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E60 M5 and E61 M5 Touring Discussion

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  1. question re: BMW advertising, non-existance of M5 and M6
  2. funny sound on rear wheel
  3. Pulling of with a Ferrari 430...
  4. Fun in the Snow
  5. Advice on buying a used 2006 M5
  6. Insurance Premium; what are you guys paying?
  7. New M5 carbon fiber interior items
  8. Opinions on M5 Touring order?
  9. I need a 3.91 Rear!
  10. Heated Steering Wheel retrofit?
  11. Installed Full Eisenmann Meisterschaft Exhaust Tonight!
  12. Nurburgring Special on TiVo
  13. Information about Dinan exhaust & software?
  14. Dealer can't get transmission fluid for my 1200 mile service (6-speed)
  15. Do the mirrors fold in on US E60 M5?
  16. Are You Old School or New School?
  17. Am I the only one who hasn't removed the charcoal filters?
  18. Beast is in, picking up tomorrow - did I miss anything?
  19. Rear sunshade retrofit?
  20. Would this be insane? [Trading in 996 for E60 M5]
  21. Tail of the Dragon
  22. M6 Kelleners / Schrick Cams, Active Autowerke CAM ECU, Supersprint X-Pipe & Mufflers
  23. SMG + winter + hill = problem :(
  24. wheel weight
  25. Mods = CEL?
  26. 6 Speed shifter throws
  27. Top Gear M5 video
  28. New to E60 M5
  29. D1 is there for a reason
  30. Will 3 child seats fit in the back?
  31. Factory 155mph speed limiter removal (US)?
  32. Top speed limit removed for USA cars?
  33. Ipod sound quality?
  34. Lugnut adapter question...
  35. New bmw.com webspecial about the BMW M5 Touring
  36. Picture request: pedal placement
  37. How many have seen the top speed limiter ? or more :o
  38. my highway meet with a SLR McLaren
  39. Question regarding M5 lease quote (US)?
  40. 2007 Detroit Auto Show (pics)
  41. Emissions recall = slower M5?
  42. Feedback requested: e39 and now an e60
  43. When will facelifted M5 be available in USA?
  44. How many golf bags in Trunk?
  45. Homelink headaches
  46. Feedback on 2 yellow cogs (statory service, emissions)
  47. Drove the beast for the first time!
  48. Won't start again! I can't believe the timing!
  49. Bluetooth pairing with BB Pearl?
  50. Drifting in Athens
  51. How you can program your car (Progman) at home
  52. New Carbon Styling for BMW E60 M5
  53. Questions regarding aftermarket exhausts?
  54. e90 m3 vs e60 m5?
  55. 2007 BMW E60 M5 price in US/EU?
  56. Header->S Pipe Bolt
  57. Sources for OEM parts?
  58. E63 vs M5 discounts (US)?
  59. New Air Intake
  60. M5 Touring video
  61. Did you know... [retracting headlight switch]
  62. MRichmond Test Drive
  63. SoCal meet - Feb 10, 2007
  64. Power increase in M5?
  65. B5 Alpina Review from an ex M5 owner
  66. M5 Refresh - Canada
  67. Autoweek rumour: M5 Touring won't come Stateside...
  68. How many bought clear bras or 3M products to protect car?
  69. E85 fuel-"Increased emissions- Service Engine Soon"
  70. Some small, new nice M5 products
  71. Why does our engine consume so much oil ?
  72. Do you wax your clear bra?
  73. M5 07 finally arrived
  74. Experiences with Diamondbrite paint protection?
  75. Finally installed!! (RD Sport Springs/Dinan Sways)
  76. Experiences with Venture-Clear Guard?
  77. Dinan Exhaust ?
  78. Price of 2006 M5 with 6 miles....unbelievable
  79. front plate holder
  80. Member Alex.br Silverstone II M5 with dark windows
  81. Thoughts on laser diffusers and radar detectors?
  82. Recommended mods right 'out the box'?
  83. AP/Brembo brakes: who has them? Where to learn more/see pics?
  84. Preperations for upcoming BMWCCA Perf. Driving School?
  85. Touch-Up Paint
  86. engine starting
  87. Feedback from M factory visitors?
  88. Tubi Exhaust Systems . . .
  89. Suggestions on mods for a new member?
  90. My car has gone KERPLUNK--completely non functional!!!
  91. Picture request [M6 rims powdercoated black / White M5 with regular M6 rims]
  92. Feedback on tint for Silverstone M5?
  93. Winter storage question...
  94. Opinions of this eBay'd E60 M5?
  95. The Beast is Back
  96. Max Performance from Engine
  97. Video: M5's,M6,M3's (FULL LENGTH)+ Photos
  98. Performance exhaust system questions
  99. BMW of SF markup
  100. My new M5: observations and questions re engine modes
  101. MY08 Production - Update from Dealer Bulletin
  102. I am one of the biggest BMW fans but.... [M5 Touring]
  103. MY2007 or wait for MY2008?
  104. Only 2nd day in new M5 already stopped twice
  105. Winter tire speed limit - Michelin pilot alpin A2
  106. M Driving Experience on April 8/9
  107. Rear springs have sagged
  108. Mich Sport vs PS2 vs Mich Sport A/S
  109. Umnitza Angel Eyes flickering!!
  110. Eisenhaus Carbonfiber Exhaust Tip
  111. Pics of my '07 Black M5 Deelaw
  112. Just got Her Back (after upgrades)
  113. Pictures from BMW: facelifted BMW M5 Sedan
  114. Monaco Blue and Space Gray now on the online configurator + facelifted M5 in 3D
  115. Advice on HRE wheel fiasco?
  116. Official: BMWNA on 2008 5 Series
  117. Tire size change. Dangerous?
  118. messed around with an s65 this morning on the daily commute.
  119. Ordering Soon - Experience Needed
  120. Some pointers to newcomers (and old members) about posting on m5board [Updated!]
  121. Video of Captree "Last Minute NY Meet" Sun Jan 7th
  122. Best indoor M5 car cover?
  123. 6 speed, any luck with removing DSC
  124. Thinking about trading in for a Carrera S....
  125. Some close up dash & interior photos (PICS)
  126. Traffic information on satnav?
  127. Advice on an '06 M5...
  128. CIP 24 differences (PICS)
  129. Snapped driveshaft at 11k miles
  130. Picture Requests for Geneva carshow?
  131. Pics of my M5
  132. Official: BMW M5 Touring + facelift for the 5-series [New pics 16/3]
  133. Fuel pump availability (Europe)?
  134. 0-100-0
  135. Alternate Artwork for the M Button
  136. Any recent US magazine reviews of M5?
  137. 'Mild' Brake Upgrades?
  138. Raced an M6 Today
  139. The perfect couple ! [M5 & M6 Convertible]
  140. 507 vs 500 horsepower?
  141. Detroit Auto Show - Sunday Jan 14th
  142. What happened to list of M5 reviews?
  143. 2008 M5 US Production
  144. Greetings from newbie and DMS remap dyno results as well!!!
  145. grinding noise when turning
  146. M5 Video
  147. 2 Day M School [March 15-17]
  148. Please tell me I'm wrong. [My head says buy an Audi S8]
  149. Dinan engine software?
  150. BMW Assist Renewal
  151. Rev-matched down shifts/SMG thoughts
  152. Will these fit my m5? [20" DPE R07 Variant S wheels]
  153. DVD question.
  154. Assembly of a supersprint Xpipe?
  155. My new beast arrives
  156. Aux jack on console?
  157. Comparisons M6,M5,M3CSL,Z4M
  158. Transmission problems?
  159. Going Rate of New M5 or M6 (Chicago area)?
  160. Do spike-spider snow chain fit oem rear wheels?
  161. Excellent mobile dent repair service (with pics!) (UK)
  162. M5 Best gas mileage of all cars period!! (pic)
  163. Tuned M5ers... Let's hear your mods!
  164. How short is the build process now?
  165. Do you get tired of M5 bashing?
  166. Pretty Scary M5 Sale Story
  167. OZ Superleggera III on E60 M5...?
  168. Feedback on Electronic Glitches?
  169. Is it me , or does the V10 sound like a diesel engine at idle?
  170. Temporarily disable Bluetooth for private conversation?
  171. Assistance requested with purchasing wheels (SoCal)?
  172. Supersprint muffler question?
  173. E60 M5 vs S65
  174. Who? Black M5 in Hong Kong
  175. Will night vision be offered on the M5?
  176. A little help with aftermarket floor mats?
  177. Mini M Meet this past weekend (FL)
  178. Breaking tires loose at 30mph in 1st... awesome
  179. My La Carrera Pics
  180. New Snow Wheels and Tires [8x8 Sport Edition E1 & Blizzak LM-25]
  181. Facelift M5 in USA this April - Confirmed by BMW Manhattan
  182. I got 24 additional foot pounds from Dinan Dif
  183. I did it!
  184. iPod Kit Cost Question
  185. LC and Warranty
  186. CF Interior Install
  187. High mileage e60's, how are the mile-munchers holding up?
  188. Toyo/Falken, et al. Tire Advice
  189. A Week with the 6-Speed Manual
  190. Opinions on Hella white taillights?
  191. Check out these blogs about the manual E60 M5
  192. Issues with 2007 M5?
  193. I Miss it already
  194. Wheel Weights - OEM vs aftermarket?
  195. Pictures of The Beast
  196. Opinions on Axis Penta aftermarket wheels?
  197. Anyone ever seen..... [Pictures of E60 M5 with M6 wheels?]
  198. Looking for pics of interiors on interlagos blue
  199. Best deal for Michelin PS2 tires? (US)
  200. Tire wear on OEM Conti tires?
  201. Recommended tire pressure for Michelin PS2 tires?
  202. Opinions on powdercoating rims?
  203. Dealer car wash scratches paint!
  204. VIDEO: DinoDeal and Avery's modified M5's - Jidex M6 and one fast Z06
  205. I got a new baby for new years eve [silverstone with black/aluminum]
  206. Dinan questions
  207. New Year's resolutions for E60 Board Members should be...
  208. Windshield UV coating - radar detector performance?
  209. M5 vs M6 Depreciation?
  210. Car is Dead [drained battery]
  211. Happy New Year!
  212. Video: Z06 Vs M5Vs M6
  213. Video: M5 and Z06 Warming up for Race
  214. Video: Twin M5's + Modified Lingenfelter Z06
  215. grip problems with winter tires
  216. Yet another tire question....
  217. Michelin PS 2's - rough ride?
  218. Opinions on Koya S5R aftermarket wheels?
  219. iPod Integration Question
  220. Debate srt-10 viper vs m5?
  221. Renting the Beast in Germany (Munich)?
  222. Second Generation HUD
  223. Trade in value 2006 M5
  224. PassportSRX
  225. Can You mix H&R springs with Dinan stage 2?
  226. Headlights not nearly as good as my '00 540i
  227. Best possible wax available in US?
  228. Valentine1 "J" code?
  229. Source for 2007 owners' manual download?
  230. M5 vs M5 speedtv video
  231. Headlight/Angel Eye Upgrade (Umnitza) (now completed with photos)
  232. Valentine1 failure?
  233. Changing Headlight Bulb
  234. Xpipe + rear exhaust supersprint sound too loud?
  235. Just installed Supersprint race mufflers
  236. Any one trading up from E39 want to sell
  237. BMW's new gadget
  238. Lease duration? Nuances?
  239. Snow tire recommendations?
  240. Freak Accident
  241. BMW Lockpick/Decoder tool now on the market!
  242. Back in Black - my new M5 is here!!!
  243. counting down the days
  244. Is it OK to use 10W 40?
  245. Leave in gear when parked?
  246. Motortrend: S6 vs M5 (SMG) vs E63 AMG
  247. Tubi exhaust ready?
  248. Dinan's "mule" E60 M5 on the rack.....
  249. Feedback on HUD & M Multifunction Seats with Active Width adjustment?
  250. Dinan 5.8 litre "stroker"
  251. Has anyone raced a new e63 amg?
  252. Powdercoating the RAC's?
  253. Your Beast ever leave you stranded?
  254. Gas mileage?
  255. Replacing my steering column (ELV)?
  256. What is the shelf life of Castrol TWS?
  257. So it started with a squeaky suspension...
  258. Dinan Stage 2 suspension Vs. Stock (pics)
  259. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida - BMW Meet...
  260. Any Northern NJ Members on the E60 board?
  261. Video: TV show M5 vs Alpina B5
  262. Wheel Visualization Tool
  263. Congratulations MRichmond
  264. M5 prices in SOCAL
  265. E60 M5 maintenance when the warranty expires?
  266. M5 goes to sleep for the winter
  267. If you crash your M5 / M6
  268. "Damn you porters"
  269. Rules for your car?
  270. I am M-less!
  271. Feedback on Hamann/Supersprint headers?
  272. Opinions on 20" Axis Shine aftermarket wheels for my 06 M5?
  273. HUD adjustment?
  274. Software Question...
  275. santa got me dinan sway bars w/install for x-mas
  276. comparing diferrent cars
  277. M5 / M6 Board Videos
  278. MDM - what does it really do?
  279. break in discussion
  280. M5 ECU Reprogram and speed Delimiter byy AA: Same as HARTGE or not
  281. how many read the owner's manual ?
  282. Dealer reset iDrive and "fry-ed" my iPod
  283. Unusual rubbing issue
  284. Crippled LC 1/4 mile times?
  285. New Car - Strange Question
  286. Auto Dimming Mirrors no longer working?
  287. Twin turbos on 2008 M5 (Speculation about future model changes)
  288. speaker size, mounting depth and placement
  289. Canadian vs. American Launch Control
  290. [OT] What do you say when you go by a trooper?
  291. Video: What is DSC (Dynamic Stability Control)
  292. Electronic Oil Dipstick - Problem for the books...
  293. MY06 vs MY07
  294. dinan 3.91 diff question
  295. What do you say when you accelerate?
  296. Bad noise at cold start!
  297. Changing Interior Trim
  298. VDO: S55AMG v M5 with L.C. (From Swaziland)
  299. Does anybody NOT have whining noise from Dinan 3.91?[Updated with reply from Steve D]
  300. Can the car be set to remember transmission/suspension settings?
  301. Servo-hydraulic Malfunction, Steering Lock Malfunction, etc..
  302. Front LED lights not working
  303. Part numbers for Shadowline trim?
  304. New EVO: RS4 beats the M5 on the Bedford Autodrome...
  305. Instructions for removing & installing broken mirror?
  306. Break-In period
  307. How much are E60 M5s selling for at dealer auctions? (US)
  308. Picture: one Unregistred members Individual BMW M5
  309. M5 in Video Games
  310. OCD and M5, OT I guess
  311. Member basils nice garage BMW M5 E60 and supercharged M5 E39
  312. Merry Christmas!
  313. my baby got into an accident...need some advice
  314. "If the M5 was a woman I would marry it" facebook group
  315. Doors Not Locking
  316. Interior courtesy lights
  317. MotorTrend dragrace: M5 vs E63 AMG (video)
  318. The beast is in need of a cool bumper sticker
  319. Dinan performance packages?
  320. Audi W12 Vs. BMW M5
  321. 'Tis the season, e60 M5 -6 test drive
  322. Top Gear: Chrysler 300C SRT8 vs BMW M5
  323. Sound clips for Eisenmann SPORT w/ round tips?
  324. Thought you would enjoy, my m5 against SL65
  325. Dinan 3.91 Rear Differential- Whining noise
  326. Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho [Holiday Greetings]
  327. Went to the track tonight (no new times, but there were some new issues)
  328. Rough Start (cold and Hot)
  329. M5 Smokers and Pizza Delivery boys [venting food smells from E60 M5]
  330. my 6-sp vs my SMG
  331. Impressions of Dinan 3.91 differential & Dinan Stage 2 suspension
  332. What is your car's name?
  333. Oil level sensor after filling oil?
  334. Photos from Sunday meet
  335. The most stupid reason not to buy an M5
  336. Some Friends and I went To Mexico (Races 6-speed vs SMG)
  337. Question for those with SS headers...
  338. Car&Driver: E63, M5 (6 speed) and S6....
  339. Very Hard to Drive!!
  340. blackberry email in M5?
  341. Quick V1 overhead install question
  342. Estimated time of ownership?
  343. Dyno test on portable dynometer
  344. Noise in N and in gear - sometimes....
  345. Squeeky Suspension
  346. Forged Magnesium wheels?
  347. Any 6 speed reviews?
  348. Experiences with TheBimmerStore (Atlanta, GA)?
  349. Got my new E60 M5 6 speed!
  350. Finaly broke in the beast!
  351. Reunited with my Beast
  352. Michelin Pilot Sport Cup
  353. Time to say good bye?
  354. Forgetting about Feathering the Throttle
  355. My 4th total, 3rd Dinan differential
  356. Launch Control. A strange...
  357. Tire comparison from Euro Tuner magazine...
  358. Braking with throttle (gas pedal)
  359. Installing Exhaust
  360. Video and camera module from BMW
  361. Ding protection when parking our Beasts?
  362. Any new 6sp reviews?
  363. ONEandONLY aftermarket exhaust system (video)
  364. Question about Turn Signal Switch
  365. Notice the Calibration on the Speedometer?
  366. Friday - Scheduled for End of Break-In Service !!!
  367. ODE to the V10
  368. Finally back to normal!
  369. labor time for xpipe install?
  370. Costs associated with M5 ownership in Germany
  371. Feedback on Turbocharging my M5 e60?
  372. Anyone have a car repurchased by BMW (CT)?
  373. Track Wheel Recommendation
  374. who installs your tires?
  375. Video:Third race, Kleeman E55 AMG K4 vs BMW M6. Filmed from inside the E55
  376. and for the parking clutzes in us all...
  377. Parking Spots
  378. Not that you missed me, but I'm back!!!
  379. Bluetooth pairing with Blackberry Pearl 8100?
  380. Steering Column Console Cover
  381. VIDEO:Ford GT VS M5 and M6 -Sunday Meet
  382. Video: 996 GT2 vs tuned E60 M5
  383. Side gill removal
  384. E39 M5 versus E60 M5 P400
  385. poll: best fuel economy on your M5
  386. snow tires on M5 using M6 wheels
  387. Best summer tires?
  388. Choosing 20" aftermarket wheels & big brake kit?
  389. New M5 Owner.
  390. What exactly goes wrong upon SMG failure?
  391. Surprise at the dyno
  392. Palm Treo 700w, Verizon and Bluetooth pairing...?
  393. Can the M6 do 0-60mph in 4.7s? (Top Gear test)
  394. Recommendations for blinder install in CA
  395. Upgraded leather package in E60 M5
  396. E39 M5 vs E60 M5 6-speed?
  397. Anybody running RD Sport EMS (software)?
  398. Recommendations for V1 installation (Chicago)?
  399. new member
  400. E60 M5 vs. Audi RS4 - Nurburgring
  401. E60 M5 Info Screen remained black
  402. Has your E60 M5 been on a flatbed/towed back to dealer?
  403. Considering Hayward & Scott backboxes
  404. Chrome Shadow paint for sale on ebay
  405. EVO magazine ranks new M5 14th in list of iconic cars
  406. Color Sanding Your Gal
  407. And now I wait... :)
  408. BMW Assist saves $163 a year in Insurance
  409. M Driving Experience Format Question
  410. Warming Up the Beast
  411. Anyone Know Anything About this MY2006 M5? [Burlingame, CA]
  412. Shift man Shift! - Full Throttle at Low Revs
  413. A bad hair day (Cracked my rim)
  414. Noise from drivetrain at 120 km/h?
  415. New pedal set from Dinan
  416. Some Pressing Concerns before purchase...
  417. Eyebrow/ LED light issues after Steering Sensor Recall
  418. Interior Quality Question
  419. Head of BMW M GmbH Bruhnke leaving...
  420. K&N Intake News
  421. 20" Wheels, Dinan 3.91 & Alignment Issues from Factory
  422. Assistance with 21" Hamann wheels?
  423. My Supersprint factory visit via Monaco and Ferrari: a 6000 km trip (4000 miles)
  424. Best engine tuning kit for my M5 E60?
  425. RD-Sport 3.91 final drive
  426. LI-M5'S winter setup... [Different wheels]
  427. VIDEO shoot Sun Dec 17th NYC: Z06+GT2+M6/M5
  428. Track Day Photos
  429. Perforated leather seats - durability?
  430. MPG improving...?
  431. Pics: Black Hartge 21' wheels on a black M5
  432. Pics: Onyx Blue with Full Leather Merino Caramel
  433. Why do people hate SMG?
  434. got a PDC malfunction warning today
  435. Price for used 2007 BMW M5 (Qatar)?
  436. Top Speed Calculator - Dinan 3.91
  437. Feedback on hardwiring V1 installation?
  438. Post the secrets of the M5 here
  439. Blinder Laser Jammer
  440. 160 mile test drive
  441. M5 - Driver Experience
  442. For all you mod freaks - 10% off at DINAN
  443. Dinan, Hartge, or RDsport products for E60 M5
  444. Things that bug me about my 07...
  445. An important question... [Emissions from comfort access key]
  446. V-10 engine hitting top speed limiter (video)
  447. Unscheduled oil changes?
  448. OBD Software Fix
  449. Question for 6-speed owners
  450. Video: Kelleners Sport BMW M5 vs Lamborghini Gallardo
  451. Any M5, E60 with turbo, or biturbo?
  452. New Audi RS6 vs BMW M5
  453. Nav System Shortcoming
  454. Identifying wheel manufacturer?
  455. Do you remember the feeling?
  456. Experiences with HuberOptic ceramic tint?
  457. G-tech settings
  458. HUD and Polarized Sunglasses
  459. Emissions recall letter...
  460. Brand new car, pulling badly
  461. Settings or Software Glitches?
  462. material quality on aftermarket exhausts
  463. Nokia E50 and Bluetooth
  464. Has anyone mixed tire brands?
  465. Does the M5 Bluetooth support A2DP?
  466. Picked up my M5 in Munich
  467. Removed 2nd Cats and Charcoal Filters
  468. M5 Truck
  469. Evosport Full Exhaust E60 M5 Videos
  470. winter driving
  471. Best technique for slowing down with SMG?
  472. eisenmann sec.2 VS ss xpipe VS custom xpipe
  473. Logic 7 System
  474. How many members here think its a keeper?
  475. Do your wives enjoy driving your cars?
  476. Tim Carter's E60 M5
  477. Shopping for new tires, any suggestions?
  478. HRE 890R or 590R flat black on White M?
  479. Dinan Suspension Alignment Specs?
  480. Eisenmann Race sec 1,2,3 with SS headers way too loud!
  481. Ipod idrive integration or aux, why not both.
  482. Dymag carbon wheels
  483. Anybody need an e60M5 parts car?
  484. Sound clip request: AC Schnitzer exhausts
  485. carbon black clear coat issue
  486. Wheels: Weight Optimization
  487. Watch the Glass [cost of windshield replacement]
  488. engine malfunction and then some?
  489. Can't tell the difference with 100 octane
  490. Feedback on Engine Faults Hartge M5 2005?
  491. NY-NJ-CT M5'ers - Holiday Party [Dec 11]
  492. M5 vs 2007 GT3 (long!!!)
  493. Feedback on repairing Paint Chips?
  494. Fail Safe Error twice in 2 days
  495. RD Sport hp upgrade?
  496. Dinan 3.91 Correct Break In
  497. The waiting begins...
  498. Pics of RDSport Wheels and Aero kit
  499. Brake Caliper Color Poll
  500. Toyed with a rice rocket this am
  501. Feedback on Dinan exhaust?
  502. Feedback on Exhaust selection
  503. eBay €160,000 M5 !
  504. Happy M5 owner
  505. December 2006 Roundel Letters
  506. Experiences with Nowack upgrades for E60 M5?
  507. Any members from Turkey?
  508. Beast Poll - Model Year?
  509. [OT] Cruising music while driving the BEAST
  510. new SMG poll.. Paddle, lever or both?
  511. "Transmission Overload" error!
  512. Fitting tire pressure valve stems on RAC Monolites wheels?
  513. PROGMAN (formerly CIP) 24.00.00 out now
  514. New member, long time M lover.. (06 M5 1/4 miles times inside)
  515. Hamann M5 aka Stealth Bomber
  516. How to quickly get it off the line?
  517. Test Drive Carrera 4S and E60 M5
  518. M5 / 997TT same league?
  519. Best options?
  520. PS2's, BBS 20" RS-GT, Tire Pressures?
  521. Troubleshooting non-working iPod installation?
  522. Whew! Saved again – big time – by my Blinder
  523. Spoilt My Car [pics]
  524. HIN - Miami - 12/16...
  525. Long trip from Phila to West Palm Beach
  526. Meisterchaft sUS + Section1&2 pipes Installed. WOW!!
  527. Angle light upgrade, what a difference!
  528. A little help w/ break-in procedure Dinan 3.91?
  529. Update on soft close doors?
  530. Recommendations for black 19" aftermarket wheels?
  531. Feedback on Hartge steering wheel?
  532. Can it please stop with raining
  533. Are these [airduct lips] body coloured on your M5? (pics)
  534. New Silvergray/Silverstone M5 member :)
  535. M Driving Experience...
  536. SMG users.. gear or paddle shift ?
  537. BMW 3er Coupe E92 by Hartge with V10 engine
  538. Differences with the 6 speed manual
  539. Picture Request: Alpine White, preferably w/ black interior?
  540. Bad Day but not the transmission Ashok [Water in fuel]
  541. Nextel and Bluetooth
  542. Video: Hartge BMW M5 testdrive and Autobahn sprint
  543. Dinan Stage 2 Suspension Report w/Photos
  544. V1 Hardwire now bluetooth problems?
  545. Suspension alignment specifications?
  546. M5 in the snow?
  547. Video:Accelerate 100-270 km/h.
  548. Have you seen 5000 RPM Redline?
  549. How much would an 06 depreciate after 1-1-07?
  550. HD Radio...Yes or No?
  551. Wholesale data regarding E60 M5?
  552. TWS 10W60 vs 10W60
  553. Dinan Stage 2 Suspension - WOW!!!
  554. E60 M5 S85 V10 CAD Project
  555. Clear Turn signal indicators?
  556. Feedback on software issue with BMW Assist?
  557. Finally Some Pic's
  558. 6 Speed vs. 7 Speed SMG Data Requested
  559. BMW perfection training
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  568. Transmission failure - different levels?
  569. Changed my tyres to Bridgestone :D
  570. Picture request: 2 or 3 piece aftermarket rims
  571. Da Beast and Da Bears [Soldier Field and Museum Campus in Chicago]
  572. 6 Speed short shifter
  573. Typical delivery time
  574. Got it 07 6spd IL Blue
  575. Steering feel not the same
  576. I drive is SLOW!
  577. Another One Bites The Dust!!!!!
  578. Reliability Question
  579. Transmission fault and increased emissions - Related?
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  583. The thing about 2007 M5
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  597. Car Care
  598. Recommendations for bodyshop (Manhattan)?
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  600. Drunken idiots [vomit on car]
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  606. The Aftermarket Suspension Thread
  607. How reliable is "comfort access"?
  608. Vertu bluetooth connectivity
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  610. 2nd M5 is in.
  611. E60 4wd version not for sale in UK?
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  613. Problems with wheels
  614. Park Distance Control disabled in M mode?
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  616. Yikes! £38 ($70) for a pair of wiper blades.
  617. verizon 6700 pda phone - get the update everyone!
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  620. Manual 07' M5 ..
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  623. Is the E60 M5 a reliable car ? Trusted on long road trips ?
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  627. Pictures I took today after first wax :)
  628. Clunking downshift from second to first only under light or no load?
  629. Video: BMW M6 vs BMW M6 50-250 km/h
  630. Video: BMW M6 vs Ruf 911 (993) Turbo R
  631. Video: Second race BMW M6 vs the Kleeman E55 AMG K4 (Mercedes) with 640 HP
  632. Why so many Used M5's and New ones at every dealer ?
  633. Anyone have the Dinan Stage 2 suspension package yet?
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  635. My Transformed AW E60 M5 [Hamann bodykit and more]
  636. Feedbzck on potential purchase (Interlagos Blue/Oregon)
  637. Removing Baby Vomit?
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  639. Choosing front seatback colour?
  640. Experiences with Samsung SCH-a990?
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  642. Transmission Fault and other warnings got me.
  643. Carbon Fiber kidney grill & side vents vs. Stock
  644. Round or Oval tips Eisenmann Exhaust..?
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  646. Viva La Carrera Panamericana race
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  648. Figuring out Launch control
  649. The dreaded SAS finally got me today!!!
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  652. Individual coloured M5 pics
  653. Last place ? Need candid help
  654. Driving in heavy rain - not fun - tire suggestions?
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  656. Settings for M5 US Spec delivery in Germany?
  657. BMW M5 by WALD
  658. Update regarding my Problem after installing Hartge
  659. Favorite things about M5
  660. dealer charging me $2500 for clutch
  661. To those who celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving!
  662. New Dinan 3.91 - Initial impression
  663. Updated Software Issues?
  664. Engine hunting from cold?
  665. Six Speed Shifter Question
  666. Just picked up an 06' M5.
  667. Hamann/Hartge front lip/rear diffuser questions
  668. Parking lights stayed on...?
  669. M5 video
  670. M button functions?
  671. Tracking my M5
  672. M5 video
  673. M5 in tarmac rally
  674. Nokia N73 and M5 Bluetooth
  675. SL600 was teasing me today but...
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  684. Recommendations for options to order?
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  686. New Owner
  687. How are nittos?
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  689. My car is dead
  690. Extended Warranty
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