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E60 M5 and E61 M5 Touring Discussion

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  1. M logo gas, break and dead pedal question
  2. TSW Wheels
  3. So, do I need new tires?
  4. mod suggestions?
  5. I hate it when other M5 drivers dont acknowledge me on the road!
  6. Options for improving accerleration
  7. Why is our stock exhaust not loud?
  8. Re sale value and warranty
  9. who's black m5 with asantis @ south motors?
  10. iPod interface on 2008's
  11. Mid Michigan Body Shop
  13. Member psguy Grey BMW M5 with HRE Wheels
  14. calling craig lawrence [Dinan tire recommendations]
  15. Rear Wheel Bearings
  16. How many miles do you have?
  17. Opening Up Brake Ducts?
  18. M5 Touring aftermarket wheels for track use?
  19. My Black/CF M5, comment please. Thanks!
  20. Pictures: Sapphire Black and Interlagos Blue Individual BMW M5 Touring
  21. Picture: Sapphire Black Hartge BMW M5 with Hartge wheels during Rolex 24
  23. How to remove excessive zymol leather oil?
  24. Video request.. on exhaust...
  25. South florida Euro Sunday
  26. Danger of power pullies ! (by Steve Dinan)
  27. Help Charcoal Filter removal problemo!
  28. Exhaust (mufflers only) loudness ranking??
  29. Little Advice Please
  30. Dinan has a new website
  31. Picture request Hartge Classic II's +Black+
  32. Dinan or RD sport or G-power engine converstion?
  33. Anybody drive in "M" mode and with power button for daily?
  34. calling lasorsa...
  35. pics of m5's on 20" wheels?
  36. Pics of my Hartge Wheels & Dinan Suspension....
  37. Too much M5 hype is killing me...
  38. Recommendation for Roof Spoiler
  39. Need a quick answer.......The guys at GGI are saying
  40. Member Glock32 Sapphire Black facelifted 2008 BMW M5
  41. New world record, the fastest BMW: G-Power Hurricane reaches 360 km/h | 225 mph at Papenburg speedoval 31st of Jan
  42. Member tifosi Interlagos Blue BMW M5
  43. Under Reported Horsepower for 2008 M5
  44. Which rims to my m5?
  45. Buying a M5 E60 2005/05
  46. Canadian DSC.....Finally!!!
  47. 2008 lease rates
  48. My "N" lights stays on when the car is off
  49. 360Forged Wheel + Brembo + H&R Spring Setup
  50. Dinan wheels and speedo error
  51. Went Matt Black on Superleggera 3's
  52. Looking for copy of m5 vs F430 review article
  53. To all 2006 M5 owners
  54. Question regarding M5 transmission?
  55. To Dinan Finally
  56. does anyone need an oem 6 disc cd changer
  57. Interior light won't turn off?
  58. any thoughts fot this used m5
  59. Damaged M5 Photos
  60. Downshift to neutral + start in 2nd
  61. My '08 modded Space Gray
  62. Dinan Suspension, Exhaust, X-Pipe and Spacers -Pics-
  63. Steering Wheel Thickness
  64. What made you want to buy your E60?
  65. Squeaky noise from Evosport pulley?
  66. Finally...My 08 M5
  67. Dinan SW and Headers
  68. 06 with 3K miles FS do you know the car?
  69. future dual clutch vs current smg
  70. Extended warranty
  71. potential used M5 pitfalls
  72. Heated Windshield Washer Nozzle
  73. She’s afraid of the power...
  74. Is this M5 a deal ?
  75. 5 million 5-series produced since the beginning
  76. 20" DPE SL-5 wheels
  77. I've replaced 6 tires in four months
  78. Member LedWatch Silverstone II BMW M5 Touring
  79. Groupbuy: RAC MONOLITE RG4 WHEELS for M5/M6
  80. calling andrewsherman
  81. Wheels for the track or not?
  82. V1 and iPod questions
  83. Corsa Exhaust ETA?
  84. Pic Request: BBS LMR's on e60 m5
  85. brakes and high speed runs
  86. Rogue Engineering e60 M5 Exhaust
  87. My first mod(s)....
  88. Oil Filter Leak, Anyone?
  89. Los Angeles Car Washes
  90. Mutilated M5 on ebay, anyone know story?
  91. New Wheels / General Pics of my M5
  92. TIRES on M5 E60, are there any other choices???
  93. BMW Individual in the US for M Cars
  94. Launch Control with SMG??
  95. SMG=clunks,bumps and kathunks...no more
  96. removel of the front fender grills
  97. For the Evo pulley owners
  98. Inserting DVD with MP3 files in Nav DVD slot
  99. Easy to switch out the CD changer to Ipod controller?
  100. lightweight flywheel?
  101. Getting ready to buy an E60. Manual or SMG?
  102. M5 having a breathing issues and feeling high!
  103. Airstrip Crash- Florida- 5 killed
  104. 100 Octane fuel for increased hp?
  105. What is current lease money factor from BMWFS?
  106. My new to me M5
  107. Whose 625 bhp M5 is this?
  108. Mavis Tire Experience?
  109. Shell Helix Oil
  110. New M5 lease deals?
  111. Rear Spoiler Removal?
  112. Phone not charging anymore
  113. Diff noise?
  114. See what an M Differential Does - in German
  115. Anybody upgrade tires on OEM rims to 265/295 combo?
  116. 19" Dinan wheels or 20" RAC monolites?
  117. Rough shifts-M mode
  118. Silverstone II: Aftermarket wheel pic thread
  119. Anyone Seriously Considering the Stroker Motor (Dinan or RDSport)?
  120. No more SMG?!
  121. X-Pipe -Resonated or Non-Resonated?? That is the question....
  122. Umnitza Angel Eyes for 08 M5
  123. Anyone heading to advance M at VIR 3/26-27th?
  124. SMG - Wrong way round!
  125. Q about engine malfunction's....
  126. ANGOLA some now if are dif. betuin 2005/6 SMG III and 2007/8 SMG III.???
  127. My wife absolutely hates my M5!
  128. E(60)arth calling Londoners - meet this Fri/Sat ?
  129. Anyone with TUBISTYLE & Evosport Sec. 1 & Sec. 2 Setup?
  130. leasing an M5
  131. BMW Navigation System Opinions
  132. Dealer recommendation (Bay area)?
  133. M5 and snow
  134. Pictures from the racetrack :)
  135. Exhaust system: Section 1,2,3 ???
  136. Don't be a bonehead like me
  137. RPi Open House: E60 M5 vs. E63 M6 Dyno Shoot Out
  138. Buying from USA and Importing to Dubai
  139. Picture: Member pandajoe Sapphire Black BMW M5 with BMW M6 wheels from Toronto, Canada
  140. Tiff Needel takes Heston Blumenthal around the track
  141. Beautiful SS M5 in CA
  142. Why do people put AC Scnitzer Exhaust on their M5's?
  143. Worn rear tires
  144. Resonator Removal: X-Pipe or Straight Pipes?
  145. New Member and Owner, a few questions...
  146. Aftermarket Wheels on a 06/06 production date.
  147. Plugging holes in air intake?
  148. just joined the family..
  149. 2008 SMG shift speed
  150. What's the lowest resale $$$ on a E60 M5?
  151. New official BMW M advertisement spot
  152. Trying to get opinions on Breyton Race GTs...
  153. some amateur DSLR pics of my M5
  154. average mileage on conti's vs ps2's?
  155. Silverstone Interior ?'s
  156. Tire Balance/Rotation ?
  157. 2008 Detroit Autoshow - non - BMW Pics
  158. 2008 Detroit Autoshow - BMW Pics
  159. What are the scheduled intervals for various maintenance?
  160. M6 Wheels on M5 - Spacers
  161. Want to make sure I'm on the right mod. path
  162. Changed the look with some new shoes
  163. How much for a 6 speed manual M5?
  164. E28 M5 TOPS E60 M5!
  165. new to m5board, car pics!
  166. Two Qick Video Clips of my M5 with the Resonator Removed
  167. HRE's and Eibach Springs
  168. Advice for an e60 M5 shopper?
  169. Vibration at 20mph
  170. H&R Euro vs US spec
  171. Any 6-speed owners with 3.91 diff's??
  172. Brand New M5 - Engine Ruined - removed air filters
  173. To owners of the V1 (start up question, dying sound)
  174. Just picked up my 2008 loaded Space Grey
  175. Got my HRE's today!
  176. My New Shoes [Facelifted Interlagos Blue BMW M5]
  177. 166 rims in gray colour
  178. EDC Malfunction?
  179. AA Exhaust and ECU dyno
  180. Best tint recommendations
  181. ASR Track Rental RESULTS!
  182. Need Best Dallas/Plano/Frisco Window Tint dealer
  183. DCT vs SMG - will the feel be gone?
  184. Picture: Member craig tracking his Indianapolis BMW M5 on Watkins Glen
  185. Member RDellork BMW M5 2002 and 2006 M5
  186. Ca DMV will not renew my tags without software update.
  187. 3.91 Diff: Where's the software to fix D mode shifts?
  188. Recommend CA in Tacoma?
  189. Dealer exhaust install charge...
  190. just got my first M5
  191. Forgiato's finally here...PICS!!!!
  192. Pic Request H&R w/10mm spacers
  193. Name of that factory document
  194. 09 M5
  195. New Engine
  196. Young one needs help buying E60 M5
  197. Anyone in Bay Area, CA with headers?
  198. m5board.com cellphone enabled: m.m5board.com + Tapatalk enabled
  199. Heating - Automatic and Manual Programs
  201. Help: MB 63 AMG or M5?
  202. Make Your iPod Sound Better
  203. 08 M5 price question
  204. Dinan FRC & Rear Sway Bar or Lowering Springs: Which are better to improve handling?
  205. Any good bodyshop in San Diego area?
  206. E60 M5/E63 -64 M6 6-speed tranny questions
  207. Official BMW M3 Convertible + DCG 7-speed Dual Clutch. Updated 22 Jan with new pics.
  208. Request for Friend: What can you get a new 550i for?
  209. BMW Sauber F1
  210. Castrol SRF brake fluid for use in the M5?
  211. Borla Vs. Corsa
  212. M5 Commercial
  213. Active Steering alignment?
  214. How much for an 08 M5 with 1200 miles?
  215. thunking noise in rear
  216. very soon I will have my first M5
  217. Steering wheel - finish
  218. plz help [Exhaust system]
  219. M5/M6 Driving Experience at Homestead
  220. how does one remove the interior trim
  221. 2 Week Review... [of the BMW M5]
  222. Picture Request: Piano Black Trim
  223. H&R's Installed finally.... -Pics- [Lowered Alpne White facelifted BMW M5]
  224. BD997 to the rescue!! For all you '08 owners looking for front reflector part#
  225. N.A. Fuel Requirements
  226. M5 SMG vs E46 M3 SMG
  227. SMG Hydraulic Pump Failure?
  228. Toyo T1R 315/25/20 tires on a 2006 M5 ??
  229. Toyed around with a CL 63 and have a question.
  230. Just got a custom exhaust done
  231. question about pulleys....
  232. Anyone in Norcal with M5 + 335i?
  233. Dyno results for my friend's M5
  234. Best tires for M5
  235. A Question of Video Quality
  236. Most aggressive looking mufflers ?
  237. Catalytic By-Pass & X-Pipe Sections
  238. Corsa vs Evosport Exhaust Systems
  239. Is your BMW on the Courage??
  240. Kuhmo Tires
  241. Another trigger pulled!
  242. Member Kim Hartge BMW M5 with Hartge carbon interiour
  243. install evo pully
  244. New Rims, need alignment?
  245. Exhaust note...
  246. G-Power Price list for Hurricain Conversion Kit
  247. Who here thinks Sepang is an underrated color?
  248. Pulled the Trigger – Ordered my M5 today.
  249. Simple V1 install
  250. Power Steering Question
  251. HUD won't work with polarized sunglasses!
  252. My new m5 vs. my old 545 sport
  253. 05 thoughts
  254. Orange cog of death
  255. RPi Air box plugs: New Dyno
  256. SMG Shifting Questions....
  257. HRE for me!
  258. Premier in Socal
  259. carbon fiber interior trim
  260. Question on a '08 M5
  261. Active Autowerke M5 Signature Exhaust In Stock and Ready to Ship
  262. You try so hard to take care of a really cool car
  263. Feedback on M5 Brakes?
  264. Coilovers with EDC?
  265. Angola Anybody have real experience on make the conversion from Bi-xenon 30W to 50W ?
  266. To Spring, or not to Spring....
  267. Rubbing with stock wheels, Toyo tires, lowered?
  268. Vanos Service Information Bulletin 12 09 07
  269. Auto Dimming Mirrors ? ? ?
  270. Picture: Member BlackM5 BlackM5
  271. Picture: What BMW Individual colour is this?
  272. Member zmon23 with BMW M5 with black wheels from Munich, Germany
  273. Member zzyzx Alpine White BMW M5 with DPE wheels
  274. ASR Engineering Hosts Moroso Track Rental 1/17/08
  275. remove charol filters
  276. E61 - After Market Tow Bar?
  277. How do I remove old photos from the gallery?
  278. How much do production dates matter?
  279. Great Salt Run 08 Video
  280. New to the forums
  281. Dealership service recommendation
  282. Window Tinting Recs (chicago)
  283. Hey guys question will software update or dyno exhaust will affect my guaranty with bmw?
  284. Smoked tail lights?
  285. Interior trim colour question for SMG M5'rs
  286. Orange front side markers...
  287. New member
  288. How much louder is the Dinan exhaust vs stock?
  289. Raced a Helicopter w/ M5
  290. In car vids: E60 M5 with Evo Headers/Eisenmann Race mufflers
  291. Anyone with RPI scoops drive in moderate or heavy rain?
  292. I'll keep her for another year...
  293. Is the site slow? (2008)
  294. 2009 Model Year?
  295. avlnch's 2008 ///M5
  296. Radio Reception
  297. Got cold feet on buying an 06 - now looking to order
  298. Angola new 5 series 2010 and M5 2012
  299. Angola PICs First and other PICs.
  300. Best Detail ever Mmmmm Good
  301. "21" Hartge classic 2 alloys
  302. H&R Springs/Pics Perfect!
  303. E60 M5 + QD7 wheels (pics)
  304. Caged Beast
  305. Question About Battery Trickle Charger for the E60 M5
  306. Eisenmann Touring mufflers + RE Power Pulley installated
  307. Clear Bra Install
  308. Updated pics of the M5 with painted rims and some exotics!!!
  309. ding repair in socal
  310. Price for have the BEST in ANGOLA.
  311. BMW M School, and Tail of the Dragon in Z3
  312. M5 Driving Video
  313. Eisenmann exhaust and ss x pipe installed
  314. What price an '08 M5?
  315. What did you pay for your Dinan exhasut?
  316. Okay, that's it, I've had it [2006 BMW M5 problems]
  317. Dinan exhaust on a leased M5?
  318. Carbon SMG Shift Knob
  319. Listen request: Eisenmann exhaust (San Diego)
  320. Experiences with HRE wheels?
  321. Ipod adapter factory- can't fast forward or pause?
  322. Sources for BBS wheels?
  323. Thanks For Your Help Guys With Winter Tire Selection
  324. Satellite Radio Question On My M5
  325. Power Steering noise-cold?
  326. M5 to please the wife and kids
  327. 6.5 lb Voltfreaks battery + cold = dead
  328. Pairing with iPhone?
  329. TPM reusable? Best Price?
  330. Dinan update
  331. Suggestions Please [Modifications]
  332. Fuel Hungry
  333. Paddle Shifters
  334. more hamann stuff on my car
  335. I'm in love....
  336. How to get Dinan suspension cheap?
  337. Dinan Exhaust and Software update
  338. New to the board!
  339. Differences between E60 M5 Sport Seats and regular E60 Sport Seats?
  340. Anyone think the SMG shifter is too soft?
  341. Rear license plate surround: loose fitting on edges
  342. Meet this month?
  343. WANTED: M5 6-speed manual owners for UUC SSK testing
  344. Cat Scratch Fever
  345. Greetings from a new M5 owner..
  346. What a car!!!
  347. I pick up my new (to me) M5 tomorrow!!
  348. Dinan Exhaust with H/X Pipe
  349. Wow, look at this custom M5 subwoofer...
  350. New Racetrack in NJ
  351. Push M button right away or warm up first?
  352. Aftermarket Exhaust with Oval Tips
  353. Happy New Year to all who lives in M5Land!!!!!
  354. An E60 M5 Review
  355. Just Bought A New E60 M5 and got a few questions
  356. faulty key = jurky cold start
  357. faulty key = jurky cold start
  358. A nice story for the new year....
  359. My windows are acting retarded
  360. Happy Car Noises
  361. Laguna Seca 1/21 BMWCCA Golden Gate chapter
  362. Happy New Year to all:)
  363. Picked up a new M5 today!
  364. HTC TYTN II Phone
  365. Angel Eyes for MY2008 (pics)
  366. Baby needs shoes
  367. Bye Bye saloon, Hello Touring
  368. R&T tests the new M3
  369. SMG in the 07/08
  370. Springs - EDC System
  371. Q-Dog's First Drift Video
  372. It has taken me 6 months to get used to SMG
  373. Eisenmann Race or Sport?
  374. Eibach Springs for the M5
  375. s85 [Weight without plumbing]
  376. I want it sooo bad...im talking about pulleys
  377. Spotted: Silver m5 in San Mateo with black wheels
  378. Used car buyer question: should I have an independent mechanic/body shop evaluate the cars?
  379. Just Installed!!
  380. Laidback Spa is now open:)
  381. Pulled the trigger at Dinan
  382. Film: BMW M1 documentary, history lesson for the BMW M fan
  383. Drive 220 mi for headers, get hit in last 1/2!!! mi
  384. Used e60 m5
  385. Thinking of buying an E60, looking for opinions
  386. Seibon OEM style carbon fiber hood and trunk.
  387. EUROPROJEKTZ //M5 and VW Widebody GTI Tandem Photoshoot
  388. 1 Day M school or the 2 day M school?
  389. Upgrade your Headlight / Taillights to BMW 2008 LED
  390. BMW Lug bolts?
  391. unbelievable price offer
  392. calling the M5 "the beast"
  393. Article: M5 Touring: "Piers, nip out and get us a coffee"
  394. More Fun Outta Your M5!!!
  395. New to the board, and a M5 for christmas
  396. Thinking about changing from 21" tires back to stock
  397. OIL LEVEL 1.2: Should I be concerned??
  398. new 20 inch rims--thoughts?
  399. Wife got me a helmet for Christmas that means...
  400. Oil Reading changes after 1 month of storage
  401. Recommendations for wheel repair shop in Wash DC area?
  402. Pulley ?
  403. New Mods
  404. Merry Christmas to me!!!
  405. carbon for m5 e60
  406. Why Aren't The Evo-Sport or SuperSprint Headers Equal Length?
  407. Eisenmann Race exhaust on my m6 - nice video! -
  408. why does BMW make the angel eyes yellow
  409. Black Kidney Grills and Side Grills
  410. I hope this ends the AMG conversation
  411. Idiotic MB E63 driver
  412. HELP: Buying a leased e60 from private party - Need help on purchase steps to insure I am protected
  413. A German and an Italian getting along (pics!)
  414. Dinan 5.7 or ASR Nos?
  415. Organize a track day @ willow
  416. No Suede Headliner?
  417. Awkward Interior Door Handle Piece on 08 M5
  418. Dinan Stage 1 Suspension System
  419. Laguna Seca Pics
  420. Design Change for M5/M6
  421. Removing the front lower grill, will it damage the oil cooler
  422. Differences between 2006 and 2007 M5
  423. Christmas gift M5!
  424. Where to buy those really "OPEN" race mesh
  425. Ventilated/Active Comfort seats: Enough side bolstering for aggressive cornering?
  426. Nitto Invos - has anybody run them on an M5?
  428. e60 M5 depreciation: When will the slide slowdown?
  429. Meisterschaft Touring exhaust sound???
  430. Let post your exhaust loudness number/video clip for future use...[Overview of soundclips of aftermarket exhausts]
  431. Need your Advice Guys , Idle is not stable
  432. Clear bra removal and replacement
  433. M5, Murcielago, RT12 video
  434. Lose the X-Pipe and do 2 Straight Pipes?
  435. H&R springs ruin the ride??
  436. Keys in Boot!
  437. nice video (E60)
  438. Just replaced lights with 12000k D1S Bulbs Check It
  439. Lease Assumption
  440. Carfax Check
  441. Emission control, is the end near for the M5?
  442. Tire Pressure - Continental Sportacs
  443. Telephone Cradle Removal
  444. Daytona 24hr
  445. RPi, BMC filter and SS exhaust dynoed @ SP Engineering
  446. ///M striping
  447. Congrats to Multiowner 11.97@117.6
  448. Question - raspy exhaust/header sound @ 4k-5k rpm?
  449. does this look bad?
  450. California tax implications with lease payoff?
  451. HELP: Can't decide on color; Silverstone or Silver Gray?
  452. Lets hear the top mods :)
  453. Another brain fart
  454. Charged for oil and washer fluid?!???
  455. ACS vs. H&R Springs according to a salesman
  456. Dinan M5
  457. What's that thing in my center console in the secondary compartment?
  458. Lowering Springs for E61 M5 Touring
  459. M5 NEW RIMS (PICS)
  460. Leaky Side Mirrors.
  461. Anyone here dwelling in Albany, NY with a stock E60 M5 or modified?
  462. Has anyone... [Deleted secondary cat stock]
  463. Weird Noise
  464. What are the "warranty eaters" in your country?
  465. Silicone sealant smell from Aircon
  466. Help with iPod/USB in M5 e60
  467. can someone run this vin in BMW's computer for me?
  468. Revamped bmwusa.com launched this weekend
  469. Poll: What would you pay for the Dinan 5.7L swap?
  470. Oil Level Display Changed
  471. The M5 is master of the family
  472. Will BMW's EVER include remote starters on there keys?
  473. Tubi Rumore Installed (with Video!)
  474. Merry Christmas from the M Division....
  475. m button... does it matter when pushed?
  476. So which version ( CIP ) is the best so far ???
  477. updated pics M5 w/ Hartge 21's +++
  478. Dinan 5.7 L 628 hp/482 lb ft kit is officially available!
  479. new iPOD issue
  480. Is the E60 exhaust bolt-on?
  481. Anyone replaced their key battery?
  482. M6 wheels vs M5 wheels
  483. Painted Grill/Gills
  484. Dealer charged me $325 to mount and balance tires!
  485. Best Car Scent for M5?
  486. Member xxx777 BMW M5 with AC Schnitzer front spoiler
  487. Anyone with M6 wheels on M5?
  488. Cost of Meisterchaft Exhaust
  489. A/C - Heat question
  490. Anyone have their car stolen?
  491. I'd like a quick check on this exhaust vid...
  492. Went to RPI and installed RPI scoops and BMC filters!
  493. H&R springs and AA exhaust install costs?
  494. new carbon fiber intake from bimmian
  495. My Blackout [E60 M5]
  496. Radenergie Rims
  497. BMW Loyalty Program
  498. Service message on I-Drive is asking for spark plugs and a Vehicle inspection
  499. Engine/Fuel Pump Fault Bulletin
  500. 2008 M5 Temp Guage
  501. D1S HID Bulb Help
  502. Can someone please explain Wheel Offset to me?
  503. DIY for AUX install (2006 model year) ??
  504. Mike and Mike show (ESPN radio): M5 reference?
  505. Buying a modded M5
  506. Will the this Hamann 20" PG3 fit?
  507. NEW 5.5 Litre V10 UPDATE FOR M5 & M6
  508. search for a bmw e60 m5
  509. M6 Wheels
  510. Let Hear It For Our Wives!!!
  511. M5 Extended warranty: Total Protection Plan/Prizm
  512. M5 F1 style startup mod [Kreissieg exhaust]
  513. facelift vs. pre-facelift
  514. Evosport Software Claims (Stage 2)
  515. Anyone with Dinan SW on the 08 M5s?
  516. Looking for some 6 speed run Video?
  517. Business as usual at Dinan
  518. My M5 [With BBS wheels and E30 M3]
  519. 6000k -8000k HID bulb replacements
  520. Where are the Active Autowerke Exhausts?
  521. Sold my 997 GT3 for an '07 E60 M5
  522. m5/m6 yearly awards???
  523. 2008 headlights...anyone changed ??
  524. Dinan - no longer with BMW, phasing out i'm told
  525. New Eisenmann GT exhaust clips(cold start, tunnel)
  526. NYMC 12/9/07 run video
  527. 2006 M5: Was there a premium audio upgrade?
  528. Productions numbers E60
  529. Oil Issue..
  530. Sacramento Raceway Results 11/8 *VIDEO*
  531. I-POD Interface Module Installation
  532. Suspension - Lowering Springs
  533. 2008 E60 LED Tail Light Conversion
  534. Evosport Power Pulley
  535. The Video: Sacramento Raceway Aftermath (M5 included)
  536. Smog Checked - Passed
  537. Question for the 2008 M5 owners...
  538. Cleaning M5 E60 166 Wheels... PIA!!!!
  539. Winter wheels... Which 18" wheels fit E60 M5?
  540. ///M5 vs... Honda Accord (Video)
  541. Any Problem With Running Conti Fronts and Pilot Sport Rears?
  542. Any leads on nice 06/07's SMG's in NYC area
  543. how exactly does P500 and P500S extract more power?
  544. Oil Change Intervals
  545. Best Christmas gift for my M5 and me too
  546. Painting your brakes step by step documentation
  547. Installing Lower Section Race Mesh Grill
  548. B&B Exhaust soon to be released
  549. RD Sport exhaust
  550. Report and Roadtrip: BMW M5 Touring from Stockholm to Essen and a close look at Audi RS6
  551. this is a long shot, but can the ipod adapter from bmw play videos on the ipod?
  552. How long will it take AJ to get a ticket with his red angel ibrights in New York City?
  553. Cost to repaint a door?
  554. Baby's first snow
  555. Question about the M5 Front Bumper Grill
  556. Two things I don't like about the M5
  557. To change or not change to angel eyes
  558. BMC or K&N Filter
  559. Headlamp water and soap stain inside
  560. Why does this car refuse to sell?
  561. Traded my M3 for an M5
  562. SMG auto shift settings
  563. Radenergie Wheels
  564. Video: Tubi Style with Sect I & II Delete
  565. Sunday Drive with other Exotics...
  566. New Radenergie RS 1.3 Wheel
  567. Playing iPhone Music on 2008 BMW M5
  568. SuperSprint/Hamann Headers: How loud?
  569. Evosport Headers: Updated Dyno
  570. What is true stock 0-60 on 08 M5?
  571. Do 08 M5s come with Dynamic Seat Option
  572. The difference between GPS and indicated speed
  573. Not another ECU +40hp claim
  574. I am just to excited!!!!
  575. Please post good pics of your aftermarket angel eyes
  576. AC Schnitzer Rims (larger photos?)
  577. Is This A Good Set Of Wheels And Snow Tires For 06 M5
  578. Laguna Seca!
  579. Hamann Exhaust
  580. HELP...Good exhaust shop in South Florida
  581. where to buy RAC monolites?
  582. Pirelli PZero Corsa System for M5?
  583. No tint strip at the top of the windshield??
  584. Meisterschaft Exhaust (Touring or GT?) Which one is it? *PIC*
  586. My Performance Center Delivery (Long)
  587. project black and blue....pics are here !!
  588. LAGUNA SECA Question esienmann race
  589. Some more V10 vids.....Mexican Style
  590. Got new wheels!
  591. Oooops! My M5 was hit again!
  592. Leather Options on 2006 M5
  593. Optimum Gear vs Speed for Doing Runs
  594. Mods Effect Factory Warranty?
  595. Non-Compatible Blue Tooth Phones
  596. BLUE M5 with CF chin
  597. RED V.3 Angel eyes pics
  598. Piano black trim??
  599. Dinan or Eisenmann Sport??
  600. anybody getting any deals on 08 M5's? - Socal
  601. Where to buy exhaust in Socal - OC?
  602. Need exhaust for m5
  603. Facelift-ed grills same as pre-facelift??
  604. 4 warning messages -suddenly
  605. modifications to come.....
  606. Picking up 08 M5 soon...need suggestions
  607. My clutch is gone
  608. Alpina B7 taking my M5 0-80 Help!
  609. M6 vs F430 vs X5 as promissed
  610. Dinan Exhaust
  611. Drove my M5 at Road Atlanta this past Saturday
  612. M5 touring anyone?
  613. Evosport Headers and ASR Custom Exhaust Vid
  614. What do you think of this Trunk Spoiler
  615. Exhaust Burn!!
  616. Roundels & Grills
  617. License Plate Light Bulbs
  618. Where does the speedometer pick-up it's measurement?
  619. Plugging the stock air box hole - Dyno numbers
  620. typical southern stereotype
  621. AMG ETR Gets Revenge!! (ASR M5 vs Renntech E55)
  622. COLD = POWER!!! -New Englanders Enjoy!
  623. Heavy wheels.....that big of a deal??
  624. Member Flavios BMW M5 Touring with 21' G-Power wheels
  625. talk about depreciation!!
  626. Recommendations for Wheel Repair Shop in San Francisco/Bay Area
  627. H&R Springs Vs. Dinan
  628. any "angel eyes" for 08 yet?
  629. Dinan or Eisenmann Sport exhaust sound clips....
  630. Installing 8000k D1S bulbs?
  631. People are swaying me away from the E60 ...
  632. The contagious M5 and M6
  633. Looking to pick up an 06 ...
  634. Sample vids of GT3, Z8 and VTEC
  635. Question - Remove Dealer Marque
  636. BMC Air Filters Are they good ?
  637. Silverstone with blacked out Grille/Gills?
  638. Silverstone II aftermarket wheel color pics...
  639. "Web" style wheels with no lip....
  640. Factory Sport Package Option?
  641. M5 (whats left of it) on Ebay (Belgium)
  642. I-10 West of Houston towards San Antonio... what is wrong w/ this guy?
  643. DRL question
  644. Chasing down some M3's...
  645. Installed My AngeliBright V3's (Pics)
  646. Service and common curtesy?
  647. Photoshop request!
  648. Lip-less '08 M5
  649. California Guys with SuperSprint Headers: Smog OK?
  650. Confused about the role of the "key fob" (comfort access)
  651. yellow Beast II
  652. Annoying Noise on Door Pillar
  653. Valentine One Hardwire Install in NJ
  654. Cell phone question- LG Voyager from Verizon
  655. Superlaggers w/ 275/35/19's & 305/30/19's
  656. "Don't Use this Transporter"
  657. stupid ? about door locks
  658. Dinan Exhaust
  659. Photos of Modified Interlagos Blue M5's
  660. Another great trip to the dealer
  661. Check engine light = faulty VANOS, car with dealer for at least 1 week.
  662. WI plate 534hp?
  663. Surprised to find my windows down this morning...
  664. Alex Roy at Enigma Motors, Dublin, CA, Nov 26 6-8pm
  665. Peculiar interior
  666. Winter Tire Question for OEM 19's
  667. White M5 NY Plate "500Pony"
  668. My Encounter with an R8
  669. Happens to the best of us
  670. BMWFS money factor = .00410 ?!?!?
  671. What is the Beeping Noise?
  672. New to the forum
  673. Navigation/Voice Command Question
  674. Individual BMW M5 in Australia
  675. Comfort Access and Window Tint...
  676. Decision about BMW or Audi
  677. New wheels-BBS LM
  678. A third < $60k (USA) E60 M5
  679. Exotics Rally Charity Turkey run Video
  680. Ajcut7 Miesterschaft GT exhaust vid
  681. Seat grabs you when you start the car
  682. Dealer praise...
  683. Torque and Horsepower - A Primer
  684. "M" Setting w/ auto seat adjustment
  685. Sport Auto test: Mercedes CLS63 AMG looses agaisnt the facelifted BMW M5
  686. E60 M5 carpets: Should they have the M5 emblem?
  687. Finished yearly detail on my 06 Silver Gray
  688. An Issue [Change fluids on a new car]
  689. Alex Roy coming to San Diego Wed GTG - Nov 21st 2007
  690. M5/M6 Dinan camber plates are out!
  691. 1/8th mile time
  692. Hanging with a 335i..
  693. E60 M5 with Hella 8,000K HID's (D1C Bulbs) - New Pics!
  694. help with AA exhaust
  695. Tubi Style In San Francisco
  696. So call me crazy and give me some opinions
  697. voice command system
  698. Looking for Same car Dyno results
  699. Reflashed My Software And Dynoed The Car Today!!
  700. used m5 lease is it a good deal?

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