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E60 M5 and E61 M5 Touring Discussion

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  1. VIR Track Photos
  2. RAC Monolites Group Buy II...Any interests?
  3. Experiences with OZ Ultraleggera HLT wheels?
  4. Mild exhaust recomendation?
  5. Does DSC make 6 speed slower than SMG?
  6. Some new B&W photos for wallpaper (PICS)
  7. Advice on aftermarket software upgrade?
  8. Wheel recommendations?
  9. New Blinder M45
  10. What to do about understeer?
  11. Scottsdale exotic car club M5 run: Gallardo no match for E60 M5
  12. How to install amp + subs?
  13. When to add oil?
  14. M5 Board is Great took advantage of august deal on 07 M5
  15. V25 software vs V21 with AA upgrade?
  16. Poll: How clean do you get your wheels
  17. Advantages of a Higher Ratio Differential
  18. car park bumb....
  19. Adding ipod
  20. Is 6 Speed manual really slower than SMG?
  21. 2008 Inbound...
  22. Dinan throttle bodies installed and WOW !
  23. Flashing PDC light after track day
  24. Best comment i have read about the E60 M5
  25. "Technician is stumped" SMG Failure
  26. Flashing gear indicator
  27. New 20" 590R Wheels / PS2's
  28. Dinan 3.91 Differential: Disappointed (long)
  29. Please identify this wire... [Batteriehauptschalter]
  30. Euro delivery and 170MPH+ on Autobahn
  31. Brought it home today....
  32. How to clean BMW style 166 (stock M5) wheels
  33. Gustav - Portland, OR Aug. 9th/10th
  34. Fifth Gear: BMW Williams F1 vs. E60 M5
  35. With or without rear spoiler?
  36. Premier Protective films - SoCal - Aug. 1-2
  37. SMG settings question...
  38. HUD failure
  39. H&R Spring Install- Ride softened?
  40. OT but relevant for UK M5ers re. speed cameras
  41. The wait is finally over... First M5 in Laos!!!
  42. Trading up from a 545/550 to an M5?
  43. Done. Week 36 '08 Ordered...Big Change?
  44. Well wishes for HaroldC
  45. Installing Hella Horns
  46. Videos: M5 vs 911 Turbo, Tuned RS4, Prodrive WRX STI
  47. M Driving Experience
  48. Verifying Dirac upgrade?
  49. High Beam Assist enters the US!
  50. Another one down...
  51. Calling All Sponsors -- Need Camber Plates!!!
  52. Dinan Software
  53. Clunking noise after installing Dinan FRC
  54. PDC Volume Settings - how to
  55. Tubi Rumore Installations
  56. HRE Wheels - Best choice I ever made.....
  57. #@%rrrgh windshield chip!!
  58. Which one is member "unfoundhorsepower"?
  59. Progman v26 Service Information Bulletin (SIB)
  60. Advice on best tire option?
  61. M5 airfield photoshoot pics
  62. HUD housing reflecton in windshield
  63. E60 M5: 6-spd manual vs. SMG - US production numbers?
  64. Winter Wheel set - Replica 18 inch M6 wheels
  65. Registration & Tag fees
  66. power at the wheel...
  67. I got my new (to me) M5 and drove 700 miles the first day! - Intro with PICS
  68. Gustav Welcome Dinner @ Emilio Ristorante - PICS
  69. Question about M5 prices...
  70. Gustav Tour America 2007
  71. Experiences with 305/25/20 tires?
  72. This is a very SERIOUS car......
  73. Interview with Gerhard Richter, VP M Division
  74. Charcoal filter removal
  75. Decisions, Decisions, which vehicle do I use to go driving?
  76. wind noise/whistle at 60+ and rear decklid rattle
  77. Correction, Problem with EDC not DSC
  78. Sound Quality Difference on Sirius Sat
  79. More on using your iPod in the M5
  80. Can't keep DSC engaged
  81. Down lights in the side mirrors?
  82. Remote Start on M5?
  83. Car's parked and stuck in FIRST!
  84. Looking at the DSC off shirt
  85. Couple of questions (bought a new M5)
  86. Repeated PDC failure after V25 upgrade?
  87. BMC Air Filters in Canada
  88. A Few Pics of My Cars
  89. Anyone with V25 and higher had any tranny warnings?
  90. Calling all E60 guys in Houston - Meet, dinner and Gustav - August 3rd
  91. German Adventures 2007
  92. Rear Center headrest removal?
  93. Radio on mode--how can I turn it off?
  94. Used M5...Is this a good deal.
  95. Approach to oil changes
  96. "Count-down" beeps coming from speakers.
  97. list of good dealers and bad dealers
  98. I'm somewhat surprised .... [Attendence Tech day/Gingerman July 26th]
  99. Flat Tire Hell
  100. Reset of SMG
  101. driving from illinois to east coast-new car
  102. Any real reason to avoid early production cars?
  103. Buying 06 Silver Grey!
  104. Roof Box
  105. Airbag and seatbelt lights came on
  106. Downshift sounds different since v.25
  107. My2008 Lease info?
  108. Trying a 2 year lease..
  109. my black sapphire m5
  110. Installing TPM sensors with aftermarket wheels
  111. FINALLY got some pics of my E61 resized...
  112. Pictures of the Lumma widebody M5
  113. Short burst run w/M6
  114. 2 Week old car just died
  115. Finally ordered an M5!
  116. M5's on Apple TV/YouTube [PICS and review]
  117. New Owner! And a couple of Q's
  118. Active steering
  119. Sepang M5 pics?
  120. Flat Tires Suck...
  121. Winter use of E60 M5?
  122. custom exhaust idea
  123. UK Celeb has M5 Stolen (WF06KMM)
  124. TPS on aftermarket Radenergie wheels?
  125. Is it worth upgrading ECU on a LEASED M5
  126. M5 v E46 M3
  127. M5 Manual or Auto?
  128. Modifications vs Day to Day Useability
  129. 2007 Discount
  130. Comfort VS "M" Sport Seats
  131. Removing water spots on windows?
  132. Full Marino Leather or Extended Leather?
  133. Bought a 2007 m5 silver grey smg
  134. Bought a 2007 m5 silver grey
  135. Changing interior trim?
  136. Got the Gruppe M air-intakes installed
  137. where to purchase tires for my M5
  138. Options for Vorsteiner hood?
  139. The wait is killing me...
  140. Used E60 M5 vs new E90 M3?
  141. Good news for iPhone or iPod users with factory installed USB connection
  142. Placing order for M seats with active bolsters?
  143. Rotora 12 Piston Kit with 16in rotors fits stock wheels
  144. M5 Engine SMG groan / vibration 0-40 mph
  145. SMG sluggish?
  146. Evosport Pulley in High Temperature Climates
  147. Question about suspension maintenance ..
  148. Concern about stiffness of M5 bodywork
  149. Cuts in the side bolsters and noise in a speaker
  150. Carbon Black
  151. Questions re Evo Pulley's effect
  152. VIDEO: Dinan Exhaust + Meisterschaft Section 1 & 2
  153. Custom painted license plate frame
  154. Software upgrade: Dealer wants to charge me?
  155. Car Wax
  156. GPS Speed Camera Detector problem...
  157. 2008 Headlights / Taillights...
  158. Anybody switch from SMG to 6Speed?
  159. Fender bender, not that bad
  160. Advice on optional USB connection...
  161. Forged vs. Cast wheels for Track
  162. September US Production Change with Multifuction Seats
  163. Richmond BMW in Virginia
  164. Dinan Throttle Bodies Installed 7/5.
  165. BMC filter installed
  166. Should i make the change from E39 M5?
  167. HD radio problem?
  168. Feedback on Tubi Exhaust for M5 E60?
  169. Rally Millie Miglia Italy 2008 - M5 E60 Blast
  170. Impressions of car after SMG recall
  171. SMG Motor Recall
  172. Won't start - grrrr
  173. Significant throttle lag when cold
  174. Nav Screen Icons.........
  175. Moved to Honolulu, Hawaii...any good car wash places?
  176. Door Handle & High Battery Drain
  177. Tire size fitment for OEM M5 wheels
  178. She's almost here....
  179. carwash screwed up my rims
  180. Light Forged Wheel for E60 or E63 M cars
  181. Active Autowerke's ECU flash +25 rwhp?
  182. What is the advantage of hardwiring a V1?
  183. Ran into two other E60 M5's at the dealer last week
  184. Contents of New Owner Pack?
  185. New M5 Touring member
  186. Sources for E60 M5 tuning (UK)?
  187. Unusual noise at 150+
  188. 90 day report
  189. Gustav Tours America M & Friends Meet Aug 1st 2007 Destin Florida
  190. E60 M5 6speed MT - DSC
  191. Cause of SMG failure (RCOD)
  192. Calculating Speedometer Error?
  193. Were any board members running the Cento Miglia on Saturday???
  194. Why do non-M variants of the M5/M6 get better skidpad numbers?
  195. Two weeks, two M5 tourings.
  196. Weird bang from the front but no trace of anything!
  197. Piccies of my beast (using iphone camera)
  198. Feedback on Borla exhaust for E60 M5?
  199. VIR Track Report -- Pilot Sport Cups (and new personal lap record)
  200. Speed bumps too tall for my E60
  201. E60 M5 vs. modded 997TT vs. RUF R-GT2
  202. Nardo topspeedtest 2007: M6 = 309km/h [With factory 305 km/h limiter]
  203. A whole family in my backseat!
  204. Experiences with 91 octane gas (West Coast USA)?
  205. Rear Deck Rattle
  206. Modded E39 M5 vs my E60 M5
  207. Performance pack for V10 540 hp!
  208. M5, C6, 996 Turbo, oh my!
  209. Another M5 Challenge (new videos)
  210. Umnitza ICE V2 - AngelEyes - Arrived !! :)
  211. some pitures from US gp
  212. M5 Challenge cont'd
  213. Moving from 996TT to an 2008 M5
  214. RDSport take V10 to 5.6L!
  215. V26 software released
  216. Used 0.4 L of oil in 150 miles?
  217. what does flashing gear selection mean?
  218. Bye Bye C6 LS2 hello C6 LS3
  219. Features of v25 software
  220. 2008 Prices going up in the US?
  221. take that V10 and slip it into a 3 series
  222. Need advise shipping car to the UK-London.
  223. Pictures of vanos
  224. Not Impressed with U.S. launch routine SMG
  225. Short distance street racing with Z06
  226. BMC Filters arrived
  227. Toyota Prius/Al Gore III @ 160Km/h
  228. Dyno Results
  229. Paging MRichmond - PS Cup Review Pls
  230. Gustav and Concorso Italiano
  231. iDrive v.26 Out - Anyone have it yet?
  232. Radenergie R-10 R10 - anyone know who has them in stock
  233. Was this M5 made with the wrong trim?
  234. M5 e60 700 hp is possible?
  235. VIN # significance for 2006 M5 - B5xxxxx VS CXxxxxx
  236. uh oh.. blown engine
  237. M5 (V10 550hp) engine in a 3 series. [Hartge H50]
  238. Thinking of trading M5 for new C63
  239. The first production BMW with 6 piston calipers is.....
  240. My bumper's been eaten/chewed badly by a fox (or wild dog)! [PICS]
  241. 1200 Mile Service in Germany
  242. Using E60 M5 as daily driver...?
  243. Anyone here running an M5 with Alpina's
  244. Modded M5 vs. C6 Z06.
  245. Out door car covers
  246. Which company gets the highest power from M5/M6 ?
  247. Braman BMW salesman says he can CPO an M5?
  248. Curb Clearance of Hartge front lip.
  249. Help with asphalt stains ....
  250. iDrive Problems - Blank Screen + Slack Control knob
  251. Known changes SW v2.5 made?
  252. Wicked EC E60 M5
  253. Programs to self-tune a BMW?
  254. How much would you pay for a new 2006 M5
  255. Just the Meisterschaft GT muffler. Is it loud?
  256. Recall for SMG electric motor
  257. Advice on M5 quality rating?
  258. Audrey gets a BMW M5 ?
  259. Installing MY2008 rear bumper on MY2006?
  260. Dinan Software - still waiting!!
  261. Suggestions for month-long country-wide roadtrip?
  262. 2008 M5 IPod USB Question
  263. question about bmc air filter's....
  264. Trip to NYC / AC + Ferrari on Flatbed
  265. Question about downshifting...
  266. Chip tuning M5
  267. Jerking in gear at slow speeds?
  268. European launch
  269. DFW M5 Challenge Cont'd
  270. Slowing to a Stop Smoothly With SMG
  271. V10 cold start engine noise
  272. 1200 Mile Service: Ok to get it @ 1700 miles??
  273. Traded in M5 for M6
  274. Recommendations for window tinting (Los Angeles area)?
  275. Differences between MY2007 & MY2008 M5?
  276. Article on M Division HQ
  277. Accessory Power
  278. New special offer from BMW on 2007 MY (good through August)
  279. Useful boot bits
  280. Service Dept's Road Testing is it Necessary?
  281. iPhone compatibility looks good!
  282. Monaco Blue vs Onyx Blue Metallic
  283. Dinan 3.91 install, good news and bad
  284. Arqray Exhaust (video)
  285. SMG coveted?
  286. What info is tracked in the M5 computer?
  287. The iPhone and BMW wedding...
  288. ModBargains | CSL wheels feedback request
  289. Nice video with very nice exhaust sound at the track
  290. Bluetooth problem - Motorolla V3M Razor, Intermittent audio through speaker.
  291. Approaching 50,000 miles in the US
  292. Feedback/comment on Speed Innovation ECU for M5
  293. M5 Touring in stock in Cobham UK.. tempting
  294. 2007 M5 - No concierge service with BMW assist?
  295. Cornering with 19 inch wheels
  296. Information collection on the SMG
  297. Worst week ever with my M5(Great security system)
  298. All about DIRAC and BMW Individual High End Audio System incl. factory visit
  299. View Request: Sepang Bronze M5 in NYC
  300. UK SMG recall
  301. Hartge Springs vs H&R Comparison
  302. Experiences with SwapLease.com?
  303. Mods or new car
  304. Picking up new beast tomorrow!
  305. Beltronics RX65 - Many false "laser" alarms
  306. Wrong phone number shown on incoming call?
  307. 6MT vs SMG
  308. Track Day at Putnam
  309. Increased Emissions fault?
  310. Does emergency sealant kill a tyre?
  311. 550 vs. M5
  312. Channel4 story: BMW M5 Touring do Le Mans
  313. $5300 for BMW extended warranty?
  314. Dyno'ing my E60 M5?
  315. Blacklines tinted rear lights installation (pics)
  316. Oh no.. another replacement of my rear drivetrain
  317. stability control module
  318. Steve Thomas BMW, Camarillo
  319. Can spark plugs trigger reduced power warning?
  320. 6sp manual M5 vs 550
  321. Beautiful Touring (stationwagon) !!!
  322. Software Req'd for throttle bodies now?
  323. My blacklines have landed...
  324. Feedback on Vorsteiner DPE wheels?
  325. m5board.com twelfth video: Kelleners BMW M5 vs Alpina B5
  326. Eurowerkz E60 M5, E46 M3, E90 335i: 2007 Photoshoot by AKP
  327. Looking to buy 2006 M5, warranty question
  328. Delivery Wednesday!
  329. Thoughts on Vossen 078 wheels?
  330. Experiences with Bridgestone RE01R tires?
  331. Visit to Dinan
  332. Radar Jammer Install recommendation - cut the bumper?
  333. Clear bra coverage question
  334. Discomforting access
  335. Bought an M5 on Friday, transmission went out on Saturday
  336. revozport carbon lips (type RH)
  337. Experiences with Kelleners software?
  338. Update on my SMG and V25 engine power problems
  339. How much like a manual is SMG?
  340. Video: BMW M5 vs. 520hp Gallardo (both stock)
  341. Thinking about adding a subwoofer....any suggestions?
  342. Problems with swapping ECUs?
  343. Wheel spin in 2nd gear punch!
  344. Car friendly parking in Northern Virginia/DC?
  345. Canadian M5'ers please chime in! [Deals on MY2008 M5?]
  346. Feedback on RD Sport headers?
  347. More track tire options from Pirelli?
  348. Video: DFW M5 Challenge [Dinan 3.91 diff vs Active Autowerke ECU vs Evosport pulley]
  349. I ordered my M5 today
  350. Am i paying too much leasing?
  351. Video: Swedish test of BMW M5 Touring with M6 wheels (nice drifts)
  352. Behind the wheel of my M5 (video)
  353. USB/Ipod interface problem...
  354. Lease a $97,404 MSRP M5- $0 down $1,496 + Tax- 48 months / 12k miles yr
  355. Source for Carbon Fiber or Black/White M5 boot badge?
  356. ECU tuning question
  357. Steering wheel binding
  358. Went to the track today...
  359. Experiences with ECU software tuning?
  360. Lost engine power with V25 upgrade?
  361. SMG problem....
  362. E60 M5 with 22" wheels...
  363. Another Red Cog Thread...What to do?
  364. Euro Trailer hitch
  365. Vid of my SS Race cans vs Stock
  366. Los Angeles July 4th Early Morning Canyon Drive
  367. 05 voice recognition
  368. Wife stories
  369. M6 Rims on 08 M5
  370. The beast is back (CF grilles pics inside)
  371. One week with my new (to me) M5
  372. M5 Brakes: This has got to stop!
  373. Pilot Sport 2 question (M5 Touring)
  374. Transmission Malfunction..........
  375. Acetone/Gas Mixture?
  376. On the fence with interior options..
  377. JUNE 24, 2007 Chicago Meet
  378. New exhaust on the way [Tubi style with Eisenmann center]
  379. Good traffic lawyer (CO)?
  380. Nice video with the beast!
  381. Check Out This M5 Thats On Ebay [Hamann]
  382. New BMW M5 Sale Lease $999 a month!
  383. M5 or M6?
  384. 3rd dinan 3.91 installed and whine free (for now)
  385. Just Joined The Club-A Bit Long
  386. Don't buy Michelin PS2 tires [Supply issues with replacement tires from BMW in Italy]
  387. When you see an M5 drive off...
  388. Canadian Rip Off... (sales people ... arggh)
  389. Setting warning tone for "display speed cameras in navigation" feature?
  390. M Driving Experience July 26/27 2007
  391. Nice dealing with a decent dealership
  392. Robert Kubika drifting with an M5 (video)
  393. Do modifications decrease the value of the car?
  394. Leasing Pre-Owned 06 M5 - Good or Bad $$?
  395. Identifying rubbing sound?
  396. Indianapolis Red Perforated... not an Option ?? (M5)
  397. BMW unveils new advertising campaign for Performance Driving School
  398. 2007 M6 SMG Failure
  399. 1st Track Day Experience –with pics!
  400. V10 engine is "signed"?
  401. Long trip report - some good, some bad
  402. UK Tourings making £8700 over list price!!
  403. Cold feet on SMG
  404. Papas new M5 Touring [BMW Individual interiour Merion Oxydbraun]
  405. Now the tough part... chosing a colour (color)
  406. My last BMW ever
  407. Got the CF grilles from CA
  408. Line of M5 Look Alikes...
  409. Launch Question
  410. M5 or B5 [BMW M5 or BMW Alpina B5]
  411. Carbon Fiber CRAZY!!!! [Installed ACS steering wheel & handbrake]
  412. Can't Wait!!!
  413. major oil leak
  414. Red Cog showed up today!!
  415. Interesting article about European Delivery
  416. gtboard.com 6th video: Kelleners Sport BMW M6 vs Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Halltech
  417. Wheelpower, show off the M in your ad please!
  418. Comfort Access makes me Uncomfortable
  419. Opinions on tire fitment for ACS wheels?
  420. New to boards - Just got my new M5 yesterday!
  421. Happy Father's Day !
  422. A question RE HUD
  423. Video: Power Run Event
  424. Auto headlights come on in broad daylight
  425. Lightly used E60 M5 vs new 550i sport 6sp
  426. Video: Autocross in car run
  427. Adaptive Headlight Reset
  428. Eisenmann installation question
  429. HUD Rant [HUD not visible through polarized sunglasses]
  430. New CF Badges....
  431. Does BMWNA care [ Saga continues, is this car a LEMON]?
  432. O2 sensors
  433. Ebay listing claiming 6 year 100k warranty for 06 M5?
  434. Ceramic Brake Pads
  435. Highly affordable mods that improve power
  436. Experiences with Nitto tires ?
  437. Opinions on Manufacturer Buyback Vehicles?
  438. Wife wants an M5...
  439. Front crank seal recall.
  440. Any of you East Coast guys own this M5 (VIN)?
  441. internal vanos line
  442. Question about my Eisenmann Race Exhaust
  443. Meisterschaft Sus - Love it but...
  444. Aftermarket Exhaust Question?
  445. Gruppe M cold air intake installed
  446. Actual power at the wheels
  447. BMW vs. Jaguar
  448. Coolant?
  449. M5 v. Carrera S
  450. Nice quote from Autocar
  451. dsc off yet?
  452. Creaking sound is out of control
  453. Video:BMW M5 E60 vs.BMW M3 E92
  454. Experiences w/Evosport 3.91diff upgrade?
  455. Lower Mirror Carbon Fiber install help
  456. Radio Still Plays After Engine Shutdown........
  457. Living in a big city, it's bound to happen I guess
  458. Handling: M5 vs M3
  459. Just Curious, off the lot or order?
  460. RD Sport M5 Program
  461. Loaner Car when your Beast goes in for service....Rental or BMW?
  462. LCD Display Panel ?
  463. Treo 755p
  464. Replacing Secondary Cats with Eisenmann Straight Pipes (w/E-Sport Exhaust)
  465. Small tire on wider rim dangerous on hard cornering?
  466. Had to happen in Denmark too - car died
  467. Dinan Exhaust and LED Tail Lights
  468. Recommended change intervals diff and tranny oil?
  469. Importing car from USA to Canada?
  470. Look at this M5....... [Hamann spoilers and HRE wheels]
  471. Cars and Coffee meet this saturday anyone? (Irvine, CA)
  472. 08 M5 Dinan S2, Dinan Exhaust and BBS
  473. Clutch went out at 13k miles.
  474. Track Day - Keep off the rumble strips!
  475. Gasoline comment
  476. Sprint Booster Power Converter - Improving Throttle Response
  477. Picture Request: Black M5 with AC Type IV Magic Black
  478. Picture Request: Platinum perforated leather
  479. Installing ACS CF Steering Wheel Trim
  480. SMG - What do you use?
  481. Look at this fake M5
  482. Puncture warning but no puncture !
  483. VIN Decoder - Information on options?
  484. Gear or engine is giving me fault warnings..:(
  485. Option 6FL: Ipod and USB adapter
  486. Personalized plates
  487. To NOS or not to NOS...anyone?
  488. Photoshop request: Alpinewhite M5 with M3 CSL wheels
  489. Insurance Rates on M5 through GMAC
  490. Dinan 3.91 Loosening Up
  491. Next step up in exhaust sound levels?
  492. M5 doing 341 km/h - 4 people in the car!
  493. Nokia 6230 cradle
  494. 19" wheels Q's
  495. Experiences with Ignition Solutions Plasma Coils?
  496. Baby arrives Alpine / Portland 08 e60
  497. SMG question in MDrive customization.
  498. Measured statistics: Kelleners BMW M5 vs Porsche Carrera GT
  499. Supersprint Race or Eisenmann Race
  500. Rattles on Rough Road
  501. Members going to F1 Indy get together
  502. Feedback on Eisenman racing exhaust?
  503. Feedback on Oil Coolers
  504. First wave of 06 M5's returning to dealers soon?
  505. Australian Photoshoot
  506. Tail lights removal?
  507. Overhead power source for V1
  508. Mirror Tilt on reverse
  509. Picture request for 2007 BMW M5 (facelifted version)
  510. What's Option 902 for the M5?
  511. Will taking off the resonators hurt engine output?
  512. Low confidence W/ dealer oil change
  513. Wanted RAC Monolites
  514. Did 330 km/h and still plenty of power left
  515. Disabling DRL for M5 / M6 in Toronto
  516. 100+ Octane pumps in So Cal CA
  517. Cost for Piano Black Trim?
  518. M-bars on the front lip?
  519. What kind of oil should I use?
  520. Photoshoot of my Silverstone M5
  521. Default SMG setting?
  522. Full meisterschaft w/sec1&2 = neighbor complained...What would u do?
  523. RACs are ON!
  524. Track update: 3.91 and Dinan Stg. 2 are awesome
  525. M5 and Exhaust systems
  526. Azurite Black Touring (Pics)
  527. VIDEO: Tubi Regular Exhaust w/ SS X-Pipe
  528. No 10W-60 Available in SE Asia...
  529. New Owner of 2008 Alpine White E60 in South California in L.A. County
  530. Beauty and the Beast
  531. Drag race tuned 997TT vs M5 (video)
  532. Interior Color Black or Red?
  533. Recommendations for bodyshop (Tampa, FL)?
  534. Supercar Shootout in Sweden II: [Update:High Defintition Download]
  535. What is the rarest color you've hardly seen in E60 M5s?
  536. Video: Fifth Gear tests the BMW M5 Touring
  537. Smoother shifts after tranny replacement
  538. VIDEO!! Dads M5 w/ Eisenmann Meisterschafts!!
  539. Lease vs Buy - Round 274
  540. E60 M5 vs 997 GT3?
  541. DVD NAV - Oddities
  542. BMW Maintenance Program Upgrade (Flyer)
  543. Dealerships: Good and Bad - Experiences
  544. New owner - North Jersey/ Black Saphire M5
  545. oil usage
  546. After 2 Months of Agony, I Finally...
  547. Bluetooth patch now available for Palm Treo
  548. Dinan 3.91 in, no whine
  549. 6 speed M5 reviewed in Bimmer magazine.
  550. Oil storage in trunk?
  551. E60 M5 6-speed manual testdrive
  552. E60 M5 Production Numbers By Color?
  553. Side repeaters {indicators} fall out on high speed runs!
  554. What are your lease payments? [California]
  555. Paint colour code
  556. Jumpy Windshield Wipers
  557. Got my car back yesterday after 2 service recalls
  558. Brad Penn Oil?
  559. Curbed Radenergie R10's :( [Recommendations for wheel specialists in NY area?]
  560. Nice Touring advert in Autocar mag
  561. Turner Motorsport 2008 Facelift with Hartge 21”
  562. Women and cars.....
  563. V25 Software added. No change!!!
  564. Are all iPods supported on iPod interface?
  565. Down under deal too good to refuse!
  566. Transmission Fault, steering angle sensor - part #?
  567. Ever Wonder what data is stored in your key?
  568. M5 versus 335 with PROcede chip
  569. 06' M5 Tire replacement.
  570. RAC's, 305's, and H&R's baby!
  571. M5 Most Frequently Serviced For...
  572. Optional Vents for E60 M5s
  573. 2008 M5 Option List & Price Questions
  574. 2008 M5 option and color question
  575. Interesting day ...
  576. Annoying Vibration noise: my ONLY gripe with my M5
  577. E60 M5 Suspension torque specs
  578. Anyone care to guess why this M5 faired so poorly?
  579. Black Sapphire Metallic=Best Black Ever?
  580. Group buy on Evosport Headers?
  581. SuperSprint vs Evosport vs RDSport Headers?
  582. Picture request: center console buttons
  583. Rebooting frozen iDrive?
  584. Opinions on painting wheel lips shiny black?
  585. Wheel offset questions
  586. Opinions on paint sealant?
  587. Recommended scenic route from Raleigh to Buffalo?
  588. Squeaky chassis and/or door seals
  589. Video: Lamborghini Diablo SV vs BMW M5
  590. Radar detector mystery
  591. Auto dimming exterior mirrors, should they look like this?
  592. BMW M on the SPEED channel
  593. What is Soft Close Automatic for doors?
  594. Dyno Run before and after the Charcoal Fliter Removal?
  595. Turn Signal Problem
  596. Crappy Service Recourses?
  597. iPod Integration: BMW or Aftermarket? Recommendations
  598. 5th Gear test of M5 Touring (4 June)
  599. Member THO///M5AS picks up his Interlagosblue BMW M5 Touring with Individual interiou
  600. Burn out at Dragstrip?
  601. Fitment of 20" wheels?
  602. Only Individual M5 in the US for sale (Blue Onyx/Champagne)
  603. Valentine mount/StealthOne
  604. PA/DE - ///M Owners Spring 2007 Meet June 2nd, 2007 (pics)
  605. Cops on Motor Bikes were not able to keep up with the M5
  606. First "damage"
  607. Damage cause by air fresheners.
  608. Video:M5 + Murciélago + GT2 : Charity Run
  609. 2 E60 M5's race from a dig (video)
  610. Aftermarket exhaust videos
  611. Took the Beast to Mission Drag!!!
  612. New Member Saying Hello
  613. Carpet soaked with water after heavy rains
  614. Dinan Exhasut Polished Today!
  615. Fitting an Eisenmann exhaust
  616. BBQ in Socal (June 16)
  617. Picture Request: "Hartge Springs" on any 20" wheels
  618. Aftermarket supercharger available?
  619. Traveling for 1 week... [Battery discharge while parked?]
  620. Picture request: Vorsteiner V Series-1 wheels in black
  621. Torco Octane Booster?
  622. Service indicator
  623. What is the stock spring rates?
  624. Feeler: Interested in wider, stiffer, lighter brake pedal system?
  625. Feedback on pairing E60 M5 with Blackberry 8830 World Phone?
  626. Oil Usage?
  627. Speculation on Autoblog.nl: more M5 upgrades coming soon
  628. Attn Mid East and swedish members! [Spare wheel part number?]
  629. Another use for the M5
  630. I finally found a use for "D"
  631. Father christmas visited me a bit early..... [Eisenmann Race exhaust]
  632. Does anyone know? [Cost for set of M6 wheels]
  633. Schnitzer vs RAC vs BBS aftermarket wheels?
  634. Passport SR7
  635. Why Change Oil?
  636. Any generic manufacturer of spacesaver wheels for E60 M5?
  637. My 2nd annual Mass. MMMmmm meet July 15
  638. Should I buy a demo M5?
  639. New clutch pack and flywheel at 22,400 miles - Service Bulletin
  640. Kelleners non-TuV exhaust too loud..?
  641. I am crazy (2002 purchase) [2002 M5 + 2006 M5 6-speed]
  642. Clearbra options for E60 M5
  643. Pics of my 08 Space Gray / Indy Red M5
  644. Tyre life and replacement?
  645. Just ordered [Moonstone MY2008 to replace Interlagos MY2006]
  646. Daytime Running Light Question
  647. Who's going to Willow Springs w/ BMW CCA June 2/3?
  648. Well my baby{Beast}got new shoes [RAC RG41 wheels]
  649. 12.1 @ 118 mph (video)
  650. 9 Questions For Dinan
  651. M5 vs Audi S4 2.7T (video)
  652. If not M5 what else?
  653. 2008 reliability
  654. Picture Request: M5's on BBS CH wheels
  655. Picked up my new baby...Oh, and my wife's pregnant too
  656. M5board Member ApexAssassin And M5 At The Track (Pictures)
  657. I Finally Made Up My Mind [M5 Purchase/Mods]
  658. M driving experience - June 1st - who's in?
  659. M5 Touring - Individual Azurite Black
  660. 2nd. Annual MMMMmmmm Meet, Massachusetts Sun. July 15th
  661. My 4th annual BBQ M5 Gathering for VA, DC, MD and beyond (July 23)
  662. Question for those who have upgraded to V25
  663. Would you buy a DSG M5? The new M3 officially has it!
  664. Lowering the car
  665. Hours of labor to install glovebox CD changer?
  666. Launching My M5.........
  667. BMW NA is watching the M5 Board
  668. The M brotherhood
  669. Feedback on Gruppe M intakes?
  670. Drive Stories on FUSE 5/30/07
  671. M Settings [ordered Saphirschwarz M5 Touring]
  672. Pics: '08 Silverstone M5/H&R Srings/20" Hartge Classic II's
  673. New Phone Cradle/Adaptors?
  674. Getting gallery images approved
  675. Is this normal? (re: warning tone every time I switch off)
  676. Filling up an M5 with Avgas?
  677. Distance to service indicator
  678. Low Voltage warning light problem
  679. Feedback on installing Supersprint exhaust?
  680. Trimming rear bumper for Eisenmann Sport Oval tips installation?
  681. M Driving Experinence -- June 5th
  682. Went to the track on Friday night...
  683. Channel 5: 5th Gear test the M5 touring Monday 4th June 8pm
  684. Joining the club today! (CPO rejected - not yet in the club)
  685. Malibu Canyon and M DE Videos (Need file conversion)
  686. Article in the Independent (UK): BMW M5 Touring
  687. Personal settings for star button?
  688. After 6 months research - Bought E60 M5
  689. Gas'n up at Rotten Robbies?
  690. Installed Lumma front lip (pics)
  691. Track day tomorrow: M5 or race car?
  692. What's this noise coming from my front end?
  693. Took delivery of M5 Touring [Alpine White]
  694. BMW Bluetooth not connecting to Nokia symbian phones?
  695. Servotronic Failure and car malfunctions
  696. Celebrities who own E60 M5 / E63 M6
  697. Racing Harness for M5?
  698. Painting the Calipers?
  699. No remote boot opening feature?
  700. Anyone run a new SL600 yet?

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