mile update on rod bearings replaced 17,000 miles ago.
  14. coolant drain / flush
  15. Which One should I buy?!?!?
  16. Driving while in limp mode/ engine malfunction reduced power??
  17. Troy- Please step in
  18. 09 M5 Idle surges on warm start up
  19. Advise please, just added 2.5L of oil and still wants more!
  20. Ten Fastest Sedans Ever Made
  21. F10 brake kit vs e60 brake kit
  22. Eisenmann exhaust in Phoenix AZ?
  23. Newbie here
  24. Muffler Delete?
  25. Short Shift options
  26. Is there more than one stroker?
  27. Stebro Exhaust
  28. Sylvania ZEVO License plate bulbs are perfect brightness
  29. Thermostat question for the board
  30. Running it to the full 15k before oil change
  31. Craigslist find? 06 Alpine white SMG M5 $13,500 - Not running
  32. 2006 M5 Won't Crank
  33. PSA: Clean your air filters
  34. Gear box fault what could it be?
  35. Kinda happy with mpg
  36. E60 M5, clutch cylinder being replaced, but it has oil on clutch, do I need to change it again( I just changed a new clutch 6000kms ago)
  37. Rear Suspension installation
  38. I-Drive split screen issue
  39. Tire size on front
  40. LCI Tails on my 06 $660 complete
  41. What are the signs of impending SMG issues / failure?
  42. Prog help in NoVA for adaptation
  43. Throttle actuator
  44. New here ... Purchasing a e60 06 smg m5 ...
  45. Annoying bmw fault 2738 Fill plausibility bank 2
  46. Carchex
  47. DYNO-DAY Tomorrow Aug 9th - $30 (3 pulls)
  48. is this car too cheap
  49. Full custom stainless steel exhaust sound test, dyno run ~20 hp gain
  50. Potential 2008 purchase
  51. Clutch slipping?
  52. Can catastrophic engine damage be caused from minor collision ?
  53. Discount Tire Experience
  54. Where are you M5 and M6 Members
  55. Battery Tender Plus - $30 at Sears
  56. Got some praise for my Indi.
  57. Recommend a freight carrier
  58. Anodizing my RPI Oil Cooler, I want suggestions.
  59. When to service rod bearings/vanos?
  60. underbody protection panel fitment
  61. SMG Issues! New owner...
  62. VIDEO: Clicking noise coming from drivers side of car near engine compartment.
  63. Evolve tune-Feedback
  64. Pre LCI Angel eyes as DRLs Solution?
  65. Drove a stock M6 today...
  66. Cheapest remote coding for euro SMG software?
  67. Extended warranty bone job!
  68. Rare BMW Performance E60 M5 Prototype Hybrid Version
  69. Lowering just the front end
  70. Oil Level...Me versus the Dealer
  71. New Battery? Not Yet...I'll just keep an eye on this...
  72. Shift S3ctor Airstrip Attack 7 Oct 25/26 2014!
  73. Side view mirror glass shaking
  74. Evolve Eventuri Intakes installed on my BMW E61 M5 Touring
  75. New Engine - Break in Period and 5W30
  76. Know of a professional photographer on Long Island?
  77. Bmw m5 question thread
  78. I know exhaust questions are beat to death but..
  79. My Impressions of RD Sways and Coilovers
  80. E61 touring
  81. Wheel hop - is this a 6MT issue only?
  82. Anyone driven Route 66 in their M5?
  83. Need A New DD! Help!!
  84. S85 Crankshaft Design Optimization Presentation
  85. Full Engine rebuild E60 M5
  86. Pedal Haus E60 M5 Aluminum Pedals - Review/Guide
  87. S85 in a Volvo? Sure, why not.
  88. HELP!!!! I've had the car 1 day and I'm getting a transmission fault
  89. Griots's 8.02.14 Euro Day
  90. Just ordered the beast's new license plate!
  91. Some new pictures
  92. Rubbing stock ride height 12mm spacers all around. :(
  93. Back in the day BMW was a champion of doing more with less, through innovated low cost techniques
  94. Battle of the V10's || M5 vs Gallardo
  95. Looking for a MAP sensor replacement DIY
  96. Awesome E46 M3 hillclimb run!
  97. anyone try selling to Carmax?
  98. Want my E60 to sound like the Gtr
  99. Battle of the M5's
  100. Is this a normal engine sound?
  101. Got word back from my indy. The M5 is back to life
  102. Radio Grayed Out except for CD, but no sound.
  103. Missing engine bay trim piece
  104. Something wicked this way comes
  105. diy maintenance while under warranty
  106. Any sport bike owners here?
  107. Carmax E60 M5 Listing
  108. Lift off oversteer with Dinan FRC/Rear Sway
  109. S85 Long Block from BMW
  110. Est 6k miles on new clutch and rough shifting and slipping
  111. New to board
  112. Help help all doors locked!! E60 m5
  113. Rear Brake Pads
  114. Cheap Insurance
  115. Evolve-r or BPM tune?
  116. Throttle Actuator Problems
  117. Paging you error code geniuses....
  118. Sepang bronze in South Carolina anyone
  119. Hydraulic Pressure
  120. Picking up a 2011 Porsche Gt3 monday. Should I keep the Beast?
  121. '06 M5 almost killed me!
  122. E60 m5 misfire *multiple* help pls.
  123. Help
  124. Evolve Intakes Troubleshooting
  125. electronics meltdown
  126. Oil level not resetting
  127. Why are my front wheels rubbing??
  128. My first Blackstone report - Input needed
  129. Just Got My Blackstone Oil Report!
  130. Got passed by many Ms on A6
  131. Planning to buy an M6 next week - How much $$ to keep in the car slush fund?
  132. Programming update on 2008 6spd and still cannot turn DSC off
  133. Bmw m5 code 0093b2 (saftey battery term)
  134. Its been real. Thanks to all
  135. In case anyone is looking for an '08 Manual
  136. Spark plugs changed, oil leak discovered
  137. Lci tail light help
  138. Shift speed relation to Clutch slip to hydraulic pump work
  139. Crashed BMW E60 5 Series Split Open Like a Tin Can
  140. Stock exhaust question
  141. New E60 M5 owner with amplifier question/problem
  142. aux cable location?
  143. Modded M5 vs M6 gran coupe
  144. Hit and run
  145. Carbon Fiber Front Spoiler Installed
  146. Brake Caliper Sticking & Easycare Stated Care
  147. Stock exhaust tip modify
  148. Smg fluid reservoir location?
  149. Receiver Hitch?
  150. Engine Feels a bit 'nervous' Steady State/Actuator(s)?
  151. Wheels installed - Mods 90% complete!
  152. S85/S65 throttle actuators information
  153. New 2007 e60 silverstone ll owner says hello from the UK
  154. Another Sprint Booster Review
  155. DAB disappeared from iDrive
  156. SMG shifter light
  157. Normal sparkplug wear?
  158. Latest Evolve-R Software
  159. 535i better than M5?!?! haha
  160. Supersprint F1 Race Mufflers/Back Box on E60 M5
  161. How well will my Avant Garde 20" wheels fit the E60 M5?
  162. SMG left me stranded
  163. Will 20/11 with +13 offset and 275 tire fit?
  164. Whats the steering rack turn ratio on the m5?
  165. [DocsV10]: Dyno Day
  166. which exhaust is better??
  167. brake pad with no noise
  168. Help! Anyone got this gear problem before?
  169. Comfort Access Tango Uniform
  170. Oil Evac Port E60 M5
  171. Cic upgrade help
  172. Drove a F10 and then Panamera Turbo yesterday
  173. Would you trade your E60 M5 for an E39 M5?
  174. Mopar or no M....
  175. Which years had VANOS problems?
  176. Has anyone put a Roll cage in there M5?
  177. Anyone fit this AC tip on your stock exhaust?
  178. New guy in Alabama
  179. Throttle actuator rebuild service?
  180. Hit (tap) & Run....I know who did it....
  181. C7mb's 2008 IB M5 Build Thread
  182. Lightened Flywheel anyone?
  183. Does any one know who makes these??
  184. SMG Pump Went out, best price/source?
  185. Couple maint questions.......
  186. UK Owners - Mondial warranty and aftermarket exhaust
  187. Spark plugs changed at 39,000 miles
  188. Dyno run
  189. Sprint booster and Evolve tuning ????
  190. Brake pads, what are my options in the u.k?
  191. Rod Bearings, Which ones should I use?
  192. Texas 1/2 Mile Top Speed Event (Video)
  193. Been awhile..looking to get another E60..
  194. Stahlbus Oil Drain Valve
  195. Where does this connector go?
  196. meisterchaft headers
  197. Help with codes
  198. need help sunroof wont open
  199. First fault code with the S85
  200. Sorry, old but still had to post this....
  201. came across this video e60 vs f10
  202. Muffler Delete questions??
  203. Damaged rubber throttle body seal
  204. HUD under reading revs
  205. M5 E60 ESS VT2-650 VS M5 F10 Stock
  206. Extended warranty suggestions
  207. Recent suspension upgrades - RDSport Sways & Dinan Monoballs!
  208. Car Check
  209. Price for break fluid change light came on?
  210. Normal engine temperatures
  211. How many people here are using ISTA to do their own maintenance?
  212. Maintenance plan ended $800 for plug change?
  213. Evolve Tune w/ Exhaust Overrev/Burble Feature
  214. Need Help Urgently | Spacer size for OEM wheels and tyres
  215. S85 repair frequency thread
  216. Need help E60 M5 2007 going into safe mode
  217. Anybody have Warrantech?
  218. 5soko || Evolve Tune.. Its the truth!
  219. E60 M5 clutch choices..HELP
  220. Cylinder numbers?
  221. Fuel additive needed for humid environment and crappy gas!
  222. Mpg bmw e60 m5
  223. Our cars future classics?
  224. Decat headers arrived from BlackPLM5! I can't wait to get these babies
  225. V10 throttle bodies/ air box
  226. Anybody try the 40watt Angel Eyes?
  227. Bearing paranoia - Philly area
  228. M5 E60 - Engine Management light on - P0301, P0302,P0303,P0304,P0305
  229. Rotor and/or pad issue
  230. E60 m5 front lip options
  231. Texas 1/2 Mile Race Event: How to Prep?
  232. Is this Powerstop brake kit legit?
  233. Increased emissions o2 sensors
  234. Center dash buzz between 3-4K RPM
  235. Star rated tyres....do you need to use them
  236. insta diagnosis at 92k
  237. Thanks EAS for the great fitting rear window seal replacement!!!
  238. Nice CHEAP interior trim upgrade!
  239. nothing too special. just getting the car back from the shop with some upgrades
  240. Help needed with audio!
  241. removing 3m double sided tape off spoiler
  242. P151F error and BMTechnic INPA
  243. Bmw m5 v10 oil catch can
  244. My New Beast ;)
  245. M5 E60 Modded vs Porsche GT3 997 2010 ENJOY WATCHING
  246. Need new front thrust rod bushings soon...any upgrades?
  247. Fuel pressure riddle - please help
  248. New Interior Vinyl Wrap
  249. M5 at Lake Tahoe Slows
  250. Sale price for rebuilt S85 engine
  251. HUD Faulty again.....
  252. Uk m5 owners
  253. Do I really need a new transmission? What to do? Really need some help!
  254. Race Fuel
  255. Zymol ConCourse Wax/Polish! Worth it!
  256. I scored an exhaust today!
  257. Old girl still looking good
  258. Engine flush - front sump oil retention
  259. Worst luck with flat tires...but thankful for BMW Tire & Wheel Protection Warranty!
  260. Goodbye Finland,hello UK
  261. NEED TO MAKE A DECISION - SMG RELATED - Pump or whole unit?!?!
  262. New version of Evolve-R Software
  263. Need help to access manual on BMW TIS Website
  264. Engine overheat upon start up?
  265. Agency Power Pulley, what should I torque the bolts to?
  266. Alternator install
  267. Milestone for the Beast, celebrated with a drive
  268. Need help identifying oem brake rotors
  269. My 2008 S85 V10 (33k miles) exploded this weekend
  270. New member here 2008 6-speed, Interlagos blue, Silverstone
  271. DIY: Ionic Sensor resistance?
  272. UK owners, rod bearings?
  273. hud Sat-nav directions not showing up after cic retrofit
  274. Good Detail Shop in Ft Washington/Blue Bell PA area
  275. d2s bulbs
  276. Eibach Pro-Kit Installed
  277. DIY S85 Dry Sump
  278. 80K Preventative Maintenance....Including Rod Bearings
  279. Am i going to Fry something? Engine Electronics Gurus?
  280. 1M front bumper installed by AK1 Motorsports
  281. Think i F'd up...MAFs
  282. New member intro - My car at Stance Nation Texas in Dallas
  283. E60 M5 fitted with Evolve ECU Remap, Evolve E-Tronic, Evolve Eventuri VAi Intake Kit
  284. Lightweight Flywheel
  285. Looking for new set of rotors and pads, who has the best price with sensors?
  286. Stoptech SS brake lines
  287. H and R front spring install ??????
  288. Anyone running Corsa w/ Aftermarket Section 2?
  289. Tune for 6 MT
  290. Autobahn run in an E60 M5 stroker
  291. Losing my mind. :( SMG Red Cog
  292. Please help! Brushing sound from front of car. Video inside. Idler pulley?
  293. Ok.. Someone tell me right meow..
  294. Crash reset - what do I need to do regarding Airbags
  295. Questions about selling process for my M5
  296. Will not start after INPA
  297. Spare tire for our M5...????
  298. Engine fan failure
  299. How many bulbs?`
  300. Oil pump sprocket nut torque
  301. Temps in the 90s. SMG is the smoothest it's ever been
  302. Fluctuating Engine Note & Rough Exhaust Tone
  303. Is this typical for an oil change?
  304. Replacing trunk spoiler - cost vs. quality/fitment? Which ones are good? Which ones suck?
  305. ISTA ISID Vanos bleeding and SMG adaptation
  306. Reduced Power- Fuel Pressure too high
  307. Please advise:2008 M5 Manual 89K CPO for 28k ?
  308. Ugh, My 2006 beast took a hit.
  309. So I test drove the F82 M4 today and...
  310. Have you Ever.....
  311. M5 oil level sensor issue, need advise
  312. Imola Red E60 M5 w/ DPE, StopTech, Hartge, Vorsteiner & RPi!
  313. Trans adaptation and Euro SMG Tune
  314. Exhuast question
  315. Creaking from rear sunshade. Anyone figured out how to quiet it?
  316. Sump Plug Size and Thread
  317. Questions about Clutch/SMG Pump replacement
  318. New car in family
  319. Bmw m5 e60 dakar yellow??
  320. E60 M5 Bra *SEATTLE*
  321. Hill Assist Not Working After Euro SMG Reflash and Brake Fluid Flush
  322. Detail Shops in the Chicago Area. Recommendations?
  323. What to look for before purchase E60 M5
  324. New to site and need help...Please Help!!
  325. Laser Interceptor standard edition VS BMW edition
  326. Picking up the M5 from the dealer after repairs and coding tomorrow
  327. Bmw m5 e60 questions
  328. Well that didn't take long...first crashed M4
  329. Eibach Pro-Kit Deal
  330. 2B20 Throttle Actuator Sensor
  331. Alternative Tyre Size for OEM Wheels 167M
  332. What Tyres & what size?
  333. Adding some small touches...
  334. M5 e60 a/c issues need help
  335. One quart in 5300 miles.
  336. Headlights? I'd like to upgrade the look of my 06 E60 to euro
  337. Increased emissions light reset itself?!
  338. Anyone done a retrofit of High Beam Assist / FLA Module
  339. Eisenmann Race exhaust installed on my M5!
  340. Flywheel Torque Specs Needed
  341. Light knocking sound in idle
  342. S85 Vanos Fault Codes
  343. More Transmission Faults? Dealers cant figure it out?
  344. Yellow cog transmission malfunction
  345. Some exhaust videos from tonight...
  346. Coding Factory IPOD Adapter
  347. Camaro ZL1 better than M5
  348. Oil change question
  349. Eisenmann E60 M5 sound clips and Install Video!
  350. BMW M5 E60 Picture compilation
  351. Clearing Brake pad warning light DIS/GT1?
  352. I will never understand why they do it
  353. bank question
  354. Happy Midsummer!
  355. TO be or NOT to be ,,that is the question!!:)
  356. how often do you see M5s in the wild
  357. RDSport Sway Bars Limited Time Sale
  358. 6 disc cd magazine won't eject
  359. Any help on this?
  360. Pulley Kit
  361. E60 M5 6MT any demand?
  362. Pic of Evolve intake with RPI scoops v.s. Evlove scoops. What to do?
  363. Please Help - SMG Hydraulic Pump Bad
  364. New M5 owner. INCREASED EMISSIONS / REDUCED POWER. Help, please!
  365. Which exhaust should I choose?
  366. YAHOO finally a story worth reading...
  367. Always loved. Never forgotten.
  368. Unusual engine "slipping" in high gear 5-7k rpm at WOT
  369. Bye bye ///M5
  370. Evolve vs Eurocharged
  371. Over sized bearings made for s85?
  372. Trunk Light NOT Working
  373. E60 M5 6MT Launch Control
  374. Anyone know where this plug goes?
  376. Smooth intake pipe?
  377. Fresh black and chrome CCFL halo projector headlights for BMW 5 series E60
  378. Power Steering issues
  379. Drivers window switch peeling
  380. Driver side Mirror Tilited Too Low
  381. Speed limiter on USDM cars???
  382. Engine Fault! reduced power - 2008 e61 m5 touring - misfiring
  383. VANOS High Pressure Line
  384. Do these wheel specs fit on e60 M5
  385. Need info on drag rims
  386. New interlagos blue m5 e60 uk owner
  387. Highest speed you where caught at? What happened afterwards?
  388. LED Options/Opinions
  389. New Guy with a M5, didn't tell wife I bought a sports car...
  390. Another set of rod bearings @54K
  391. Food for thought.. (TT E60 M5)
  392. USB Stick Playback Issue
  393. DIY: 2006 S85+SMGIII swap into a 2004 E46 started - any helpful comments ?
  394. Looking for latest code sheet
  395. What are the best lowering springs for E60 M5?
  396. Oil Cooler DIY question
  397. Never before done -- Project E60 M5 Imola Red Wrap
  398. BMW M6/M5 E60 - E63 Clutch DIY + Transmission Removal + Pics.
  399. Limp Mode, Reduced Power.... Here are the codes!
  400. Googone20's 2008 M5 Build Thread!!
  401. Going with new wheels on the M and need help!!
  402. IDrive went nuts today, AC shut off, tons of errors, cog, ABS malfunction
  403. top speed limiter removal software?
  404. Errors and malfunctions
  405. Note3 + Pandora/MP3 + 2006 M5 = how to?
  406. 4F43 fault code
  407. 2006 M5 gone crazy - assistance appreciated
  408. Need exhaust help! Paint/ Powder-coat tips
  409. I miss starting with a key
  410. Help .... car sagging on right rear
  411. where to buy a key fab?
  412. Re-installing the trunk spoiler
  413. Laser Jammers
  414. exhaust question
  415. Photoshoot time with my M5!
  416. Need some help again... supercharger like noise ???
  417. Need help with this code!
  418. New E60 M5 owner, Unfortunate problem question.
  419. Rear end feels squirly under WOT? bad bushings?
  420. (video) SMG Trans Unique Failure | New Clutch & Flywheel
  421. Any members in Athens between 5-9 June 2014?
  422. Anyone with the new Active Autowerk ALPHA N Performance Tune Software V10
  423. What's the proper protocol when you see another beast owner on the road?
  424. 2006 M5 Wiper Blades $74.34 +tax a dealership
  425. 2002 or 2005/06 M5 for dd
  426. Wheel cleaning/ detailing tip
  427. So you guys wanted some Evolve Eventuri Intake videos...
  428. where can i buy a rebuilt throttle actuator?
  429. Powder Coating - MD, VA or DC area
  430. Heaven on Earth ......
  431. E60 M5 - New Avant Garde M359 20"s
  432. WANTED UK - One Throttle Actuator
  433. Full Carbon Fiber Exhaust System...Function or Sound more important.
  434. Pics from Rallye BMW Motorsports show 2014
  435. Masterschaft exhaust sorry for spelling lol..good for 1600?
  436. Exhaust cutouts
  437. Rear tire rubbing issue plz help
  438. Body shop WA
  439. Euro SMG tune in Florida?? Tampa area...
  440. Servotronic failure SZL and dragging start
  441. ID this hood please.
  442. in need of detail
  443. Strange scenario dipped beam failure one side
  444. Possilby the lowest mileage E60 for sale ive ever seen
  445. Scottish Members
  446. To all the dads out there
  447. SMG issue??
  448. Closest thing to M5 Eisenmann tips I can buy?
  449. Changed my 96k mile rod bearings and Vanos pump
  450. Need Help! How to program Euro SMG on US Cars for free
  451. Is there a DIY around for this?
  452. Formula One Pinnacle Tint Pictures
  454. (opinions please) 20" wheels
  455. Is there a E60 M5 Diff rebuild DIY?? or pictures of how to tear one apart
  456. List your old cars to current ....
  457. Help w/ LCI E60 M5 Options
  458. Looking for pictures of E60 M5 with BBK or brakdiscs with bellhous.
  459. Need your advise! Gloss or Matte black tips for Eisenmann Oval Exhaust
  460. WTB 08-10 6- speed
  461. Dinan 4.10 Diff?
  462. rpi scoops block off plate questions
  463. Recaros in the E60?
  464. Passenger Active Seat...before dismantling!
  465. Need help key fob distance
  466. Pulling codes 3000 and 322, any idea what 322 is?
  467. Is it just me or..
  468. "VANOS Noise"?
  469. 2008 m5 price check please
  470. E60 gone, welcome the.....
  471. Anyone know what would cause my tire to eat itself in 2k miles
  472. Hints/Tips for DIY Oil Change w/2 Drain Plugs
  473. Keep the M5, or buy a Lambo?
  474. KW coilover hight and dump adjustment
  475. Best troubleshootingsystem, diagnosis
  476. What would you do? Corsa or RPI?
  477. vanos solenoid question
  478. Gaping spark plugs
  479. Front wheel hub/bearing
  480. Current P/N for Ipod integration?
  481. iPod Nano in my Beast. Having some issues.
  482. SMG did something funny for the first time yesterday, rev'd while in 1
  483. oil leak
  484. New E60 owner from Michigan
  485. Does your e60 m5 burn oil???
  486. Opinions on wheels
  487. BMC Filter = Engine fault!?
  488. Random Question (Muffler Delete)
  489. Which car should I buy?
  490. fixed -- no start / gear selector wont move...
  491. Difference on 2008 over 2007 M5
  492. New E60 M5 Interlagos Blue Owner
  493. SPOTTED
  494. Coding Review Alex@Alpine
  495. First impressions New Member Pictures inside!
  496. Re: service parts in London
  497. A work of art or a performance car part?
  498. S85 questions
  499. Proud new Canadian M5 owner!
  500. Vanos pump backlash and block/bedplate sealing
  501. New M5 V10 Owner
  502. How long have you had h&r spring on stock shock?
  503. Why 2008 vs. 2008 M5?
  504. Show off your front spoilers
  505. Another RED COG thread (Transmission failure)
  506. Local dealer impressed me today
  507. New Member from Canada w/ Pics (KREISSIEG CONTENT)
  508. Latest E60 M5 integration level?
  509. Brake Fluid and Micro Filter...?
  510. Advice for first E61 Touring Purchase
  511. Black E60 M5 wheel pic request.....
  512. New Owner
  513. Went and test drove my possible new E60 M5
  514. 550 totalled. Considering this M5. Thoughts?
  515. Carmax, need some help.
  516. Man, I try to buy parts from my local BMW dealer but sorry
  517. Dynoed My Car Lastnight!
  518. SMG III repair manual and rebuild kit
  519. Just happened, car won't start tranny message
  520. Fellow DFWers, who is your go to Indy?
  521. Evolve intake additions
  522. OEM exhaust VS supersprint sport exhaust
  523. Electrical Glitch
  524. Doing rear window seal replacement
  525. Getting close to 80K miles....what service would you get?
  526. SMG Input shaft speed sensor
  527. Active Seat Parts View/Diagram
  528. Here's my first Blackstone oil test. Did I pass?
  529. drains under the pollen filters
  530. San Diego bound
  531. E60 coding or coders in norcal?
  532. -Manheim access?
  533. Selling the Beast (2010 E60)
  534. Clutch Replacement Required?
  535. Best wheel shop in western WA (Puget Sound)- dented forged 20" wheel repair
  536. Red triangle
  537. RMS HJS vband headers
  538. Thermostat replacement takes 5hr? really?
  539. Euro Launch Control: HOLY SH*T!
  540. Anyone have a e60 M5 resonator they don't want?
  541. Sprint Booster arrived but different PN
  542. Missing engine air duct part
  543. Tempurature and DSC!
  544. 2006 M5 - SMG 4F80 and 4F85 error codes help
  545. INPA: help with reading codes
  546. Another new owner - Pics inside
  547. HELP! BM Technic clutch adapatation caused Red Cog
  548. Squeaky suspension????
  549. Preventive Maintenance
  550. Black chrome (shadwowline) grills??
  551. SMG clutch slipping?
  552. Guess that whining noise "video inside"
  553. Genuine BMW interior LED kit
  554. Anyone add cold start back to thier tune b/c of bearings.
  555. SMG Selector - Wiring diagram
  556. DIY: High Flow Cats
  557. M5 Fluids - What do you use?
  558. Torque difference between M mode and standard mode
  559. M5 purchase advice
  560. When are spacers too big?
  561. I hope you guys can help! Check engine light issue.
  562. 2006 M5 Whining Noise (Video inside) Thoughts?
  563. Joining the Red Cog Club Since All The Cool Kids Are Doing It.
  564. Tire Balancing - conventional or road force?
  565. Spark plug boot removal..???
  566. Anti sway bars
  567. eBay Exhaust
  568. DIY Federal M5 Touring (please humor me)
  569. Just bought my 06 m5 (power issues from stop)
  570. P400/500/500 Sport on the 6 speed tranny?
  571. Continental SportContact2 top speed?
  572. BMW M5 2006 CCC problem - any alternatives for audio only
  573. Yellow HID Fog Lights
  574. Oil staying at .7 even from resetting
  575. Overdue Introduction thread - lots of pics
  576. Rough Idle (Idle Control Valve) Any way to repair them?
  577. Transmission Fault Warning.
  578. Aftermarket Warranty-Do I really Need it...
  579. Wheel color for Space Gray
  580. 06 M5 Looking for a diffuser
  581. The reduced power engine malfunction club.
  582. Help with Error Codes!
  583. M5 vs Modded C63 AMG || + Evolve vs ESS tune.
  584. Modded E60 M5 SMG vs Modded E60 M5 6MT
  585. 30th anniversary M5
  586. for those of you who don't check the m6 section
  587. Sprint Booster with ECU Tune?
  588. Evolve Longtube Header install with Pics !
  589. WALD Front Bumper
  590. So much fail
  591. DMTL Minor Leak
  592. Yes, I'll take one of those.....
  593. Pagani front pads
  594. Rear brake light replacement? DIY?
  595. Driver A-pillar removal
  596. Headlights...help
  597. Oil Consumption?
  598. Transmission Lag
  599. Mental Health Backlands Weekday Blast WOW
  600. A new for sale in Portland Area.
  601. DMTL Minor Leak
  602. Going to be in San Jose 5/15
  603. Ignition Coil - Where to buy? asap
  604. 2010 e60 M5 or 2011 750i or li xdrive M pkg
  605. RPI GTS shifts to drivers side?!
  606. Inspect your headlight wiring!!
  607. 1Qt oil Every 45 days/300ish miles???
  608. Faulty SMG pressure accumulator cause failure of clutch?
  609. Stock sub upgrade install
  610. SMG - Driving in manual mode - how do you do it?
  611. Sibon or VIS - Carbon Fiber hood and trunk
  612. remote range issue
  613. DIY: Tips for you with weak starter battery
  614. Anyne running Nitto NT05's?
  615. DIY: Lots of exhaust Noise
  616. Installed Dinan Rear Sway Bar and FRC
  617. It's summer in Texas!
  618. e60 m5 seat removal now car wont start
  619. May10 Cars and Coffee Burlington MA
  620. Saved by a fellow board member RANDOMLY
  621. Evolve Carbon fibre intakes installed
  622. NGK spark plug part # please
  623. Help Please: Hesitation then "check engine"
  624. My e60 6 months on - Problems, Benefits and the rest
  625. Changed my spark plugs today
  626. Strange, stereo and AC turned off a couple times for about a second today
  627. Secondary cat delete and resonator void CPO warranty?
  628. SMG repaired, less likely for a 2nd time?
  629. Tire question for breyton race gtp
  630. Getting the Beast Dynoed; What Numbers to Expect?
  631. Evolve Alpha-N Stage 2 Tune
  632. Vehicle Check
  633. Do 10mm spacers fit with no issues?
  634. Decatted Headers From BlackPLM5
  635. Vibration with spacers...
  636. WPC treated bearings & ARP bolts?
  637. Anyone get their warranty to cover bearings?
  638. Oil at minimum level
  639. S85: Updates through out the years.
  640. Quick video of the bad bearing on my Dinan 3.91 Rear diff & a broken ring gear tooth!!
  641. Valentine 1 (noob) questions
  642. Small issues.
  643. Changing spark plugs ..????
  644. S85 intake tube got crumpled... new silicone one?
  645. My first M5! 2008 Interlagos Blue SMG
  646. Tire flat spots
  647. Helicopter sound from rear end while coasting or de-accelerating
  648. Repost: Evolve Tuned cars racing videos (from F10 thread)
  649. Something weird is up with the M
  650. BMW E60 / E61 LCI comfort headrests ( very rare )
  651. ET 30 rear offset on 20" wheels?
  652. Dinan Stage 1 Suspension Installed
  653. Just Got My Stock Headers Decatted
  654. Looking for dead MAF
  655. CarFax is so useless ... OFFICIAL
  656. S85 Camshaft Timing tool
  657. Strange 'hiccup' motor behaviour
  658. Finally A Few Proper Shots
  659. New owner 2006 M5.. Bad missfires..Fault codes
  660. 3.91 / 4.10 gears - feedback please! (Did you like em?)
  661. Took her to the track
  662. Evolve R Stage 2 Tune, One Word - Impressive
  663. Maybe getting back into an M5
  664. Thank you to Colby Wheel
  665. BIM Coding
  666. Tyre Puncture Warning
  667. E60 M5 Front Bumper Difference pre-LCI vs LCI
  668. Calipers Painted... Opinions on color.
  669. E60 BMW M5 Modifications HP/Torque gains.. please help to chose wisely
  670. e60 custom front plate
  671. Is this a good warranty deal?
  672. Another: Custom Exhaust Thread - WOW
  673. Angel eyes/headlight and hp woes
  674. Quick look, what do you guys think?
  675. Problem with sprint booster install
  676. So whats the thoughts on this for the e60
  677. Getting track ready - fluids in SMG
  678. Anyone live in/near Hopkinton, MA?
  679. top end noise
  680. WTB: Tubi rumore exhaust
  681. Looking at a 2008 E60, 6 sp MT, 100 K miles. Buy or run away?
  682. S85B50 / S85B50A difference?
  683. Angel Eye Bulbs
  684. Conservative Rear Brake Pad Sensor Annoyance
  685. Zero offset wheels
  686. M5 headers Vs M6 headers both with Alpha N tune
  687. Here She Is....
  688. Who's going to Bimmerfest 2014??
  689. Removing rear "m" badge
  690. has anyone ordered from Revozport recently?
  691. Steering column won't move
  692. DME/DDE 2798 code
  693. feel loss of power
  694. Radio Preset Problems
  695. Help Before I return this car. (Misfire
  696. Finally pulled the trigger E60 M5
  697. Pre LCI (06) Headlights LEDs above and to the side?
  698. My lci update with style :)
  699. Years later, same result :)
  700. Odd occurrence with windows

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