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E60 M5 and E61 M5 Touring Discussion

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  1. Motor Trend review of M-DCT
  2. My DPE Wheels -Better Pics-
  3. Front Roll Control VS. Front Sway Bar
  4. Tranny and Diff Fluid Change after 50,000 miles
  5. 16 Dinan stroker engines produced as of 28th of June
  6. Car COVERED with Oil, on Flatbed
  7. What Meisterschaft Exhaust do I have ?
  8. Washing the cars today
  9. SMG skipped a gear!
  10. Red and Yellow Cogs today
  11. 997 TT taunted me last night....i had no choice
  12. Has the price of gasoline changed your driving behaviour?
  13. Idrive shutting off/coming on/shutting off
  14. Clear Bra Regrets?
  15. oh yeah, smoked a 135i too...
  16. 8 M5's One weekend!
  17. my car behaving like an automatic
  18. Steep driveway problem for my beast!
  19. bmw leather options
  20. M5 v 997 Carrera and M5 v Honda NSX - Performance Box data
  21. Recommendations for clear bra installation (Dallas, TX)?
  22. LED license plate light for 2006 M5?
  23. First impressions
  24. My New 21 INCH Vellano Forged Wheels
  25. Differences between MY2006 & MY2007 M5?
  27. The new Corsa exhaust system
  28. Picture Request: Vorsteiner hood
  29. Hamann Splitter
  30. Navigation DVD error
  31. Install heated steering wheel on 2007 e60
  32. Informed Choice coilovers H&R KW Moton Dixis
  33. M Day 2008 (Moscow)
  34. had small 135 run today on the highway
  35. Car's been at the dealers for three days? [Upgrading software]
  36. How often should the car be driven, or at least started?
  37. How often should the car be driven, or at least started?
  38. Any 6-Speed in Europe?
  39. Good deal?
  40. Question about the famous Transmission Failure
  41. Video: How to dipose of old tires
  42. Official video: Interview with the Head of Production Manager M Automobiles and Individual regarding BMW M5 Touring
  43. Official video: BMW Individual "The most exclusive way to drive a BMW"
  44. M5's in China
  45. M track day at Sepang FI Circuit... with pixs
  46. Installed a Meisterschaft GT exhaust
  47. Several pics of my 08 M5 with 360 Forged and Eibach
  48. Picture: Nice company in Monte Carlo, Monaco
  49. M5 stripped out with roll cage [PICS]
  50. Experiences with Kreis-sieg exhaust?
  51. SMG > M-DCT
  52. Got my HREs mounted today (Updated Pics 6/26)
  53. exhaust warranty questions
  54. F1 Testday pics from today at Silverstone (25/06/08)
  55. Nice Rear Ends!!!
  56. OBDII scan during routine service?
  57. DPE Wheels are here!!!
  58. Retro fitting ISOFIX to a 2005 M5?
  59. New M5 Owner with an exhaust question...and pics
  60. Should I feel Guilty? [Racking up miles]
  61. Question about EvoSport Pulleys and Eisenmann Race
  62. Random Engine Oil Reading
  63. Evosport exhaust
  64. Got smoked by a viper!
  65. Experiences with K&N Drop in Filters?
  66. Suspension Performance Alignment?
  67. Recommendations for spring installation (LA area)?
  68. Side mirror not working...
  69. Wider Tire Size on Stock 19s?
  70. Front door wont unlock!
  71. Is this a good deal on an e60 M5?
  72. Removal of charcoal filters affect warranty?
  73. UK Petrol (Gas) question...
  74. Car was a little cleaner today.. Added the diffuser..
  75. TPM's spacing with callipers
  76. keeping the dash looking as new?
  77. Video: Corvette Z06 vs BMW M5 Kelleners Sport rematch!
  78. Continentals are gone
  79. Pictures: BMW M5 Touring Supersprint in action on track
  80. 20", 21",22"...(pics)
  81. Anyone has silverstone w/exterior carbon fiber?
  82. Where are the Dinan strokers?
  83. Flucuations in oil reading
  84. Pics: KWv3, HRE 590rs
  85. Recommendations for bodyshop (SF Bay area)?
  86. Vorsteiner picture needed please
  87. Doing my part to save the environment
  88. Got HRE's Latest Model On The Car - 993R
  89. A Shout Out to a Dealer
  90. x-pipe, no resonators, the rest = stock
  91. Was Bangle right? A convert to "new BMW"
  92. stop and go SMG on hills.
  93. Transmission Malfunction!
  94. Instructions for Kreissieg exhaust?
  95. M5 Production Numbers?
  96. See through intake plenum from D/A.....Nice!
  97. Reliability of a 6-speed vs. SMG beyond warranty
  98. New Rad wheels on my M5 [Wheelpower]
  99. Color code for short stem TPM sensors?
  100. E60 M5 Exhaust Compiled Info - Please Add
  101. Rain water marks - use vinegar?
  102. Head Up Display doesnt Work??
  103. VIDEO: ASR Gen II Exhaust With Headers
  104. New M5, Seriously is this car legal!!!
  105. G-power M5 Hurricane 730bhp video
  106. Hood is hot after the engine was shutdown for a long while?
  107. Can we do this for our M's?
  108. Navigation issue after servicing
  109. H&R springs cause rattling in dash or suspension?
  110. off set for 21' e60 m5
  111. Comfort Access Question (got a new key that 1/2 way works)
  112. SMG mis-shifts?
  113. Eibach Pro Kit springs...my impressions
  114. My New M5 is on "COURAGE"
  115. Quick question [Needle inside air intake scoop?]
  116. Recommendations on Mod Friendly Dealer [OC, CA]?
  117. About to get M5 Vanity Plate
  118. Rattle-style noise when cold and on throttle
  119. Some M's at the track (pics)
  120. Killed a Charger SRT8
  121. Time-sert seems to work, thanks, guys
  122. M5 weighs less than e92 M3
  123. Got a big problem, please help
  124. My impression of the Eisenmann Race Exhaust...
  125. is it possible to over-rev M5 engines?
  126. Retrofitting Ipod integration?
  127. Article Auto Motor und Sport: Review of the BMW M5 Dirac Sound System (M Audio)
  128. Loud Cold Start, Neighbor Friendly Solution
  129. M5 acceleration in 400 modus?
  130. Can someone make a Definitive guide to Exhaust
  131. Martini glass graphic on cupholder?
  132. Key not recognized and it will not start.
  133. Member T100 stunning BMW Alpina B5S Alpinablue / full leather + the BMW M5 Individual Velvet Blue / Champagne interiour
  134. Experiences with Dinan Monoball Bearing?
  135. Valentine 1 Issue
  136. Thinking about selling my Beast...
  137. Who Has an M5 in Alpine White?
  138. Turning on radio via steering wheel button
  139. 6 speed traction control
  140. Any way to switch to XM?
  141. Finally M5 coming thursday, question Vs B7
  142. M5 Lease deals currently available?
  143. carbon fiber or black grill and side grill questions
  144. Updated Black Sapphire pics after mods
  145. Lost wrench in engine bay
  146. Source for helmets (Los Angeles area)?
  147. Thought you guys might think this was funny....
  148. Took the beast to installer
  149. Carbon fiber/Blackout vinyl overlay for roundel and badge (mini review)
  150. New clutch at 22,000 kms (13,600 miles)
  151. Still having Radar Detector issues; 1st V1 and now the Blue 9500i.
  152. Black& white M5s together..(pics).
  153. Coolest Baby Car Seat
  154. Car won't go into neutral !?
  155. Updated Pictures.. Sunday (6/15/08)
  156. Most annoying thing [No reaction to radio buttons or voice input after startup]
  157. E60 M5 vs E46 M3 - Performance Box data
  158. What is the effect of lowering the M5 via springs?
  159. First Track day in the M5... WOW !
  160. Do not give up on the M5
  161. Installing Eibach springs
  162. Finally got some pics up....
  163. New HRE's on the M5
  164. 2007 E60 M5 Dyno Results
  165. Stripped oil drain plug
  166. SS X-Pipe and Dinan Exhaust
  167. Question to ASR and ESS tuning [Are the rear differential/gearbox strong enough to handle more power?]
  168. New member! New M5!
  169. ASR Engineering E60 M5 Gen II Exhaust Dyno Results
  170. Passenger side airbag light..disabled?
  171. The M5 Dash pulled apart
  172. S85 Dyno graphs at the crank, any have?
  173. Quickest way off the line (SMG, without LC!)?
  174. Tire pressures for 20" wheels?
  175. Recent dealer visit
  176. My New M5 Just Came Off The Dyno
  177. My version of lowered: MOTON & HRE 790-R
  178. Loaner cars in NYC/Tri-State
  179. Anti-radar/lidar alert display mounted adjacent to the HUD?
  180. Canadian Journalist on his experience with BMW M5
  181. Groaning Noise Coasting in Neutral
  182. Updated Pics From Today (HRE content again)
  183. 2008 BMW Individual Brochure incl. BMW M3, M5 and M6
  184. Active Bolsters Stuck
  185. Recommendation for dealer (Houston, TX)?
  186. M5 and M6 at the track (video)
  187. Sponsor with HRE Monobloks?
  188. Experiences with Dixis Oil Cooler?
  189. Brake fluid service indicator
  190. Experiences with Headers and Check Engine Light?
  191. Advice for Victim of Milwaukee flooding...M5 a total loss?
  192. help with windshield water spots
  193. S.A. "Quote of the Day"
  194. Update on fast 4-doors. Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed
  195. Nascar driver No. 5 Kellogg's Chevrolet Impala owns a BMW M5
  196. Found new love for the M5
  197. RPi Headers Dyno: +28whp, +31wtq
  198. How are the tyre inflator cables & hose stored normally? [PIC]
  199. Addition to Fleet
  200. 2000 HP Boston meet :)
  201. Engine running rough - really bad fuel consumption
  202. P500S, too twitchy for track use ?
  203. lauch control
  204. wife got me an awesome B-day gift !
  205. Video: BMW M5 w/ LC vs Alpina B5
  206. IPOD Voice Control Beyond 1,000
  207. Best Tires For Regular Driving
  208. Change Brakes?
  209. my knight rider
  210. Engine fan noise
  211. HRE wheels. (pics included)
  212. Opinion on M5 after spirited run in the canyons
  213. Exotic car drive Video
  214. M6 & Gallardo having some fun
  215. E60 M5's future value
  216. Advice on Selling a Beast in Austria
  217. Yumemaru Video
  218. Best Source for OEM Wheels
  219. New member from L.A.
  220. Which M5 Embroidered Floor Mats?
  221. Lighted Door Sils
  222. Radio cuts out from time to time
  223. New Owner
  224. Slight rubbing sounds?
  225. SMG vs PDk plus 28mpg on the new 911s
  226. OEM Style 32 Wheels on M5
  227. Experiences with Rouge Engineering exhaust?
  228. comparing angel bright vs angel eyes on ebay
  229. Re-map issues resolved [a-ltuning]
  230. You got to be kidding me!!! [Cracked windshield]
  231. raced an MBZ S65 . . . .
  232. Using IPod feature of IPhone in M5
  233. Disappointing 1/4 Mile time?
  234. NE PA Pocono Track Day "Open division"
  235. Advice on aftermarket exhaust...?
  236. M5 at Laguna Seca
  237. 2 Clueless SA's & Service Manager...1200 mile service
  238. Aux input on early 2006 models
  239. Recommendations for exhaust installation (DC area)?
  240. OK, here are my pics you guys have been asking for!!! [Indy Red 2008 M5]
  241. Powder coat v. Paint question for the experts
  242. Weird blinking Gear Number after rough shift?
  243. I just got screwed on a new Moonstone M5
  244. Experiences with Stebro exhausts?
  245. Aggressive Down Shift Pause
  246. Comfort Access Security
  247. ASR Engineering CAI Dyno Results
  248. Warranty Question
  249. Need referral @ Platinum Motorsports....
  250. Farewell to my M5
  251. Opinions about Hamann edition race or ACS5 aero kit?
  252. Low oil level for past 3 week...
  253. Comfort access and high battery drain
  254. Survey on Gas Mileage?
  255. 2008 M5 Popular Wheel Offsets
  256. One Year Later
  257. MY2009 BMW 5-Series (incl. M5)
  258. Video: m5board.com visits HRE Wheels March 2008
  259. HUD no longer flashes at redline
  260. Pictures: Member craig lawrence at the track in Indianapolis Red BMW M5
  261. E60 SMG Clutch Issues
  262. IPOD/USB
  263. Question on M5 Shifter Buttons and Settings in MDrive
  264. Spoiler installation
  265. Enhanced Premium Sound DIRAC system
  266. new M5
  267. When OTD doesn't mean OTD
  268. Video: Ferrari F430 Spider vs BMW M6 Coupe standard 50-275 km/h
  269. Bluetooth microphone
  270. My new daily driver with pics.
  271. **Looing@ 06M5, anything i should be careful with?**
  272. raced a 997 turbo . . .
  273. Emission Inspection (Service Warning)??
  274. Sources for KW suspension (USA)?
  275. I need a new engine...
  276. Bluetooth phone users..
  277. ASR Engineering CAI Protoype Completed
  278. New iDrive Features Coming
  279. DAB radio (UK users)
  280. On your best behavior around the BMW V10 cars
  281. Pictures of my beast after a good waxing.
  282. Fifth Gear, Top Gear, and Misc Videos
  283. Black Saphire with P40's/QD7's/RG4's but in what color?
  284. Is there an Audio mute for Premium Sound?
  285. Wheel offset question
  286. why not both - SMG + shifter and clutch pedal ?
  287. beat a dead horse ? oil use
  288. Too many options ordered
  289. 911 Turbo Race with 2 year old son in back seat
  290. New shoes for the beast
  291. Pics: Rieger Boot Spoiler
  292. Source for B&W Emblem?
  293. SMG vs. 6sp Manual
  294. Noise from RPI pulleys during cold start?
  295. Source for 10W60 (NJ area)?
  296. DFW Auto Club - Couple of fun Vids
  297. oil pump failure/engine replacement
  298. CR spoteless mystery
  299. New 6Speed P400 and P500
  300. pics of 06 and 08 e60 m5 tail lights
  301. Should I use a swirl remover?
  302. Scratch from reputable place
  303. Mini-Photoshoot: KWv3, BBS LM, and some more...
  304. My M5 vs Lambo Gallardo
  305. Betraying my E39 Brethren
  306. Impression of the "Enhanced Premium Sound"
  307. Pic Request Space Gray w/ blacked out tail lights
  308. Installing bracket for fire ext?
  309. Aftermarket Exhaust for M5 Touring
  310. Lease Rates for BMW
  311. HUD & Shades don't mix
  312. Ever met one of these M owners?
  313. Video - Gallardo SE vs M5+chip+exhaust
  314. Neez QD7 Rims on e60 M5 pics
  315. Kinda bored with M5...
  316. Selling parts off my M5
  317. after the rain, steering wheels noice when turning HELP!!!
  318. Steering Wheel Adjustment Problem, anyone else?
  319. The BMW M Process
  320. Servicing the car in the New York Tri State or any State/Loaner cars, are all dealers different?
  321. Update on my beast...
  322. Not happy with Mighty M5
  323. Pics of my ACS Style rear spoilers
  324. MY06 and MY08 headlight/tailight & rear bumper swap compatibility? HELP
  325. Bluetooth and Call Waiting whats the deal here?
  326. Meisterschaft or Race exhaust?!
  327. Member Mr CSL Alpine White BMW M5 Touring in Hong kong
  328. Member Daytona Bones facelifted Indianapolis Red BMW M5 w Portland Brown
  329. Best skidpad test result for M5?
  330. ESS Tuning's side of the Story behind Mike@ESSTuning's departure.
  331. 2008 M5 Seats Question
  332. Tightie any new pics w/ coilovers??
  333. Euro LC
  334. 2006 e60 M5: How much is a reasonable selling price?
  335. M Driving Experience...
  336. Got the wrong wheels.... any takers?
  337. BMW Ultimate Drive supporting Susan G. Komen for the Cure
  338. Anyone tried upgrading a 2006 to RTTI?
  339. Pic Request....
  340. Steering rack clunk sound and feel?
  341. Another electrical gremlin
  342. Finally Got Mine!
  343. Experiences with Chrome Finish on OEM wheels?
  344. Correct Idle Speed?
  345. Silly but...what is your Beast's name?
  346. Test drove DBS (pic's and vid's)
  347. Help, can you eyeball an M5 @ Bill Jacobs BMW in Chicago
  348. M6-Wolves - do you like it?
  349. M6-Wolfes - do you like it?
  350. Is my car haunted?
  351. Video: Ferrari 599 GTB F1 vs BMW M5 Touring Supersprint 50-280 km/h
  352. Does warranty cover blown speakers?
  353. 5th Annual BBQ, Mid Altantic Region
  354. Experiences with booking tickets for Nurburgring M5 Taxi?
  355. Am I a Geek? [Happy with stock E60 M5]
  356. My Saphire Black Beauty and Speed Yellow Bee
  357. Evosport Headers/CATS/X/Pulley and Vorsteiner Hoody in sync
  358. Experiences with Dinan CAI?
  359. Cosmoline or Overspray how can I determine whats on my paint?
  360. Giddy as a school girl...
  361. Anyone know what this sound is?
  362. Recommendations for Windshield Protection?
  363. Finally Got My Beast!
  364. Fatigue after driving the M longer than 1-2 hours?
  365. 12.2 at the 1/4 mile and a F430 came along too
  366. Planning ahead...my next car
  367. My 2cent story: My Brilliant decision over e63 and 911
  368. Ext. Lower CF Mirror Cover INSTALL HELP!!!
  369. climate control question
  370. AiB 3.0 in AMBER & Installation Tips (Write-up and Pics Inside)
  371. M5 delivered BUT Dealer offer me to repaint the bumper, should I do it?
  372. My New Rogue Engineering exhaust (video)
  373. Resetting the service light indicator..
  374. light steering at high speed.
  375. Dissapointment with Vorsteiner
  376. Advice on installing aftermarket springs?
  377. Raced a Maserati Quattroporte
  378. Where did Kenny's R10s go?
  379. Newbie with Questions [Advice on lease rates and cross-country shipping?]
  380. Source for Hartge or RD Sport springs (CA, USA)?
  381. Best tires to for Hartge 21" Classic 2 wheels?
  382. 2 runs w/ a Jeep SRT8 (SUV)
  383. ASR Engineering Gen II exhaust (video)
  384. Selling some parts of my 08 M5
  385. Just got my new Diff.
  386. Dirty Car & Crappy Photos--But, the HRE Monobloks are on!!
  387. My Car Reset Itself?
  388. New Member [Chart current asking prices vs mileage in the US]
  389. Standard Leather-headliner
  390. Picture Request: RD Sport front spoiler
  391. Do I have a K40 system installed?
  392. Driver seat crease and peoblem with steering wheel lock warning
  393. 10.5" vs. 10" Rear Wheels
  394. Dinan S2 package worth it?
  395. What did you do w/ stock springs?
  396. Differences between Full Merino and Extended Merino leather?
  397. Lemon Law Attorney, So Cal Preferably
  398. Wow! G-Power prices.
  399. Limp mode! Increased emissions...
  400. Driving to Vegas Tomorrow.......
  401. Why is there hot air blowing from the defroster dash vents? I cant turn it off
  402. Firsthand impressions of Dinan stroker motor?
  403. Excess heat felt in drivers seat
  404. 2008 M Drive questions
  405. opinion on Headers...
  406. Member BlackM5 featured in Gulf regions English speaking carmagazine
  407. For those who drive in D
  408. Intakes, Air Filters, Scoops 101
  409. questions from soon to be M5 owner
  410. Blinder: To get, or not to get?
  411. Dinan Powered Win at Laguna Seca!
  412. Widest tire possible on stock E60 rims?
  413. Dinan 3.91 Limited Slip Differential & Software
  414. Lumma matt foiled BMW M5 and three Bugatti Veyrons
  415. Inconsistent exhaust sound at idle and on hwy
  416. M5 on 21" wheels
  417. RD Sport Pic Request
  418. Part # Request and warning about Bimmian Bulbs.
  419. H&R springs question.
  420. Just had a run in with the new C63 AMG......
  421. Looking for a good deal in Northern CA
  422. First post ... Need suggestions on mods
  423. Does anyone have a inside M Factory Video of the M5 being built?
  424. Concerned when warranty is up, 06 owners?
  425. Anybody try Euro Launch Control in the U.S. yet?
  426. Illuminated sills for E60 M5?
  427. SMG problem with 2nd step!!!
  428. Sunday Funday video
  429. New Wald M5 : Check it out
  430. Video: V-10's on ExoticsRally Run
  431. Motorola V9 pairing problem
  432. Paint and birds..
  433. 170 MPH!!!
  434. Stain in leather
  435. Second M is the charm!
  436. Possible CHEAP wheels for the M5? Not the normal q's :)
  437. Are there 2 levels of Servotronic Steering on the M5?
  438. My beast is arriving/ need mod advice
  439. Decatur Genesis II Se4ect Radar
  440. Supercar Shootout in Sweden 2008 (III) 4th July: Ferrari 599 vs Porsche 911 Turbo
  441. Stone Guard Recommendations
  442. New to the board.....
  443. Car locked in drive
  444. Car locked in drive
  445. switched from E39 to E60
  446. leap frog happens
  447. lost website
  448. MY2008 BMW M5 - Order Info.
  449. Noise from Navigation DVD
  450. LOUD M5 Exhausts?
  451. break in procedure
  452. Drivers Seat Height
  453. Climate Controlled Seats (air conditioned) worthless??
  454. BMW NA crack down on ECU flashes?
  455. M5 Spoiler.....Plastic or CF?
  456. HRE P40 or ACS Type V?
  457. Engine Cover in red Carbon Fiber
  458. Shipping M5 from Europe to US?
  459. Multi Functions seats / Active seats
  460. Thought you guys might like to see this... [BMW Group Classic collection]
  461. First MDCT Failure
  462. Wow I'm glad I love my M5...
  463. Buy my car after lease or lease new?
  464. FINALLY Got my Beast Back.... -Pics-
  465. rear turn signal bulbs
  466. Tips for Removing Spacers?
  467. Where AC Schnitzer Type V made? Forged Quality?
  468. Jerky after cold start up
  469. Does anyone not suggest Safegaurd Tire Coverage in the USA?
  470. M5 floor Mats
  471. Check List for picking up New 2008 M5
  472. IPOD Connection Issue?
  473. Video: V-10 running with Modded 996GT2 +Exotics
  474. 07 M5 For Sale - Lease Takeover
  475. A/C question
  476. where did my oil go?
  477. engine oil drastically dropped
  478. Went German--for now an M5
  479. My new beast and I love it so much!!
  480. Alpina Trunk Lip Spoiler
  481. First Aid Kit and Emergency Triangle included in 2008 M5?
  482. New Private Track Rental ASR m5/m6!!
  483. Experiences with Sprint Booster?
  484. Suggestion on HRE P-series
  485. Text Message via Navigation Display?
  486. Hazard Triangle
  487. New LED angel eyes coming out...
  488. Vorsteiner V.S Hartge
  489. Hartge Exhaust
  490. Miscellanous pictures of BMW E60 M5, BMW E63 M6 and BMW F1
  491. HUD and manual trans
  492. Looking to lease a 2008 M5 6spd
  493. Gearbox: BMW E39 M5 vs. BMW E60 M5
  494. Can stock M5 wheels be refinished to appear brushed on their face?
  495. Bluetooth connection delay with Blackberry Curve
  496. RPi: May 10th pics
  497. Exhaust recommendations?
  498. ASR E60 M5 CAI Preview
  499. Opinion on wheel finish - please chime in
  500. 3m clear bra advice
  501. Looking for a higher pitched, not low and rumbly exhaust
  502. For those of you who have Dinan Stage 2 Suspension Kit
  503. Dyno runs...Stock + Stage 1 Dinan Chip
  504. Part# Request Please...
  505. Question on engine oil capacity..
  506. exhaust system - terminology
  507. Bent rear alloy rim
  508. RAC Monolites RG41 pics...and a question
  509. New exhaust
  510. ///M Sport day
  511. comparing Hud to tacho
  512. Advice please! [Problems by buildyear?]
  513. V1 Radar Weak Detection in Front Window
  514. Advice on trading 550i lease for M5 lease?
  515. Arqray Section 3
  516. Why does the Porsche V10 sound SO MUCH better than ours?
  517. Opinions on Indianapolis Red Leather Interior?
  518. Calling MasterD or David Chang (don't be a fraud!!)
  519. Do I need to cut my bump stops?
  520. M5 vs Lexus IS-F
  521. Amber Corners / Babble / Front Tire Wear
  522. Advice on Vorsteiner Vented Hood?
  523. VANOS Question
  524. Can I run a 19" when the rest are 20's?
  525. "Interesting colour" on a BMW M5 Touring
  526. Just picked up KWv3 Coilovers. . . .
  527. Question for owners of both M5 AND either 997tt or Ferarri
  528. Differences between ESS, Evo and Active Autowerks software?
  529. Tire pressure question: TPC v. TPM
  530. Where is the best place to advertise an e60 M5 for sale?
  531. Greetings from Warsaw - pics of my individual M5
  532. Have you Ever....
  533. 1st Autocross with the M6 - tips?
  534. Opinions on best HRE wheels for M5
  535. 2008 M5 suggestions for installation of radar detector and laser jammers
  536. L.A. Detail shop and octane
  537. Anyone post the weights of OEM M5 wheels with no tires?
  538. Bikini Driving School M5
  539. My new cutom carbon fiber & alcantara steering wheel
  540. Goodbye to the mighty M5
  541. Best way to clean your steering wheel and another age issue...
  542. Advice on aftermarket exhaust...?
  543. Torn Bushings not Under Warranty with 8K miles!
  544. GTBoard - DVD2 Review
  545. IPOD USB Connection
  546. IMAGES: BMW E61 ///M5 and OEM 184M winter wheels
  547. BMW M V10 (M5 and M6) wins International Engine Award AGAIN! (2008)
  548. Mods / warranty issue...
  549. unstable at high speed
  550. The wait is over...[pics added]
  551. I be thinking....
  552. Opinions E60 M5 vs R35 GTR
  553. Advice on tire choice?
  554. Who doesn't have RPI scoop? and Why?
  555. Experiences with Eibach, H&R and Hartge Springs?
  556. Hartge Springs
  557. Recommendations for hardwiring Valentine 1 (NYC area)?
  558. Rogue Engineering Exhaust group buy status?
  559. the Endless Lying Fraud machine
  560. FYI-One Lap at Performance Center 5/7/08
  561. Funny M5 Ad
  562. My 2008 feels slower than my 2006
  563. Video: Lamborghini Gallardo E-Gear vs BMW M5 Touring
  564. Video: Lamborghini Gallardo E-Gear vs BMW M5 Touring
  565. KWv3 Coil Overs....
  566. Official Photoshoot of my IBm5 and HRE 20" brushed p40's
  567. RPI scoops question
  568. Vorsteiner Hood On....
  569. Another M Wannabe!
  570. E60 Lumma CLR500 replica Bodykit
  571. For those with Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers
  572. Driver's seat memory lost
  573. Europe always going to be better off?
  574. some updated pictures of my car...
  575. aznronin's latest pics
  576. what does [Shock and exclamation symbol mean]
  577. a few electronic enhancements I'd like to see
  578. No junk in the trunk?
  579. NYC Mount and balance
  580. Aftermarket HEaders - CEL - Problem/ Solution?
  581. M driving school
  582. 2008 Interior Changes.. Why?
  583. darren_dallas and SBM6 dynojet shootout
  584. Program and Tune your own ECU for M5 / M6
  585. Uuuuhhn...
  586. Lumma M5 matte black
  587. Dynojet dyno Results
  588. Thinking about joining the flock
  589. Advice on wheel adapters?
  590. Roof Spoiler? Yes or No?
  591. My Front H&R Springs Are Touching...
  592. Black M5 at the racetrack - short videos
  593. Amuse Ericsson Titanium Exhaust Header Back
  594. Suspension kit disables EDC?
  595. 300 km/h in 1 mile
  596. Where to purchase BMC Filters?
  597. Never buy a car from Century West BMW
  598. Post track maintenance check list
  599. 20" rims, offset/lip size (any pics?)
  600. Am I weird? I like driving it in D!
  601. custom x-pipe
  602. torque tv's m5 vs e55
  603. Teaser pics of my new HRE P40's (brushed 20")
  604. F1 Motorsports in North Hollywood----BEWARE!!
  605. fleetrates.com
  606. Member alM5 BMW M5 Silver Grey with BMW M6 wheels
  607. Member Roleez facelifted Indianapolis Red BMW M5
  608. I should have seen this coming.....
  609. Painting front kidney grill. Need advice.
  610. Dyno after pulley installation
  611. Hamann Front Spoiler
  612. E60 M5's in the 2008 One Lap of America - Cannonball !!!!
  613. Shortcut buttons (i-drive)
  614. New Exhaust - Canadian Warranty Affected?
  615. Dinan V10 Throttle Bodies
  616. Update on Dinan E60 M5 Springs
  617. Just fitted Dinan Exhaust w/ Supersprint X-Pipes...
  618. Payed the price at the dragstrip tonight...
  619. Lower Mirror Cover Replacement...
  620. K-mac front camber plates, need some input!
  621. M6 w/ Little Brother M3 + CF Interior (Pics)
  622. ESS software before and after test with V-Box
  623. Finally did it... E39 M5 to E60 M5
  624. 20" HRE wheels with high positive offset: Decrease handling?
  625. E60 M5; Fast enough to have an Eisenmann Race exhaust?
  626. Selling my wrecked M5
  627. Recomend Pully
  628. buying a M5 what to check?
  629. Is it the end of the road for mods? cuz its just become too fast!
  630. m5 smg wont shift in 2nd gear
  631. Weight savings
  632. WTB: Used aftermarket exhaust for E60 M5
  633. Any new info on ASR Intake?
  634. Bicolour interiour on BMW M5 in UAE
  635. License plate tracking available to public
  636. Manheim M5 Auction Prices-Access?
  637. Who sells high quality CF Side Grills
  638. What the heck does BMW use wheel bolts?
  639. Software question?
  640. New M5 owner with silly question, dealership little flaky
  641. Evosport Pulleys + Extra Belt Kit for $300 Firm
  642. 2006 BMW M5 - $39900
  643. Looking for a local installer in Scottsdale
  644. More DFW ///M Club Challenge Vids
  645. Performance modifications to M3 and M5
  646. Another new color? [Carbonblack]
  647. Pics: 2006 Imola Red M5 E60 by Hartge
  648. High Battery Drain
  649. cluth is gone
  650. You've got to pay to play...
  651. Tracked the M5 at Mosport
  652. Laser Defense?
  653. Dinan or ACS Sway Bar kit
  654. Can Aftermarket M6 Wheels fit an M5 ?
  655. Hamann Springs
  656. M5/M6 brake specs the same?
  657. Has anyone actually raced a new M3?
  658. M5/M6 2008 brochure question
  659. Front tire rubbing w/ 20in wheels
  660. E92 M3 / M5 /M6 Get Together.... -PICS-
  661. Radar Detectors and Laser Jamming suggestions
  662. 2008 Pricing - below MSRP???
  663. Valentine 1 interference
  664. pre-occupied
  665. M5 Touring UK Press Car "YC07 AAV"
  666. Carbon RH2 Front Lip from Revozport
  667. Active Autowerke/ASR/Eisenmann Exhaust Setups
  668. M5 performance data at Mallala race track, Australia
  669. ??? sound
  670. Finally got my 21" HREs.. pics
  671. Dyno numbers after headers and ESS computer upgrade
  672. RPI scoops installed
  673. 20" at the track?
  674. Black M5 at the race track - action shots
  675. NEEZ QD7 vs HRE P40
  676. Rubinschwarz Matallic
  677. Couple pics of the M
  678. 20" MK Wheels -Pics-
  679. How do I activate the theft code with i-Drive?
  680. Where do I put the Camera? Video Requests?
  681. Roadside Smog Checkpoints
  682. ESS Header Interest?
  683. Need Blackberry 8120 pairing help
  684. Problem with car's voice
  685. Mod Vacuum - Will no company step up?
  686. Dallas M5 dealership question
  687. X Pipe Question
  688. Who Sells Carbon Fiber Roundels??
  689. SS X-Pipe
  690. Lease is up-what to do next?
  691. Steering wheel on '08 model M5
  692. Feedback/Advance on aftermarket Springs
  693. Another ESS ECU Tune: Thoughts and Impressions
  694. Dyno question: DD vs. DJ
  695. How many?
  696. who is going to be at bimmerfest?
  697. Is my car running too hot?
  698. Turning On/Off Active Seats?
  699. How should I Paint My Vorstein Hood?
  700. Trackday at Croft Circuit with Video

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