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E60 M5 and E61 M5 Touring Discussion

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  1. Programming star button on steering wheel?
  2. The Aftermarket Suspension Thread
  3. How reliable is "comfort access"?
  4. Vertu bluetooth connectivity
  5. Is Black Sapphire Metallic the only black for the E60 M5?
  6. 2nd M5 is in.
  7. E60 4wd version not for sale in UK?
  8. Stress fractures in 21" Hartge wheels
  9. Problems with wheels
  10. Park Distance Control disabled in M mode?
  11. If you had to do it over again would u choose (E60 M5 vs S550)
  12. Yikes! £38 ($70) for a pair of wiper blades.
  13. verizon 6700 pda phone - get the update everyone!
  14. Advice on installing strut bars?
  15. Is the E60 M5 really worth it?
  16. Manual 07' M5 ..
  17. Funny BMW 5er E60 ad
  18. SMG problems and stalled!
  19. Is the E60 M5 a reliable car ? Trusted on long road trips ?
  20. M5 quick test (camera phone video)
  21. New M5 spoilers by Rieger Tuning
  22. Video: Z06 vs M5
  23. Pictures I took today after first wax :)
  24. Clunking downshift from second to first only under light or no load?
  25. Video: BMW M6 vs BMW M6 50-250 km/h
  26. Video: BMW M6 vs Ruf 911 (993) Turbo R
  27. Video: Second race BMW M6 vs the Kleeman E55 AMG K4 (Mercedes) with 640 HP
  28. Why so many Used M5's and New ones at every dealer ?
  29. Anyone have the Dinan Stage 2 suspension package yet?
  30. Forced induction for the E60 M5?
  31. My Transformed AW E60 M5 [Hamann bodykit and more]
  32. Feedbzck on potential purchase (Interlagos Blue/Oregon)
  33. Removing Baby Vomit?
  34. Advice when buying used M5?
  35. Choosing front seatback colour?
  36. Experiences with Samsung SCH-a990?
  37. BostonRocket No Longer Has A Bulletproof M5
  38. Transmission Fault and other warnings got me.
  39. Carbon Fiber kidney grill & side vents vs. Stock
  40. Round or Oval tips Eisenmann Exhaust..?
  41. M5 needed for performance parts testing (Bay Area)
  42. Viva La Carrera Panamericana race
  43. Dash board cracking noises....
  44. Figuring out Launch control
  45. The dreaded SAS finally got me today!!!
  46. Problems with stretching of TV image (Australian market)?
  47. M or Power button for power ?
  48. Individual coloured M5 pics
  49. Last place ? Need candid help
  50. Driving in heavy rain - not fun - tire suggestions?
  51. Getting ready to order--advice?
  52. Settings for M5 US Spec delivery in Germany?
  53. BMW M5 by WALD
  54. Update regarding my Problem after installing Hartge
  55. Favorite things about M5
  56. dealer charging me $2500 for clutch
  57. To those who celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving!
  58. New Dinan 3.91 - Initial impression
  59. Updated Software Issues?
  60. Engine hunting from cold?
  61. Six Speed Shifter Question
  62. Just picked up an 06' M5.
  63. Hamann/Hartge front lip/rear diffuser questions
  64. Parking lights stayed on...?
  65. M5 video
  66. M button functions?
  67. Tracking my M5
  68. M5 video
  69. M5 in tarmac rally
  70. Nokia N73 and M5 Bluetooth
  71. SL600 was teasing me today but...
  72. Feeler: E60 M5 OEM Carbon Fiber Replica Bumper.
  73. ipod kit on '07 - Updated information?
  74. Real Time Traffic Information Upgrade For 06 M5
  75. M5 Safety (IIHS Results)
  76. e60 M5 vs M6 vert ... what do you think?
  77. 36lb Tire Pressure too high?
  78. Resetting Slip Detection of SMG=smoother!
  79. M5's and M6's all over the dealer
  80. Recommendations for options to order?
  81. New improved manual tranny coming for M5?
  82. New Owner
  83. How are nittos?
  84. New Wheels, lowered & Hartge Lip Pix
  85. My car is dead
  86. Extended Warranty
  87. Sources for 305 wide tire?
  88. Blackberry pearl issues?
  89. M DE January 9th, 2007. Anyone else going?
  90. Valve Inspection at 1200 Mile Service??
  91. UK members - is this your E60 M5? (big pics)
  92. Beautiful video: M5 on Zandvoort 2004
  93. Pics of my CF interior trim & "smoked" LED's
  94. Photoshoot: M5 wanted
  95. Video: Best motoring BMW M5 vs M3 vs RX8 vs S2000
  96. Evosport M5 headers testing
  97. PLEASE M5 VS E63 !!!!!!
  98. Suspension Question Pic Request
  99. Feedback on removing rear mufflers?
  100. RAC Monolite Owners: feeler on wheel center cap group buy?
  101. A few questions
  102. Beast for Sale, Porsche GT3 is Calling
  103. Gear S Mode question...
  104. Video: Cayman v. E60 M5 at Infineon / Sears Point
  105. Comparing size of stock exhaust to SS Sport (pics)
  106. Conti's out - PS2 in - Stage 2 Dinan supension next week
  107. found spare tire
  108. Burning smell - maybe clutch?
  109. Scheduled for Production - How long?
  110. If I get an M5 will I miss my M3?
  111. Aftermarket Intakes and Dyno's
  112. RTTI Retrofit
  113. Ordered 07 M5 today!!
  114. Is it normal to spin the wheels in first gear punch?
  115. lease rates and residuals for november
  116. 0-240 km/h in france
  117. Moderation on E60 M5 forum?
  118. Question on Dinan differential
  119. Topped oil and.. !
  120. Revozport Carbonfiber plenum cover for E60 M5
  121. Pics: Race Recaro seats in a BMW M5 E60
  122. P400 mode
  123. Feedback on Remus exhaust?
  124. Kelleners Cams Ordered Today
  125. woohoo i finally learned how to post pics !! (IB modded with pics..)
  126. Dinan exhaust coming soon
  127. Highest Average Speed
  128. I got it!!! I got it!!!
  129. Torque/HP curves M5 vs. 550i
  130. RAZR V3i bluetooth SMS
  131. Trading spots for M DE?
  132. Shell Gas -- 10% Ethanol?
  133. 07 smg compared to 05 and 06?
  134. Contact details for ordering Rac Monolite wheels?
  135. M Driving Experience at Carolina Sports Park
  136. strange problem arouse today...
  137. Picture request: 20" wheels and lowering?
  138. Display of the gear just before starting
  139. what engine temp for P5OO mode?
  140. New problem. [cover of the dampers]
  141. New Brake technology for BMWs from 2008
  142. Revealed: Why the manual M5 is only for the USA
  143. Yikes - Red Cog
  144. Any 6spd vs SMG comparisons yet?
  145. Bumped into a fellow M5board'er on Hawthorne Blvd today!
  146. About to go for the last X5 year, over used 2006 M5
  147. Say What....$10k over sticker for a 6 speed?
  148. M5 driving experience charlotte NC IM HERE
  149. M5/M6 V10 a success in Australia
  150. P500 vs P400 fuel consumption?
  151. Do EDC settings affect fuel economy?
  152. What is TUV Approval equal too?
  153. Charcoal filters removal - before or after break in?
  154. Any track open to the public in California, Arizona?
  155. Any way to "force" an SMG failure?
  156. Damping Control failure after using Hartge Wheels & Springs
  157. BMW Bluetooth - Compatibility Matrix Nov 2006
  158. Best place to get tyres in the UK for E60 M5
  159. Grace Period on 1200 Mile Service?
  160. Recommendations for BMW Service Center (Bay area)?
  161. Picked her up yesterday!
  162. Hartge exhaust w X pipe question!
  163. Blank center caps?
  164. Residual Values on the M5
  165. BMW Car Cover
  166. GTech RR
  167. Audi RS4 compared to E60 M5 ?
  168. Aftermarket carbonfiber kidney grille
  169. Auto Bild: Most sporty car, BMW or Audi, M5 keeps the crown
  170. E60 M5 and Blackberry 8100 Pearl
  171. VA Area M5'ers
  172. Major SMG problems?
  173. Video request: M5 E60 vs M5 E39?
  174. SMG Shift Knob Mod?
  175. This Lurker Finally Bought!
  176. Moving to Cairo, any M5ers?
  177. Can the M5 be a true "Daily Driver" in Cold weather ?
  178. New Member: Chicago
  179. pics of the gauges/instrument cluster during the night?
  180. Are there winter tires for the standard M5 19" wheels?
  181. Ordered 2007 M5 today
  182. Anyone tried BioEthanol Fuel in their M5?
  183. San Diego E60 M5 owners... (SoCal meet 18th November)
  184. Clutch Service Bulletin for SMG
  185. Technique for cleaning lowest part of inside-rear window?
  186. Noise when opening driver's door
  187. Normal Oil consumption experiences?
  188. Audi S6 vs. M5 - right...
  189. Some night shots of my beast
  190. Some *inconsiderate person* scratched and dented my car!
  191. 20,000 V10 engines already built by BMW Motorsport (now with english text)
  192. Drove a 6-Speed....
  193. R compound tires
  194. Got the Dreaded Engine Malfunction Warning
  195. Eisenmann Sec 1 & SuperSprint X Pipe
  196. Houston M5 meet, Dec. 2nd. (8am) @ Uptown Park shopping center
  197. Whining gearbox/transmission
  198. Ordering Hella black taillights?
  199. What is a good Lease deal on a 06/07 M5 ?
  200. 6spd vs. SMG pricing!
  201. Right rear reverse light malfunction?
  202. Quality detailers (South Florida)?
  203. New pics of the ride......... [Silver with HRE 943R rims]
  204. e60 m5 v csl m3 e46 video
  205. M5 MY2008 in March 2007?
  206. M Dynamic Mode
  207. SMG Reset when changing wheels/tires
  208. Windows Mobile phones, BMW Bluetooth, and JetwareMobile
  209. M Driver Package [305 km/h limiter]
  210. Question for Gustav: Organising more video events?
  211. Cleaning Exhaust Tips?
  212. 1200 mile service, breakdown of costs per my dealer.
  213. First Kill: M5 vs Lightning
  214. Potentially Bad News about Greenwich BMW / Competition Sports Cars?
  215. Video: The Koenigsegg CCX with Christian von Koenigsegg at the wheel
  216. Dinan Stage 2 Suspension -- Ordered
  217. Got my Dianan Diff installed.
  218. M settings for test drive?
  219. Shorter video: BMW M5 vs Mercedes SL55 AMG MKB
  220. Tire size advice?
  221. Nov '06 Lease Rates for '07 M5
  222. MY2007 E60 5-series: Official BMW pressreleases
  223. "DSC" button is now called "DSC off" button
  224. M steering wheel insert in Silverstone leather
  225. My car is stuck at the port for 9 days and have an ETA of 11/17 !!
  226. Differences between SMG MY2005 vs MY2007?
  227. Brake Pads for Track and Street
  228. Took delivery... yahoooooooo!
  229. Fifth Gear - BMW M5(E60) vs. BMW-WilliamsF1
  230. Determining installation of AA software?
  231. S Cal Meet on Nov 18
  232. V10 Powered ipod ;-)
  233. Full screen TV on the M6
  234. Aftermarket exhaust for M5 E60?
  235. Manual gearbox [copy-paste from UK magazine]
  236. Attention San Diego/LA owners....
  237. Windscreen replacement in UK
  238. Differences between standard and pro hifi system?
  239. Low External Temperature Warning?
  240. Trunk kit-missing something?
  241. BMW Manhattan no service ever
  242. Questions - Part Numbers
  243. Where's the oval M mirror?
  244. Oh no, I broke something in the Beast :(
  245. auto dimming mirrors..
  246. Diff Opinion
  247. Owner comparison of Ferrari F1 tranny to SMGIII?
  248. BMW Might Actually Stink -- Actually They Do
  249. BMWNA pressrelease on 6-speed manual M5
  250. 6-speed gearbox source...
  251. Window Tinting in Hong Kong - Any recommendations?
  252. Anyone have ACS Type V wheels on silverstone?
  253. Bluetooth pairing with Nokia E61?
  254. M5 Track Videos (Laguna and Infineon)
  255. What is "RTR"?
  256. 15,877 miles in 7 Months
  257. SoCal (SD/OC) 3M Clear Bra Group Buy
  258. Dinan Rear CF Brace
  259. 20 inch RS-GT's and effects on suspension
  260. Power gains on E60 M5 with factory options 199+861?
  261. Working paper from a "University" in Sweden: "Honestly, are you driving a BMW?"
  262. VIDEO: M5/M6 Board meets up with Exotics
  263. Hit a cone. Paint shop recommendations (Orange County, CA)?
  264. First service - oil overfilled??
  265. The Beast has arrived
  266. Brake fluid flush
  267. Any members from Indianapolis?
  268. Recommendations for window tinting (San Diego area)?
  269. Video: M6.M5 and M3
  270. VIDEO: M6 AND M5 having fun with a BIKE
  271. VIDEO: M6 rolling with M5 and M3
  272. Video: M5 gone in 60 seconds
  273. New E60M5 Owner
  274. More ponderings on the Eisenmann Race exhaust...
  275. Active Seats off by default? (when car is started?)
  276. Anyone with October (17) vessel info (USA)?
  277. Video M5 vs CLS55 AMG (German TV test)
  278. SMG switchting into neutral during shifting
  279. Euro Delivery
  280. Possible reasons for E60 M5 SMG\clutch failure?
  281. Another transmission problem
  282. Best place to get OEM 19" rims
  283. Power Fold Mirrors - USA
  284. Oil consumption issue?
  285. First Service - 1200 miles
  286. Should we add a local section to m5board?
  287. Shifting at Redline
  288. German Number Plates?
  289. I have two small problems...
  290. Sourcing an iPod cradle?
  291. Leasing from an out of state Dealer?
  292. M6-Wheels weight difference versus M5-wheel (167M versus 166M)
  293. How similar is the SMGIII to traditional automatic?
  294. Rolled Rear Fenders stock on 2007's?
  295. M5 on track video
  296. Las Vegas meet on Dec. 2-3 or 9-10 2006
  297. Soft close doors
  298. Manufacturer of these wheels?
  299. Half Eisennman half stock system...
  300. New Mods with pics
  301. So what's the deal with the ipod interface on MY '07?
  302. 1200 mile break-in oil
  303. Whats the best you have achieved from your E60 M5?
  304. What have you done to your M Beast?
  305. BMW M5 E60: New Clutch x 3 , New SMG Gearbox x 4 , New Flywheel x 2!!!
  306. E60 M5 OEM Part Number for Side Grill/Emblem?
  307. Ordering Perforated Seats?
  308. New Owner, Former Member [6 speed M5 + M6 Conv]
  309. Video: Hartge Exhaust on my Beast
  310. Performance Center Delivery
  311. I want my car already!! MY '07 due delivery please come-in!!
  312. Front Sway Bar interest for performance oriented members.
  313. Advice on KW suspension?
  314. 6-speed manual driving impressions
  315. Alternator Malfunction & Engine Overheated
  316. Time of Year for Improvements & Factory Changes?
  317. Blackberry 8700 Series?
  318. Is your M5 or M6 on AI Design's Website?
  319. Trade assist 06 M5
  320. Adjusting the HUD (Head-Up Display)
  321. M Driving Exp Nov 15 Carolina Motorsports Park
  322. supersprint race, now its on
  323. BMW Sauber F1 Race Team Club Membership?
  324. M5 Brake Caliper Decals "Installed"
  325. Adding IPOD to EU M5
  326. silver grey or silverstone
  327. Feedback on Windshield Replacement...?
  328. V10 emblems
  329. Six Speed First Drive
  330. Anyone know anything about this M5?
  331. Meisterschaft Exhaust Video
  332. Reviews by people who have driven the 6-speed?
  333. Flywheel Identified as possible SMG Culprit
  334. October M5, M6 and M6 Convertible USA sales. M6 Convertible outsells the M6.
  335. A New Exhaust coming on market? [Corsa Performance]
  336. 6-speed implementation badly misses the point
  337. M5 vs. E63 AMG video?
  338. Is SMG getting more reliable?
  339. Eisenmann Race Exhaust is Too Loud For Me
  340. Track day VIR Nov 9
  341. Picking up my 2007 SG M5 in a few days
  342. Winter Parking.....
  343. ACS vs Hamann vs Hartge bodykits?
  344. Clear Bra'ing my M
  345. My M5 is in Status 154
  346. Annual Service - minor malfunctions, ACS, etc.....
  347. 4 flat tires so far!
  348. SMG II vs. SMG III
  349. Auto Express - M5 vs Audi S6
  350. Aftermarket exhaust manifolds for RHD E60 M5?
  351. offsets?
  352. Built in radar detector? Uncomfortable seats
  353. Letting go of e60 M5 for a p-car
  354. Where is the Beast?
  355. M5 Winter Hibernation/Long Term Storage
  356. Arrived : SB, Caramel leather, Piano Black trim
  357. spare tire part numbers?
  358. Good service is still around!!
  359. '06 Pricing help
  360. NY Dinan Dealers
  361. 2nd to 3rd chirp chirp chirp...
  362. I think my oil guage is faulty
  363. 2007 pricing? (US)
  364. Squeeky brakes / wheels = £200 ($380) strip down!
  365. Pointers to v23 fixes (need to print and show my dealer) *FOUND IT*
  366. SMG update from BMW
  367. What's the best way to launch the M5?
  368. It's here, with pictures!!!!
  369. Difference between perforated merino and full leather?
  370. DSC is an issue
  371. Crunch Time Decision!
  372. Serious Withdrawl Symptoms Already
  373. Lower side mirror cover removal
  374. Video: E60 M5 vs E39 M5
  375. MPG with fulltime P500S?
  376. Comments about M school?
  377. Cannon missing? (and no more straight line launches with LC)
  378. SMG sticky clutch?
  379. Is the a way to adjust the default "S" settings
  380. RDSport RS 2 Forged on White M5 (Pics)
  381. Racing : M5 on street tires? More than I expected !!!
  382. Another View Request: Sepang Bronze (Raleigh, NC area)
  383. Part numbers for Piano Black Interior Trim?
  384. booster seats question for dads
  385. a canon XTI, an open road, a sunny day in so cal and a m5
  386. Supersprint headers and Full exhaust.
  387. M5/M6 Bay Area Early November Delivery
  388. BMW Grudge Night 1/4 Mile at LACR Nov 1st/3rd (SoCA)
  389. Interlagos Blue lover defects to SSII!
  390. Stock M5 rainy day dyno results
  391. Anyone else have car on NYK Line Departed Bremerhaven...
  392. Black E60 M5 with 21" Hamann wheels and Eisenmann exhaust Part II
  393. Rear Brake Calipers - Is Something Missing?
  394. E60 M5 for cheap?
  395. Video: BMW M5 Kelleners Sport vs Chevrolet Corvette Z06
  396. Video: Kleeman K4 Mercedes K4 E55 AMG 640 HP vs BMW M6 50-250 km/h
  397. BMW Center Caps with Aftermarket Wheels
  398. Link to new M6 individual pictures
  399. Ordering revised I-Drive Controller Knob!!
  400. 07 Manual 6 speed?
  401. K&N air filters available(left+right)
  402. Swirls and Bra
  403. Hartge front spoiler lip, rear skirt - just cosmetic?
  404. Just ordered E60 M5 - when it arrives I'll be underwater!
  405. Had my first real sighting of this E60 M5!
  406. i'm finally official/gripe session
  407. Seat Paranoia
  408. Wheel decision tomorrow.
  409. Question about HUD
  410. California Speedway DE no longer offered?
  411. M5 Warranty launch problem ?
  412. I saw her in all her beauty
  413. iPod Interface Installed in '07 M5
  414. Exactly what is Extended/Full leather?
  415. Ordering new E60 M5 - get spoiler or not?
  416. Would you accept this respray job? Am I being too fussy?
  417. Dyno Day (Bay Area)?
  418. Lemoning E60 M5 with major engine/gearbox issues (Canada)?
  419. Finally got her back!
  420. DME Recall???
  421. Clear Bra Install Scratches
  422. Scratches?
  423. Is Your Steering Wheel Perfectly Round?
  424. Wow!!! 0 - 300 km/h reaching very fast
  425. Are People still paying msrp?
  426. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
  427. Access to Hartge parts in U.S.?
  428. SMG concerns??
  429. Picked up me new M5 today!!
  430. iPod-adapter alternatives
  431. How do you check your software Ver. number?
  432. Another weird noise!
  433. Dealer "Hamann and Schnitzer headers doesnt void warranty"
  434. low oil warning during break-in period !
  435. Removing iPod kit and replacing 6CDC...?
  436. m5 reliability? are later model years better
  437. 93 Octane gas SoCal
  438. MSRP & Invoice of OEM Winter Tire Package?
  439. Encounter with Lambo Gallardo
  440. Went to the Track!!!!! What a day!
  441. Removing Kidney Grill.
  442. Short top speed movies
  443. Gossip from Evo Magazine (UK) on Audi RS vs BMW M
  444. Dinan to release V-10 stroker engine with aprox 610 HP
  445. Caliper Decals
  446. Dinan Stage 2 Suspension System
  447. Dash, center console rattles...
  448. Pics of my white m5 with stock wheels chromed
  449. How do you remove headlights?
  450. K&N Intake Kit - installed pics & first impressions
  451. iPod Issues after 23.01 Reprogram
  452. Reprogramming digital TV function (UK)
  453. Dinan Throttle bodies/exhaust info
  454. Just ordered Supersprint race - hope not to be dissapointed
  455. How many of you followed break-in rules after the differentiall install
  456. Wheel suggestions
  457. Headers and warranty question.
  458. Fast Delivery
  459. How did YOU break your motor in...?
  460. BMW M5 in new THX advert
  461. Delivered last Friday, it's not like something you never seen before
  462. Incoming Bluetooth Calls
  463. splitscreen frustrations
  464. Project II underway (pics)
  465. ABS Experiences
  466. Monday morning accident
  467. Picked it up this weekend!!!
  468. Wish I could get this kind of range with my M5..
  469. Probably my biggest complaint, despite great mileage!
  470. E60 M5 Exhaust Videos
  471. Anyone awaiting delivery in GA/FL?
  472. New to M5
  473. 2nd break-in period....Top Speed; Is it crucial?
  474. iPod interface shuffle question
  475. M5 winter setup test pics
  476. Black M5 Project II Phase I Complete!
  477. List of E60 changes in 2007
  478. Next M5 back to V8s?
  479. M5 on ice...for the winter
  480. Comfort Access Retrofit
  481. I am not happy with 21" Hartge Rims!!
  482. Navteq Navigation Tuneup
  483. Dinan 3.91 Performance vs Stock - Results
  484. Displaying map without destination?
  485. Rear headrest screens
  486. P500 OK during break in?
  487. Kreis-sieg M5 exhaust
  488. Thanks to Arling & Lucent Motors!!!
  489. Better Track Performance!!
  490. Accept screen goes by itself in Progman 23
  491. Ran a C5 Z06, plus oil gauge how I hate thee...
  492. Rear shock mount recall
  493. Have you got a E60 M5 and a few hours to spare in Yorkshire, UK?
  494. BMW M5 vs Mercedes E63 AMG Drag Race?
  495. Real Time Traffic in 07's
  496. Last call on Clear Bra groupbuy (Oct 28th, SoCal)
  497. 2AM Race> Armoured M5 vs ML63
  498. Can't Stop Obsessing!
  499. Video: No Cats / Supersprint X-Pipe w/o resonators
  500. OT but with M5 pics - the 360CS just arrived!
  501. Oct 17th - day of delivery and it rained (pix)
  502. Experiences with Clear Bra installation?
  503. Radar detector recommendations?
  504. Feedback on aftermarket springs and coil-overs?
  505. Hamann rear spoiler
  506. Picked Up MY Car From AI Design Today
  507. I'm not a poseur!!!! Picked up my 07 M5 this morning...
  508. So, there I was, in my e60 M5...
  509. 2007 M5s are being delivered...feedback on 6-speed?
  510. Handling Stock Exhaust
  511. M5's and M6's can be ordered with no wait time?
  512. Information on aftermarket exhausts?
  513. Mods for my new 07 M5 or a new Aprilia Tuono 1000R?
  514. Custom Exhaust "Supersprint"
  515. Feedback on activating Rear Side Impact Airbags?
  516. My '07 M5 has LEDs!!
  517. Removing Center Console Panel
  518. Looking for E60 M5 to fit wheels (Belgium)
  519. Where can i get M badge?
  520. Dinan 3.91 rear diff install in so cal?
  521. Sat Radio Question
  522. Blending Paint
  523. Best Glass Cleaning ?
  524. Whats my best bet for getting my beast super-charged?
  525. TARGA MINNESOTA: PICS Of Our "Scuderia M5" In Action(41 Large Pics)
  526. HUD Rattle
  527. HD Radio
  528. Hartge Steering Wheel
  529. SMG Question
  530. It's Time for a Navigation Tune-Up
  531. What loaners do you guys get during maintenace services?
  532. First Service - How was it for you all?
  533. 2006 on up M5 i POD conversion w/6 cd changer
  534. Most Expensive to Insure
  535. Sirius wiped out by new software and reprogramming
  536. Video: 996TTX50 vs. e60 M5 + More
  537. 6-speed delivery?
  538. Ready to order - any slots available (North East)?
  539. Temporary excessive oil usage
  540. Sources for rear window spoiler?
  541. Can't get the glovebox aux input
  542. Motorola V3i Temporarily Loses Pairing After Every Call w/E60 M5
  543. Just introducing myself...
  544. Sensor breaking after lowering?
  545. Iforged Monaco - new rim, deep lip
  546. best place with best price for Eisenman exhaust in so cal?
  547. Wanted: white M5 with red interior (South Florida)
  548. Cant do launch control
  549. BMW M5 driver does 239 km/h on a 130 km/h road
  550. Feedback on powdercoating stock wheels?
  551. Question regarding replaced hydraulic system?
  552. Feedback on trade-in values? (USA)
  553. To Buy or to Lease
  554. The wait is killing me!!!
  555. Progman 23.0 and telephone pad
  556. Flat tire monitor/Winter Cover
  557. Feedback on buying used MY2005 E60 M5
  558. Track Tires for Stock Wheels
  559. Twin Turbo M5?
  560. Specifications of Michelin PS2 for E60 M5?
  561. 07 M5 Picked up !
  562. Installing first Hartge Kit in Saudi
  563. BMWNA Policy on Software Updates?
  564. Software upgrade?
  565. i got 529,6 HP, stock, yeeaaahhha
  566. M5 Ride in Rio
  567. Questions regarding MY2007 online configuration guide?
  568. The hottest wheels for the M5 are here [AC Schnitzer Type V]
  569. Navigation Update Question
  570. Anyone have Eisenman sport exhaust?
  571. What have they done with the gas in Hungary? [High emissions warning/ SES light]
  572. Clear Bra and Tint in SD or OC area
  573. Picture Request: Antera 365's on M6 or M5?
  574. YACODT: Yet Another Cog of Death Thread (Tranny died, Stranded)
  575. Voice Activation Phonebook
  576. Many Japanese M5 pictures
  577. Video: BMW M6 vs Nissan Micra
  578. DAB radio (UK)
  579. Ipod adaptor question
  580. Cracked Windshield update
  581. E60 M5 Reliability And Safety Concerns
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  583. Are my tyres/tires illegal yet?
  584. Start/Stop Button Trim in Silver??
  585. Source for carbon fiber side grille...?
  586. Congradulations to Andy: Big M5 News
  587. clear indicators a myth for the US?
  588. New Member - 06 M5
  589. G-Power 620hp conversion
  590. Has Anybody Installed the iPod Interface on an '07?
  591. Picked Up My '07 M5 Today - ALMOST!
  592. Re-Code Complete
  593. Looking for a ride: Pensacola/Ft Walton
  594. I feel bad for the future owner of this M5
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  596. Just got my new 06 M5!
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  598. Picked up my 07 M5!!
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  600. Color of Head Lights
  601. just bought a new red e60 m5
  602. Real Xenon lights on E60 530i?
  603. Almost decision time - E63 vs RS6 vs M5!
  604. A tough day for my M5...
  605. E60 M5 guys check this out..... [E60 M5 vs E39 M5]
  606. I must share the good news
  607. A Very Fine Detail Job [Black Sapphire Metallic]
  608. Daytime Running Lights question
  609. VIDEO: 2006 BMW M5 in-car passenger video of Phoenix International Raceway
  610. Cracked Windscreen?
  611. Alternative brake pads for M5 E60
  612. Weird SMG behaviour!
  613. Next London meet will be Sunday, November 5th
  614. Gurgling sound......
  615. VIR Track Day Report (with photos)
  616. New tires and alignment settings
  617. 10 days from delivery !
  618. 2 1/2 weeks with 2007 M5...
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  620. BMW introduces long-wheel base E60 versions for Chinese market
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  623. Ultimate car wax
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  625. Motorola K1 KRZR Bluetooth headzup
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  628. Movie: standard BMW M5 (Interlagos Blue) vs Kelleners Sport BMW M5
  629. BMW M5.v.E63 AMG
  630. Launch Control is Awesome!!
  631. M3 SMG2 vs. M6 SMG3. Would love feedback from....
  632. Are you pleased (technically and mechanically) with your M5?
  633. Getting a little worried about the E60
  634. Buying showroom 2005 E60 M5 vs ordering 2007 E60 M5?
  635. Drag Race, SMG vs. 6 speed!
  636. Winter driving?
  637. Feedback on missing fuse?
  638. M Performance School recap (beware photos and opinions)
  639. M Performance School recap (beware photos and opinions)
  640. M5 Beast Now M5 SUPER Beast thanks to ASR Engineering
  641. BMW offered to buy my car back
  642. Recommendations for a V1/Blinder Installer - Bay Area, CA?
  643. Engine, Tranny & Diff Oil Change Cost
  644. Thoroughly Confused ... SMG v 6spd
  645. Cingular Nokia E62 Bluetooth Compatibility
  646. Got the "Icy Conditions" warning today...time for new tires.
  647. individual options on euro deliv. m5
  648. Rubbing issues with lowered suspension & 20" wheels?
  649. When putting on 20 inch rims and tires...
  650. 6 Speed Manual gearbox model number
  651. Experiences with Hartge E60?
  652. Spent afternoon with E60 M5.... I love SMG3!
  653. Creaking sound from rear diff - recall issued & fixed under warranty
  654. Comparison SMG/6Speed
  655. Pic & Opinion Request: Hartge CF interior w/ Silverstone leather
  656. Upgrading my 2006 M5, need some advice...
  657. Manual Transmission Gear Ratios...
  658. LuK pressrelease: new M5 clutch (for the manual M5?)
  659. Sold my M5
  660. Winter tires on OEM rims
  661. New Dinan Throttle Bodies
  662. just ordered 6sp
  663. my SMG gave me almost a whiplash!
  664. Car is in the body shop with expected completion date 10/09
  665. Member Olaf Sepang Bronze BMW M5 with Hartge 21 wheels
  666. Boston/NH.Track Day@NHIS.Oct 27-29
  667. BMW has bought back my M5
  668. Steering Sensor ReCall Part (Picture)
  669. Selling up and moving on
  670. Teflon Paint Coating
  671. I Have Serious Issues
  672. Why you need a clear bra!
  673. Winter Tires
  674. Passing CA SMOG with Eisenmann Race exhaust?
  675. Intake mod idea.
  676. Red Cog of Death.
  677. Feeler: RAC wheels plus tires?
  678. Took the plunge, ordered an M5
  679. Track day questions?
  680. Intake Innovations: incorporating NOS
  681. Straight pipes?
  682. Larger brake pedal for left-foot braking?
  683. Hartge Front and Rear lip?
  684. ordered a 2007 M5 but have few questions
  685. Back from the track
  686. Overview of Aftermarket Parts You Can Purchase For Your E60 M5
  687. Water leakage?
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