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E60 M5 and E61 M5 Touring Discussion

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  1. New Member Saying Hello
  2. Carpet soaked with water after heavy rains
  3. Dinan Exhasut Polished Today!
  4. Fitting an Eisenmann exhaust
  5. BBQ in Socal (June 16)
  6. Picture Request: "Hartge Springs" on any 20" wheels
  7. Aftermarket supercharger available?
  8. Traveling for 1 week... [Battery discharge while parked?]
  9. Picture request: Vorsteiner V Series-1 wheels in black
  10. Torco Octane Booster?
  11. Service indicator
  12. What is the stock spring rates?
  13. Feeler: Interested in wider, stiffer, lighter brake pedal system?
  14. Feedback on pairing E60 M5 with Blackberry 8830 World Phone?
  15. Oil Usage?
  16. Speculation on Autoblog.nl: more M5 upgrades coming soon
  17. Attn Mid East and swedish members! [Spare wheel part number?]
  18. Another use for the M5
  19. I finally found a use for "D"
  20. Father christmas visited me a bit early..... [Eisenmann Race exhaust]
  21. Does anyone know? [Cost for set of M6 wheels]
  22. Schnitzer vs RAC vs BBS aftermarket wheels?
  23. Passport SR7
  24. Why Change Oil?
  25. Any generic manufacturer of spacesaver wheels for E60 M5?
  26. My 2nd annual Mass. MMMmmm meet July 15
  27. Should I buy a demo M5?
  28. New clutch pack and flywheel at 22,400 miles - Service Bulletin
  29. Kelleners non-TuV exhaust too loud..?
  30. I am crazy (2002 purchase) [2002 M5 + 2006 M5 6-speed]
  31. Clearbra options for E60 M5
  32. Pics of my 08 Space Gray / Indy Red M5
  33. Tyre life and replacement?
  34. Just ordered [Moonstone MY2008 to replace Interlagos MY2006]
  35. Daytime Running Light Question
  36. Who's going to Willow Springs w/ BMW CCA June 2/3?
  37. Well my baby{Beast}got new shoes [RAC RG41 wheels]
  38. 12.1 @ 118 mph (video)
  39. 9 Questions For Dinan
  40. M5 vs Audi S4 2.7T (video)
  41. If not M5 what else?
  42. 2008 reliability
  43. Picture Request: M5's on BBS CH wheels
  44. Picked up my new baby...Oh, and my wife's pregnant too
  45. M5board Member ApexAssassin And M5 At The Track (Pictures)
  46. I Finally Made Up My Mind [M5 Purchase/Mods]
  47. M driving experience - June 1st - who's in?
  48. M5 Touring - Individual Azurite Black
  49. 2nd. Annual MMMMmmmm Meet, Massachusetts Sun. July 15th
  50. My 4th annual BBQ M5 Gathering for VA, DC, MD and beyond (July 23)
  51. Question for those who have upgraded to V25
  52. Would you buy a DSG M5? The new M3 officially has it!
  53. Lowering the car
  54. Hours of labor to install glovebox CD changer?
  55. Launching My M5.........
  56. BMW NA is watching the M5 Board
  57. The M brotherhood
  58. Feedback on Gruppe M intakes?
  59. Drive Stories on FUSE 5/30/07
  60. M Settings [ordered Saphirschwarz M5 Touring]
  61. Pics: '08 Silverstone M5/H&R Srings/20" Hartge Classic II's
  62. New Phone Cradle/Adaptors?
  63. Getting gallery images approved
  64. Is this normal? (re: warning tone every time I switch off)
  65. Filling up an M5 with Avgas?
  66. Distance to service indicator
  67. Low Voltage warning light problem
  68. Feedback on installing Supersprint exhaust?
  69. Trimming rear bumper for Eisenmann Sport Oval tips installation?
  70. M Driving Experinence -- June 5th
  71. Went to the track on Friday night...
  72. Channel 5: 5th Gear test the M5 touring Monday 4th June 8pm
  73. Joining the club today! (CPO rejected - not yet in the club)
  74. Malibu Canyon and M DE Videos (Need file conversion)
  75. Article in the Independent (UK): BMW M5 Touring
  76. Personal settings for star button?
  77. After 6 months research - Bought E60 M5
  78. Gas'n up at Rotten Robbies?
  79. Installed Lumma front lip (pics)
  80. Track day tomorrow: M5 or race car?
  81. What's this noise coming from my front end?
  82. Took delivery of M5 Touring [Alpine White]
  83. BMW Bluetooth not connecting to Nokia symbian phones?
  84. Servotronic Failure and car malfunctions
  85. Celebrities who own E60 M5 / E63 M6
  86. Racing Harness for M5?
  87. Painting the Calipers?
  88. No remote boot opening feature?
  89. Anyone run a new SL600 yet?
  90. Sunday Driving!!! (332 kph/206.3 mph GPS Speed) (video)
  91. Sunday Driving!!! (332 kph/206.3 mph GPS Speed) (video)
  92. Video: Easter Sunday Drive in M5 with Eisenmann Race Exhaust
  93. Installing white front turnsignal for MY2008 M5?
  94. Call it 1000 BMW HP
  95. What do you guys think of these? [Tinted taillights]
  96. Window shades are leaking oil
  97. AC Schnitzer Interlagos Blue M5 [Ebay]
  98. What is this electric motor...
  99. New pics!!! [Silverstone II with black wheels]
  100. Buying a brand new MY2006 M5?
  101. MY08 SMG on board! [M5 Space Grey/Silverstone II with extended warranty]
  102. Mindless hooligans
  103. Installing longer gear ratio?
  104. New Eisenmann Exhaust - Now Quieter than Race Exhaust!
  105. Can TPM be disabled?
  106. What's this on the Dash?
  107. Recommendations on Wheel Spacers MM size & Tires on Hartge Classic ll 20" wheels?
  108. DVD drive in Audio CD spot?
  109. Check out my new Carbon Fiber Grills
  110. Installing white front turnsignal for US-spec M5?
  111. Display question [Changing view in navigation screen?]
  112. 6-CD Changer standard on MY2008?
  113. Environmental disposal charge for controlled special waste
  114. Nürburgring June 15, 16 and 17
  115. Everything you ever wanted to know of the 08 M5
  116. Concorso Italiano and M5board weekend attractions [August 17, Monterey]
  117. Questions about the USB port
  118. Switched to the Tubi/Stlye Exhaust
  119. How to run the M5 in the 1/4 mile techniques...
  120. EVO pulley + Dyno special @ Race Precision
  121. Gustav- USA Tour- VA, DC and MD leg
  122. My Personal Opinion About Meisterschaft Exhaust
  123. Anybody with aftermarket wheels on an 07? Tire pressure sensors?
  124. LPE Z06 630hp vs M5 570hp Hamann (video)
  125. Recommendations for bodyshop (NY area)?
  126. Experiences with Schrick Cams?
  127. RDSport stroker kit in USA?
  128. Nice benchmark for the new Audi RS6...
  129. VIDEO of my custom exhaust!
  130. sound system warrenty
  131. This car is so fast at high speed
  132. HUD problem/question
  133. test drove m5 today!
  134. Experiences with BMWWheels.com?
  135. One more year of warranty, then what?
  136. Top 100 Green Cars - Did the M5 / M6 make it?
  137. Supersprint Headers (video)
  138. OT: Strange Signs Since I Dropped off the Beast
  139. Shorter tire on left rear?
  140. Off Road exhaust question
  141. Post your key fob... [it's early and I'm bored]
  142. RACs and PS2s, what sizes work best?
  143. Slower with CF out?
  144. Have I totally lost it? [Cleaning stock mufflers]
  145. Ashtray hot?
  146. Nice pictures of Interlagos Blue BMW M5 in the Alpes
  147. Picture: Interlagos Blue M5 with very tinted windows
  148. How to perform Launch Control?
  149. Another CCC Failure
  150. $100K for Euro Delivery?
  151. What an evening....last drop, I might just sell my beast
  152. Track day at Portland Int'l Raceway (PIR)
  153. 10 weeks out of service
  154. Garage park assist
  155. Need Videos of Eisenmann Race w/Section 1 & 2 on an M5!
  156. Tough call... [CLS55 vs E60 M5?]
  157. Quick Question.. [E60 M5 picture thread?]
  158. Engine oil temp
  159. Dixis Titanium Exhaust and H Pipe
  160. Trading my M5 for an M6 convertible?
  161. Experiences with re-leasing a car?
  162. Side trim oxidizing
  163. Will my dads old M5 exhaust fit his friends 6 series?
  164. V25 Active seat display
  165. Drag tires in the correct size for the M5?
  166. Installing aftermarket side vents & grills?
  167. Some 1/4 mile runs, and a Gtech calibration
  168. BLING - Engine fault! Reduced power...
  169. Detailed pictures of the M5 V10 engine internals?
  170. E61 M5touring - RHD-prod. VIN-range ?
  171. M5 Evotech ECU, Evo Pullies vs my E55...(VIDEO)
  172. Two flat tires within a month?
  173. E60 M5, why 507 horsepower...
  174. funny contrast
  175. catalytic converter anybody has this replaced?
  176. 2007 model having brake function on cruise control?
  177. Yes, I wrote off my M5 E60 . . . . [Upgrade differences 2005 - 2007?]
  178. Headlight problem
  179. Ran the beast today at the drag strip
  180. Just nearly bit the dust
  181. Upgrading DSC for early 6-speed E60 M5?
  182. Black BMW M5 Touring with M6 wheels and panoramaroof
  183. No CPO?
  184. Good Price for used E60M5? (USA)
  185. Pics Request: E60 M5 With 19 inch BBS LM s
  186. M5 v. 997 Carrera S on track?
  187. E61 M5touring VIN-range?
  188. Is SMG evaluation influenced?
  189. Carbon filter and Headlights and Speakers
  190. SMG shift speed...
  191. Rock to the windshield - big crack
  192. Rattling sunroof visor
  193. post your favorite "Newbie" question here
  194. Listen request: Eisenmann Race exhaust (San Diego)
  195. rock chip on the headlight lens
  196. Anyone have H&R springs with Dinan Stage II?
  197. BMW Finance UK Residuals
  198. AutoSpies coverage of 2008 M5 and 5-Series
  199. Screw comfort what is the best handling spring out there?
  200. M5 Touring official UK launch date - GRRRR!!
  201. Launch Control possible patch for USA
  202. E60 M5: Biggest flaws
  203. Launching using P400/S6?
  204. a sad, sad story...
  205. Does anyone hear the gears shift in drive mode
  206. Quick Video of my custom Exhaust on my E60 M5.
  207. The new beast
  208. New Beast Delivery Report
  209. Turner's Stage II Engine Upgrade -- 60 RWHP and 50 Ft/Lbs Gains
  210. Laser jammer installers in NY Metro area
  211. battery discharge...it just stood there and looked angry
  212. Camera mount on M5?
  213. Diff (OEM) grinding when cold?
  214. Car booked in for V25
  215. New member: Congrats and a question about everyday aspect
  216. Is there a reset for Bluetooth in the car?
  217. Carrera GT and BMW M5 with Eisenman exhaust drifting (video)
  218. Pic Request: E60 M5 with BBS LM 20"
  219. Reduced power / increased emissions
  220. (MA,RI,CT) -- Newport, RI meet in June
  221. Any California E60 M5's going to Famoso Raceway May 18th?
  222. Transmission "bucking"....
  223. Autospies reviews the 2008 manual and SMG
  224. Quick question regarding Race cats...
  225. BMW does care [MY2006 replaced by MY2008]
  226. Finally decided on mods and the car. Advice Please!
  227. Dilemma! What would you do.
  228. Top Speed Query.
  229. Evosport headers & pulley installed . . . . wow!
  230. Dinan stage 2 suspension with 20 inch wheels?
  231. More Power after 20,000 km on the V10?
  232. Bluetooth (bug?) freezes iDrive.
  233. newbie
  234. E60 M5: It's been fun, but it's time to say goodbye.
  235. V25.01.01 NAV Software Bug?
  236. bent valve in cylinder number 7
  237. Special One Day DiFeo BMW Pricing (May 19th)
  238. V.25.01.01 Nav Mode bug with HUD?
  239. New member checking in and anyone comes from CHINA?
  240. Non-Factory Tire Options?
  241. Firsthand opinion on Dunlop SP Sport Maxx tire
  242. Recommendations for modification installation (Toronto, Canada)?
  243. Why BMW does not offer carbon fiber finish?
  244. Retrofitting LCI front and rear lights?
  245. Nav Update?
  246. Will you go for the V10 again?
  247. Aftermarket I-Drive Controller
  248. Concerned... [1st service past 2000km]
  249. the best $100 i've ever spent.... [Replacing resonators with straight pipes]
  250. Excessive Leather Wear
  251. Picture Request: Silverstone II interior
  252. Superchips ECU tuning for M5
  253. Ideas for covering catastrophe costs
  254. Maybe this will help us [Dealersclearinglots.com]
  255. Seat Of The Pants...SMG Vs. 6Speed
  256. So I went on a Testdrive & almost got the M5 today....
  257. Ran with a Aston Martin Vantage today
  258. New Pedals whatcha think?
  259. Engine Malfunction reduced power to 3,500
  260. Can't wait much longer...
  261. Pulling the downshift paddle to hit high beams
  262. Safety: M5 vs 997 Turbo
  263. Your story of buying the M5?
  264. Just traded E39 M5 for 550i
  265. RCOD Red Cog of Death
  266. BMW Performance catalog
  267. Can steering be tightened up?
  268. Dealer replaces conrod bearings
  269. 200 mph / 321 km/h child's play and still a lot of power left
  270. E60 M5 & M6 finish "One Lap" 20th & 6th
  271. How many are *NOT* having SMG problems?
  272. Pilot Sport tires - NO MAS!!! Another blowout
  273. Quck advice needed for oil related question
  274. Parking in gear?
  275. i just ordered my tubi rumore for E60 M5 !!!!
  276. Video: Me drag racing
  277. BMW disengages DSC on 6-Speed Manual Cars!
  278. E60 6speed Brake Issue
  279. 06 vs 08, the little things
  280. Space Gray
  281. Simply amazing
  282. Dinan Stroker Engine (600 HP) Pre order form.
  283. Photos: M5 with full Dinan package.
  284. Eisenmann race exhaust fitment?
  285. Does anyone know a good wheel wizard in NYC ?
  286. Advice on removing resonators?
  287. M5 vs. RS4?
  288. My M6 vs my son's 335i Procede
  289. Weak battery headzup! [SMG stuck in gear due to battery drain]
  290. Raced a Kleeman SL55
  291. High Performance Coil
  292. Venture Shield versus 3M
  293. Price of OEM M5 wheel ...
  294. M5 P400 vs 650i (auto) race results
  295. VIDEO: Hockenheimring with my M5 / GPS data displayed
  296. Thank you V10Beast>>Fantastic Board Member<<
  297. Nav DVD override for Regular DVD
  298. People Suck!
  299. Thinking of getting Evosport pully...
  300. Wanted: Indy Red E60 M5 in SoCal for photo shoot
  301. High Beam Assist
  302. Beast only fair at the track
  303. If you could do it all again .. what would you do different? [color & option choices]
  304. The 3rd and final hidden menu [hidden OBC menu]
  305. New Member Checking In...Couple of Questions.
  306. Evosport Sponsored M6 & M5 in One Lap of America!
  307. After 12 years..... BMW again! 2008 M5
  308. Dealership Charge for an Oil Change
  309. M5 E60 1/4 mile time?
  310. Recommendations for aftermarket exhaust?
  311. Carbon fibre side grills
  312. Picked up my beast
  313. the Beast takes a lick and keeps on ticking (amazing personal story)
  314. Active Bolsters need WD-40
  315. BMW M5 Touring Picture Thread
  316. Tint problem with back window
  317. First Monaco Blue E60 M5 with Hartge body trim!
  318. Engine of the Year 2007
  319. Hidden/Secret menu showing *live* GPS speed [hidden navigation menu]
  320. 6 CD Changer Trunk Mount - E60 M5
  321. AZ M5 Owners please read - Gustav's Tour of America
  322. Handling mods in the UK?
  323. What is the Widest Tire You Have Mounted On the Stock Wheels?
  324. Article: Auto Express drives the BMW M5 Touring
  325. Email response from DMS on US chip
  326. SMG nearly made me crash twice
  327. D Mode not upshifting when floored?
  328. M Driving Experiance - June 1
  329. Group buy Escort Passport 9500i W/GPS - Special for forum members! :-)
  330. Hood Repair?
  331. M5board.com= 6 speed production
  332. Seattle M5 Board Meet this SAT
  333. BMW wins 6 out of 11 categories in International Engine of Year Awards
  334. new lister
  335. High Battery Drain Message
  336. She's home
  337. Oil meter went blank suddenly - any way to reset it?
  338. Front LEDs?
  339. M5 or wait for the new M3?
  340. Car Problems... [Feedback on fuel pressure issues?]
  341. High pitched sound at 140+...
  342. Window Anti Trap failure!
  343. New Sponsor Introduction
  344. EVO: BMW M5 Touring vs. Audi RS4 Avant (scans)
  345. Another red cog of death..
  346. Another, yet Different! Oil Consuption Problem!
  347. Powdercoating Kidney Grills?
  348. My wife confessed a...
  349. Breaking-In Service for M5?
  350. Anyone going to TPC Sawgrass this weekend?
  351. Screenshots of the hidden/secret menu [access to GPS speed too]
  352. Recommendations for powdercoating wheels (Houston, TX)?
  353. Dinan S85 Complete Rebuild?
  354. Taking Delivery
  355. Exporting M5 from the US?
  356. M5 / M6 make Forbes Gas Guzzler list
  357. Fast & wild E60 ride (Ringtaxi on Nürburgring)
  358. Car Went To Dealer, HUD is DOA upon return
  359. [bQuick 7 Series Questionb/]
  360. Just picked up my 2006 AW M5 and 2007 Ferrari 430 spider
  361. E60 M5 Touring Safety Car!
  362. Best sounding exhaust system?
  363. SOS Malfunction
  364. Experiences with Yokohama Advan Sports?
  365. Kreis-Sieg exhaust ordered. What headers?
  366. Something missing in my trunk...
  367. How the M5 holds up at the Track
  368. Custom floor mat?
  369. Busting the limiter
  370. Loud exhaust=Problems with cops?
  371. ACS Side skirt?
  372. Kelleners-Sport camshafts in USA?
  373. Please post Pics of todays Bimmerfest in Santa Barbra
  374. M School - Trip Report
  375. Custom wheel maker recommendations?
  376. EuroElites: Lawrencew83's Vorsteiner M5
  377. M5 Lease
  378. Evosport, RAC, UUC, Moton, Kudos
  379. Urgent: source for Michelin PS2's (NYC)?
  380. Dinan and other 19" wheels
  381. Dealer Joy ride
  382. Ideas on new rims
  383. Why BMW compromises on calipers on M Cars
  384. Hope for DSC on the 6MT E60 M5?
  385. 535xi Touring
  386. m5 touring delivery confirmation
  387. New E61 M5 Touring driven by moi!!
  388. What do they do after the 1200 mile break in period?
  389. My E55 vs M5, M6 and others in 1/4 (vidoes)
  390. If you could change one thing on your M5 what would it be?
  391. Rapid and fairly significant changes in oil level reading
  392. Tire pressure monitor '06 vs. '07 HRE's won't work..
  393. Anyone going to M school on Friday June 1st
  394. Brembo BBK and Passport install pics
  395. New Beast, but issues with USB and Bluetooth
  396. Anyone update the IPOD adapter Firmware?
  397. BMWNA explains why no M5 touring for the USA
  398. Paintballs and M5's don't mix
  399. coming back on board
  400. Hartge speed delimiter done by e-mail (pics)
  401. My beasts first round at Evosport!
  402. desert trip with dark taillights
  403. So are the transmition problems gone?
  404. Wow, +44 hp just from a chip, exhaust, and intake... [Schnitzer M6 Tension]
  405. Sunroof Explodes
  406. K & N Air Filters for the beast
  407. Falken FK 452 or Avon Tech M550 A/S tires?
  408. V-max M5 E60 ?
  409. Bolt-on Calipers?
  410. Sunday afternoon detail
  411. Bridgestone commercial featuring an E60 M5
  412. Video: E60 M5 vs. Gallardo
  413. bye bye fuel pump
  414. How to register for SC M Driving School
  415. dealer reflash software for ipod in OC
  416. My MY08 M5 is coming~
  417. sway bars? H & R , ACS or Eibach?
  418. Feeler: CF airbox for M5
  419. TEST/VIDEO: M5 Touring vs E63 and RS4 wagons
  420. Hartge body trim fit issues on '08 E60 M5
  421. Alpina B7 kill
  422. 08 new front side markers
  423. Question about K&N drop in filters
  424. Tire Recommendations?
  425. Proper Introduction [M3 E30 and M5 E60]
  426. My Forum Intro: Some Pics of my Cars (Alpine White M5)
  427. Installing iPod in new M5?
  428. Recommendation for window tint installation (Orange County)?
  429. Has anyone installed MY2008 led tail lights yet?
  430. Aftermarket upgrades on leased car?
  431. Audio system 2006 m5
  432. M Driving Experience (May 1-2, 2007)
  433. wax removal from clear bra edges
  434. need help for ipod interface
  435. How many miles at delivery
  436. Increased emissions, Oxygen sensor
  437. the horror, my new 6speed m5 clutch
  438. Redline Water Wetter
  439. M5 Fire update - BMW N.Scottsdale is at fault
  440. 2007 M5 USB/ipod kit vs MOST ipod kit?
  441. New QD7 wheels with other goodies (pics)
  442. Recommendations for tire mounting shop (Long Island, NY)?
  443. New to the forum and I have some great news
  444. Why No Certified Pre-Owned?
  445. dilemma! [Refinishing kerbed wheels]
  446. Full X Extended Leather
  447. Touring ETA 22 days
  448. Should I get a 2008 M5 now or wait for the new M3?
  449. A Pair of E60 M5's w/Hartge Classic II Wheels & Eisenmann Exhausts - Pics!!!
  450. Greetings from one very happy BMW customer! [Facelifted Interlagos Blue]
  451. Anyone Try Pirelli Corsa System or Pilot Sport Cups (or 18" wheels)?
  452. Polish versus Wax
  453. BMW Recall for SMG Pump
  454. Confessions from an apparent hypocrite
  455. M5 vs 335i
  456. Recommendations for Headrest Video installer in Toronto?
  457. Upgrading halo headlights?
  458. Specs of the GE Warranty - As Requested
  459. Current Lease Offers For M5?
  460. WM6 bluetooth and the M5.
  461. My exciting week coming up!!!
  462. Considering an 2008 M5 - Question regarding reliability
  463. Completed production
  464. Alpine White 2008 Available anywhere?
  465. pull the trigger on the 07 M5.. must read for people who ordered 08
  466. Pics of BMW CS Concept!!
  467. Picture Request: Silverstone M5 with M6 wheels
  468. Roadside assistance issues with '08 model year
  469. Meisterschaft+section1&2 feels weak/choking, Will Evosport Stage2 ECU upgrade help?
  470. i think my oil is overfilled
  471. Generation to Generation: E60 vs. E39
  472. Can't believe it - yet another transmission fault!
  473. Wheel spin after full throttle @40 km/h Normal ?
  474. CD Cartridge Magazine for e60 M5
  475. Part Numbers for CD Magazine for e60 M5?
  476. M5 Daily usage patterns
  477. M5 Daily usage patterns
  478. New Generation M5 exterior and interior. Improvement or Just plain Boring?
  479. 5 Series vs Ford Explorer
  480. Big discount on new M5/M6 at Open Road BMW - NJ
  481. Brembo BBK install not a simple bolt-on
  482. Car/Key Memory - MY2008
  483. Dinan Stage 1 / 2 suspension question
  484. I finally took the plunge....
  485. Baseline Dyno and Dinan S2 Suspension & Exhaust
  486. E60 Diff / mechincal whine?
  487. Another Dealer Oil Overfill Question?
  488. VIR Track Report With Video Featuring a GT3 Chase
  489. Video of RD Sport Exhaust
  490. Event at Koenigsegg DVD / Blueray, a short preview
  491. Giddy as a school girl....
  492. Top Speed at Nurburgring?
  493. Hamann front spoiler installation
  494. Recall for Shock Absorbers
  495. S85 Forced Induction?
  496. Thud when driving in heavy traffic?
  497. Video Camera / Lipstick Cam
  498. Looking for a M5 (E60) in The Netherlands (Zuid Holland)
  499. Space gray...
  500. Got New Wheels [MK Motorsports 20"]
  501. Source for Piloti Shoes - Toronto
  502. Question about surface on this airfield
  503. Compatibility with iPhone?
  504. Evosport Headers and Pulley come thru on dyno! --VIDEO--
  505. Sources for Nitrogen Bottle (Toronto area)
  506. How's the luxury aspect of the M5 beast?
  507. Rumors regarding 2009 M5?
  508. Dinan Stage 2 suspension installed
  509. Dinan Differential Update
  510. Tints on your M5
  511. May is near Any DSC off coming?
  512. Suggestion for 1/4 mile championship?
  513. M5 Black Powder Coated Stock Wheels
  514. Funny Sighting
  515. Dinan Throttle Bodies
  516. Dinan 10% Rebate Check Showed Up Today
  517. 18 months and 20,000 miles later
  518. 120km/h limit varning
  519. Some Pictures [Facelifted Sapphire Black M5]
  520. Sound when locking/unlocking car?
  521. South Motors BMW (MIAMI) Horror Story - Believe it or Not!
  522. E60 M5 side mirrors removal + install with CF
  523. mirrors.. can anyone tell me part # for number 1 ?
  524. Does anybody have independant dyno results for the Evosport pulley?
  525. Fitting Rear Wheels on Front for Track Use
  526. Got smoked by an E55 last night
  527. Anyone in the SF Bay area w/Eisenmann Race Mufflers?
  528. The Beast?
  529. I Just Picked Up My Beast! [Black Facelifted]
  530. anyone got a 08 AW M5?
  531. Want To Impress BMW Salesman, Need To Know Start Up Procedure, And Best Settings Ect.
  532. Swap wheel from 645ci to E60 M5
  533. RD Sport RS56 Motor Pic*
  534. Vanos Noise
  535. Another IPOD/Stereo Question - Sorry
  536. Very impressed with my M5 (short video)
  537. Carbotech Brake Pads for the E60 M5
  538. LED Turn Signals
  539. Drifting Schools (East Coast US)?
  540. Wow the car wont start if the bonnet is open!
  541. Enabling Rear Fog
  542. New Pics, RACs with Dinan
  543. Experiences with RDSport EMS upgrade?
  544. Black M5's video is on Autoblog
  545. Recommendation for Tubi exhaust installation (UAE)?
  546. the beast has finally arrived
  547. Engine Before & After Pictures [RDSport 5.6 liter conversion]
  548. My Impression on the 08 5 Series...
  549. E60 M5 6 Speed MT Launch Scenario?
  550. MP3 Question
  551. K&N Cone Filter system - ETA?
  552. New CS Concept
  553. Picture request: HRE C20 wheels
  554. My M6 Vs Z06 ..
  555. 08 Lease rates from BMWNA
  556. Slight hesitation accelerating in 1st gear
  557. 2007 M5 Sedan Factory Wheel Size?
  558. Anyone take delivery of a MY08 Space Grey M5 yet?
  559. Clear Bras Work GREAT - But They Wrinkle On Impact
  560. Thinking to change my Muffler!!
  561. Dinan 3.91 Differential Update
  562. M6 with Eisenmann Race (video)
  563. m5 vs s6 video
  564. Best car wash i New England ?
  565. Oil supplied by dealer?
  566. Whats the best comment you've heard about the beast?
  567. Why does the lighter only work when engine is running ?
  568. E63 AMG vs. M5 touring VIDEO
  569. '08 M5 Front Seats Question-Order
  570. Retro fit direct cd changer/buttons on 08?
  571. 2008 Facelift Headlights ordered
  572. when leasing, do you still pay the $3K gas guzzler tax ?
  573. Canceled M5 for the new M3
  574. Custom Exhaust for e60 m5?
  575. 3 months and counting down to Gustav's tour!
  576. NASA Driving Event at Willow Springs May 5 & 6
  577. Dealer kills OEM rims
  578. Interested in E60 M5
  579. Increased emissions light came on tonight
  580. What is the True hp to the rear wheels
  581. M5 vs Porsche 997TT?
  582. is it me... or .? [diesel truck engine sound]
  583. Carbon Fiber RAM!
  584. Bye Bye M5
  585. looking for engine tuning for a 2007 alpina b7
  586. I can't believe it - another black paint from BMW
  587. '08 M5 lease. how does this look...
  588. How to dyno an E60 M5?
  589. Anyone had problems with "loose" driver seat bolts?
  590. Best wax ?
  591. My wheels spin too much!
  592. First Monaco Blue E60 M5 in the USA!
  593. Best Video iPod interface and Camera mount?
  594. Won't stay in S6
  595. 1200 mile service
  596. New E63 AMG
  597. Where should I get my Vorsteiner Hood installed in the DFW area?
  598. M5 vs CLS63 (No video, yet.)
  599. Track Shoes for M School
  600. EuroElites: Free dyno session!
  601. My Impressions of Evosport Pulley
  602. Tire Rack out of stock on Z rated Michelins?
  603. Why no DSC with S6?
  604. 2008 M5 vs E90 M3 vs GT3?
  605. Invitation: Nürburgring May 19 & 20 - M5/M6 laptime
  606. Question on Progman update and SMG software
  607. Extra horsepower with 100 octane?
  608. Road Biking and 07 M5 pics, 3000 miles on the roof!
  609. Switched power in lower left dash?
  610. "Ideal" offsets widths tire sizes for 20" wheels?
  611. Recommendations for modification shop (SoCal)?
  612. DSC module upgrade problems
  613. I'm strangely drawn... [M5 Touring]
  614. Bluetooth Compatibility: Samsung A900 (It works!)
  615. K&N air filters?
  616. Just got my $1k rebate check from BMW - Thanks m5board!
  617. Kelleners headers and cats.
  618. Track Prep (Brakes)
  619. 2008 Headlights and Tailights - Part Number and Price
  620. Compatible 'phones (with cradles)?
  621. RD Sport Headers + Cat Pic
  622. RTTI - accurate or not?
  623. RTTI - accurate or not?
  624. 07 and 08 difference.... close up comparison!
  625. Pairing Nokia N95 with M5?
  626. M5 Move from Canada to Austria
  627. 2nd E60 M5 Purchased
  628. Gallardo spyder vs m5
  629. Euro Launch Control - no limitiations on times used?
  630. Performance Driving School?
  631. BMW(961 Horse power)
  632. Z06 or M5
  633. Trip Home From SC, 1350 miles...
  634. Eisenmann Sport Exhaust Installed - Pics & Videos!!!
  635. Long Beach Grand Prix
  636. Just A Few Cheeky Questions About The Mighty M5
  637. Reasons to go with on 07 over 08?
  638. SMG is the best
  639. Dinan test drive - WOW!
  640. No more warranty!
  641. Canada - 2008 M5 "Build Your Own" is up!
  642. Ran 1/4 Mile with my 6speed
  643. Check Control - Window Anti-Trap function Disabled.
  644. M5 Fire update - BMW N.Scottsdale response
  645. Lets Support a Board member in time of need
  646. Definitive Word on Break-in for Dinan 3.91 Rear Differential?
  647. New Aftermarket LED Lights for E60 from Hella
  648. Nice collection of cars (incl. an M5)
  649. Evosport Pulley in Miami w/ K&N Filters
  650. Which Tri-State Dinan Dealer Has Done The Most Work With M5Board Members?
  651. Looks like Germany going to regulate ECU tuning
  652. My first look at 08 M5
  653. little wheel shake after new tires
  654. Autochannel Review: "5 series BMW the 3 liter engine is perfectly adequate for 99%"
  655. Sirius Traffic
  656. Blackberry address book doesn't always synch
  657. M3 Brochure
  658. Seriously modded M5 on ebay...
  659. Christmas may come twice this year!!
  660. Tire wear and traction
  661. Changed order to Space Gray
  662. Getting a deal in the current M5 market
  663. Photoshoot: BMW M5 Touring
  664. My gas mileage
  665. What Makes M5(e60) Worth $100,000 and Why Should I Buy One?
  666. Any Dinan or Tubi exhaust owners in southern CT area?
  667. tracking my 2008 m5
  668. Whose car is this? [eBay ad]
  669. DIY Dinan rear Sway Bar
  670. New Video!!! EvoSport Headers with Stock mufflers!
  671. Coilovers vs springs
  672. Anyone have pics of black m5 with Dinan wheels?
  673. M5 as a track car
  674. Imagine My Surprise.....
  675. Cleaning Cold Air Intake Filter
  676. Speed camera display on satnav (UK)
  677. Aventurine Silver - anyone got pictures?
  678. Perforated Leather/Ventilated seat question
  679. Pseudo-Encounter with Boston Rocket
  680. The 2008 M5 is in
  681. Best mats?
  682. Evo Pulleys Poll
  683. M5 down - RIP. Weenie roast anyone? (pics)
  684. Whats the range of your remote keyfob?
  685. Spartanburg SC Delivery Today!!!
  686. M5 launch control
  687. "Anti-Trap function disabled" error message
  688. Recommendations to clean leather seats?
  689. What is the Life Expectancy of an M5?
  690. Need some help from you guys? [Duration of delivery time]
  691. Dang....another problem?! Restraint systems faulty
  692. Make 1200 miles today
  693. Feedback on Kelleners fastest perfomance pack?
  694. Opinions on dilemma regarding M5 purchase?
  695. Recall for SMG electric motor
  696. Anyone got/ordered the '08 Eucalyptus Red Brown wood trim yet?
  697. Changing Low Beam HID Headlamps to 6000K Bulbs
  698. Article: European Car drives the Hamann BMW M5
  699. 2008 SMG in, 2007 6-speed out
  700. red m5 pictures [Japan Red BMW Individual BMW M5 E60]

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