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E60 M5 and E61 M5 Touring Discussion

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  1. M5board Members! ModBargains Needs Your Opinions Please!
  2. More power needed
  3. For all of you ASR, Dinan, RPI guys....
  4. Nurburgring and Spa Euro Trip
  5. 2005 E60 M5 Oil Level Problem
  6. Joyride M5 on the news in Finland
  7. Anybody know anything about Mint wheels?
  8. Attention M5 GTA owners...
  9. Member samq8 BMW ALPINA B7 2005
  10. Anyone try mObridge Audio for iPod / Aux?
  11. Eisenmann Race vs Sport
  12. Another Red Cog of Death and A6 review
  13. Resale of 2006 M5 in 5 years...
  14. OEM LED License Plate Lights - Pics
  15. Forgestar F14 mounted
  16. having resonators removed from exhaust
  17. Vegas Baby
  18. A purchase oppourtunity for me.... Maserati
  19. After BMC filter, engine sounds louder
  20. Washer fluid tube problem
  21. Help! Locked keys in trunk in gym bag (even with comfort access) now more problems!
  22. Best Compromise Tire
  23. E60 m5 sib 33 01 07
  24. smoked by a 997 GT2 (video)
  25. With Heavy Heart bye bye ///M5, hello 997
  26. Heads up display failed
  27. Sales & Production Figures
  28. Pics from the weekend
  29. SMG/DCT for Dummies
  30. Need Help: What type of lights to buy
  31. bad experiance getting tires!! detail question
  32. 2009 BMW M5 vs 2009 Cadillac CTS-V
  33. I'm an idiot - Damaged the housing (or more?) on the EDC Shock -
  34. Does anyone on here have a Silverstone M5 in the Detroit area?
  35. Loaner car
  36. Coming off lease and test drove the CTS-V
  37. Very Good Lease Deal
  38. Dinan M5 & Dinan M6 racing the 2009 Cannonball - One Lap of America!
  39. Before and After Photos: Eibach Springs, Rogue Engineering Spacers & Window Tinting
  40. Dinan S3 Downside?
  41. Brief hesitation @1500rpm: normal or problem?
  42. **Exotics Tuning** Programe-60 R&D Feeler~Survey
  43. 12.34@117mph
  44. New Nav DVD?
  45. Anyone Running Kumho Ecsta SPT?
  46. Flat Tire Sensor?
  47. HELP: Dead Instrument Cluster!
  48. Video: JIDEX Presnts GTR vs V-10
  49. Usain Bolt - World's fastes man - crashes BMW ///M
  50. Scaring women and children
  51. What Was Wrong with Your M5?
  52. After Dealer changed out CCC, car acting up. Please help!!!!!!
  53. What Failed You?
  54. BMW 4.4 L biturbo V8 dynos at 391 hp @ wheels (460 hp @ 15% driveline loss)
  55. Need help with bad rattle in Steering Column
  56. anyone know of a new SMG 2008 M5 in their dealer inventory?
  57. How many KM/MILES on your beast?
  58. ipod adaptor..what choices do I have??
  59. Eibach Pro-Kit Springs and 10mm Rogue Engineering Spacers Installed + New Window Tinting
  60. Radar detectors and the M5
  61. M3 estate with V10 and SMG
  62. Another FAKE!
  63. Euro Delivery for X6M and X5M
  64. 1/4 times from yesterday
  65. exhaust questions
  66. Reason #573...why you should never let your wife drive your car...
  67. M7 sighted in Baltimore
  68. Bent my HRE Monoblok P40 - fixable?
  69. Eisenmann Race just installed.
  70. RDSport ///M5 vs RPI ///M5s
  71. Cracked my windshield with a rock!!!! Any shops you recommend in LA?
  72. Looking at 2006 with 40k miles...too much?
  73. Picture: Member Rated MM carbon hood shines in the sun
  74. Requests for Super Shootout 4
  75. my Hertz rental
  76. Nail in my tire. What to do now?
  77. Cost of SMG transmission if it blows up...out of warranty
  78. For those whose lease ends next year before the new M5- What will you do?
  79. Just bought a Corsa Exhaust - anybody have one?
  80. DR: BMW M5 vs Audi RS6 vs Jaguar XFR
  81. Member TomK_E61 Sapphire Black BMW M5 Touring RHD
  82. 1/4 track advice
  83. Back in the fold--mea culpa
  84. Thigh Support !
  85. Yes. The SMG's Clutch is Covered Under Maitenance - PROOF!
  86. BMW M5 vs tuned Nissan GT-R at top speed in Russia
  87. 18 Videos, With White M5, Z06, 323 TI, and 135 I coupe.
  88. All ready for the Ring
  89. pls help...transmission failure notice
  90. P500 always on
  91. Wood trim!
  92. When pressing 'M'
  93. M5 (E60) Angel Eyes "On" Only?
  94. M5 with CSL wheels
  95. New M5 (E60) owner in Ramstein AB, Germany
  96. July 28th M Driving Experience, SC Greenville
  97. Upsolute chip tuning?
  98. New Inventory Search
  99. Big Bend Open Road Race - who went?
  100. Hey everyone of the m5 board!
  101. What can you tell me about these two BMWs?
  102. Anyone know how?
  103. Finally took some pics!!!
  104. 507 hp or 500 hp, which is it?
  105. Dinan Differential Failed
  106. My M5 wins 1st place in sedan competition :)
  107. Taking the plunge on Dinan Stage 2 Suspension upgrade - any advice?
  108. Aloha from another Hawaii M5 owner
  109. Wow!!
  110. Pics after recent full detail in Houston
  111. more vids. white m5, against BMW 323 TI 470 hp. And Supra 750 hp vs Z06
  112. good weekend........pics........
  113. [Vid] Modded E60 M5 vs. HPF Stage3 M3 vs. 996 Proto700 vs. Lotus Esprit Turbo
  114. auxilary fan running constantly
  115. BMW M5 VS RS 6 Video on youtube....
  116. HUD versus GPS speeds
  117. Just installed RPI pulley, air scoops, block off plates, and BMC filter yesterday
  118. what type of lights are these?, LCI and non LCI
  119. C&D ///M predictions through 2015: F10 M5 content
  120. Fast e92 m3!!!!!!! Vs the beast
  121. Rubbing with 20" tires...please help
  122. M5 A/C Sucks?
  123. Warning sign
  124. Picked up Nitto Invos, Kinda worried I made the wrong choice, Input needed please
  125. 2010 GT3 is on my mind....
  126. E60 or E61 Wanted.
  127. Dinan S3 Suspension.
  128. Just Bought my 1st M5
  129. From these 4 tires at these 4 prices, which one would you recommend I buy?
  130. Anyone purchase an Extended MAINTENANCE warranty lately?
  131. Warning: 360 Forged
  132. Can the M5 clutch disc be inspected w/o pulling the transmission?
  133. E60 M5 Stock Wheels
  134. My run in with a 550i and GSXR600
  135. Borla Cat Back & X Pipe
  136. Windshield wipers won't go all the way back down
  137. spotted 4 brand new E60 rims on craigslist
  138. Just got back from picking up the M5
  139. New titanium exhaut
  140. Can a fixed up E92 m3 beat an e60 m5?
  141. The Old School Maintenance Schedule for our M5s
  142. WTB Eisenmann Race Exhaust
  143. GUMBALL 3000 - Anyone?
  144. E60 M5 Dinan underdrive pulley
  145. southern california alignment
  146. a/c problem.....
  147. BC and MPG
  148. BMW M5 E60 changes since (EU) introduction 2005
  149. Ran with a ZR1 today...
  150. Massive oil leak
  151. What color is the stock crankshaft pulley?
  152. discounts on AC Schnitzer products?
  153. Michelin Tires..Facts:differences of "Star" or Non "Star" sidwall markings
  154. For sale; RPI ST sections 1 (inc Cats),2 and 3
  155. andydisa's 2006 AW/BLK M5...
  156. Who was driving a Silver E60 M5 with race exhaust in Fountain Valley, CA yesters?
  157. m5 MT abnormal sounds?
  158. Brembo vs AP Racing
  159. E60 M5 check light Vanos problem
  160. 1/4 drag racing......
  161. BMW Owner Protection & Extd Maintenence
  162. Heat-cycling Pirelli PZero Corsa System tires
  163. Service
  164. Dr. ColorChip.....anyone ever try it???
  165. M5 vs F430
  166. Byron Dragaway, Byron Illinois videos
  167. Brilliant White M6
  168. bmw e60 Diagnostic MOST port
  169. launch control & manual transmission
  170. Picked up my M5 yesterday, Pics inside........
  171. Nice billboards
  172. First encounter with a Lambo...
  173. M5 Touring bought "BMW Approved Used" @ 2,500 miles, car now 5,100 miles showing brake fluid needed
  174. Hondas new one - 0-60 times not available
  175. m5 vs 911tt vs s55...etc
  176. Jaguar XF-R better than the M5?
  177. Where to cut factory exhaust?
  178. transmission problem!!!
  179. iDrive Split Screen
  180. new intake :) Dinan set up
  181. Do they make M5s with no limiter?
  182. meistershaft gt Or ASR gen II
  183. RPI GT exhaust Review
  184. Warning, Do NOT go to EF1Motorsports in Signal Hill, CA
  185. It's about smiling (BMW Z4 sDrive35i dual clutch)
  186. Dark Graphite Metallic??
  187. It's official, my 2006 CPO M5 was wrecked before I bought it.
  188. All the Chicagoland guys interested in SkyDiving?
  189. New iDrive is awesome!!
  190. what happens when too much oil is added?
  191. Ring-Taxi brake setup?
  192. Service Advisors (B.C Canada)
  193. Looking for advice & thoughts on E60 M5. I'm thinking of buying 1 &
  194. Shocks
  195. Added a quart of 15W-50 Oil. Is that bad?
  196. Photoshop needed...
  197. BMW Maintenance Program Upgrade vs BMW Extended Warranty
  198. Service Questions
  199. I need the new Idrive.. (CIC)
  200. 30% discount and EO beast in 2010
  201. Any way to enable TV on Idrive screen?
  202. Bad weekend for M5
  203. Ventilation System Settings
  204. Awesome BMW Ad
  205. Model Year Differences
  206. Audi-BMW ad war
  207. Test Drove the new X6 50i and 135i - Impressed
  208. NY Auto Show... no M5 to be found.
  209. my bruce cables acting up?
  210. New E63 AMG Pumping Iron
  211. How do you remove the trunk spoiler???
  212. Golden M5!
  213. angel light flickering
  214. Question regarding tire rubbing w/ 21's...
  215. Help me get out of my Lease!
  216. installing hartge front splitter...tips?
  217. RPI section 1,2,3 has any one modified to make quieter
  218. BMW Individual
  219. engine noise near front of cylinder headgrinding
  220. Photos from Wales road trip.
  221. Long Island Detail
  222. Audi Q7 V12 TDI vs. BMW M5 [Autocar]
  223. Birds hate RPI exhaust...
  224. Intermittent clutch roughness when starting out on 1st gear
  225. Wanna buy a M5 from Belgium...
  226. Question on P400
  227. Using "D" or "S"?
  228. tire help
  229. Wheels Pics
  230. Pittsburgh
  231. Something weird!!!
  232. Launch Control question...
  233. Took Some Pictures
  234. Lumma Sport Springs 30mm anyone has feedback
  235. Open Invitation to BMW ///M
  236. The new BMW 760i: twin turbo V12: 544 HP and 8-speed gearbox
  237. Can't find my Nav version
  238. Well if the High Revving engines go away
  239. Newbe here, with my 1st BMW ever...
  240. Some tuners do a good job, others don't!!
  241. problem with key fobs after window tiniting??
  242. rev limiter
  243. Taking out rear seats on the M5?
  244. AWD Motorsports BMW M5 E60 goes DEEP in the 10's!!!
  245. dynoing the M5
  246. M5 200mph +
  247. Introducing modded carbon black M5
  248. M6 and active seats?
  249. NEW M5 vs RS6 Video
  250. My friends HDR Pictures of last weekends car meet!
  251. Good Deal?
  252. Dinan upgrades and CPO warranty
  253. Would you buy a turbo ///M?
  254. please rim question.
  255. KW Coilovers Variant 3
  256. Don't Crush That Roundel!
  257. Who has EX310 (speed delimiter) installed?
  258. I need a new windshield
  259. Sways, RDSport or Dinan?
  260. How do you shut off DSC traction control?
  261. B5S
  262. Finally got my M5!
  263. got 06 m5, need help
  264. Lease Coming Up on Second E60 M5...Next??
  265. What type of front lip is this?
  266. Sell my e60 M5 for an M3 or C63: Would you do it?
  267. New here
  268. Instrument cluster test on the BMW M5 E60 / E61 V10
  269. Picture: Sapphire Black facelifted BMW M5 with Champagne full leather Individual interiour
  270. Audio Help: Need to run a remote wire for poweroff
  271. Presentation of My M5!
  272. Car exchange Amsterdam RAI - Pictures inside!
  273. Buying tips!!!!!
  274. Death of BMW ///M
  275. Latest pics - HRE with new Hartge/RDSport Spoilers
  276. Got my ACM & USB interface installed!!!
  277. where can i buy the newer version M5 Tailights
  278. Friday on 101 heading towards San Francisco
  279. Looking for Vorsteiner Pics
  280. 600hp G-power anniversary price
  281. Had a run with a Maserati GT S
  282. AWD Motorsports M5.. 10.90 @ 127.38.. 1st in the 10's!!!
  283. Member trader-nas Alpine White BMW M5
  284. First Official pics: BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M
  285. Any1 have pics of a Silver Grey M5 with Black Powder Coated OEM Wheels?
  286. What should I do?
  287. Lease offer on 2009 M5.....Good deal?
  288. Lease is up on 08 M5 in 5 months. Im over my mileage by 15K. What should I do
  289. Noooooooooooo
  290. Anyone in Los Angeles with ASR Gen II exhaust?
  291. Question about tire size?
  292. Oil Questions
  293. M badge history Video YT
  294. Installed the Angel Eyes super white LEDs
  295. Damn stone chips.....
  296. ***Pix of my Beast***
  297. Early lease buyout deals??
  298. installing new side grills?
  299. This is where I Stand
  300. Video: 342 km/h on Autobahn
  301. Ugh.....can't diagnose steering wheel shake at highway speeds....suggestions?
  302. RPI pulley creating too much voltage???
  303. [Video] Night Flight with SL65 AMG & CLS63 AMG
  304. No fog lights..WTF!
  305. M5 v Jaguar XFR (Winding Road)
  306. Tipping the service personnel?
  307. does cpo cover a battery?
  308. First wash - pics
  309. Hood liner - where can I get a new one?
  310. What would be the total HP gain with these mods?
  311. SMG problem, need input.
  312. Need some help with 18" wheels for M5???
  313. Increased Emmisions/ exhaust system.
  314. Leasing a used 07 M5
  315. My car cold start
  316. Surprise surprise
  317. BMW April fool..
  318. M5 2006 crashed
  319. HRE & Dymag New Carbon Fiber Program
  320. Ouch... any suggestion?
  321. just back from the m driving experience
  322. $300 to fix underbody plastic -worth it?
  323. Dinan ECU flash -now down to 5HP gain?
  324. Lease end trade-in tip
  325. CF trim removal, odd question
  326. Help diagnose a problem (video and sound inside)
  327. Anybod y know where to get springs installed in Tampa, FL
  328. Best exhaust???
  329. Black rims....but silver valve stems (tire pressure monitor sensors)?
  330. Need some advice guys...
  331. High pitched shrieek from engine when hitting redline!??
  332. DSC Malfunction + Increased Emmissons.. No Help from Dealer!!
  333. Talk about a freak accident...picture inside
  334. Increased emissions/reduced power - what's going on with this car?
  335. Member skeefer Sapphire Black BMW M5
  336. Ran an SRT-4 ACR Dogde Neon 440whp
  337. Drivers Republic: BMW M6 Competition Package vs Porsche 911 Turbo vs Audi R8
  338. Some Random HDR/Wannabe Artsy Pics of a basically stock M5...
  339. installed scoops and block off plates... not very mpressed
  340. Quick snap of the 530i and the M5 + LI rears + rear cam
  341. Installing Eibach springs- where would you suggest in LA
  342. M5 Training Plate
  343. Side Grill Sticker
  344. Best 3rd party Extended Warranty?
  345. Lease End on M5 in June
  346. Dinan suspension ?
  347. Will these wheels fit on an E60 M5
  348. service tech question
  349. Anybody know what new ones are leasing for?
  350. heading to the M driving experience this week
  351. Manhattan Auto Brokers? M5 $33K and M6 $31K?
  352. Stroker M6 (S3 Dinan)
  353. Still undecided about which warranty to get...Noob probably but dont flame..
  354. It's been done before... M5 plate
  355. Valentine-V1 or Escort 9500i ??
  356. Please help! Lawsuit against BMW to get my M5 back!
  357. M6 Competition Package
  358. Raced a Nissan GTR today...
  359. Windscreen Squeaking
  360. Rear ended ??
  361. Visita to Alpina GmbH + Test drive
  362. Thieves Suck!
  363. M6 Stroker on Ebay
  364. wheel repair
  365. Vibration with new tires and new rims?
  366. M5 Bavarian Soundwerks Audio Upgrade. Has anyone done this?
  367. Beautiful So Cal Day (Pics)
  368. Owners with an IPOD adapter please provide input..
  369. Monaco Blue...2 1/2 Stars
  370. 50,000 km...
  371. Lowering springs....
  372. My CTS V 2009, pictures and videos!!
  373. BMW cover your clutch under warranty?
  374. AWD Motorsports M5 Direct Port Nitrous Kit.. Coming Soon!!!
  375. Ordering new M5 Friday.
  376. Powder coating done! Pics inside!
  377. I need a new helmet....
  378. Did BMW cover your clutch and flywheel?
  379. I bought a CTS V!!!
  380. New Buyer
  381. RPI Scoops and Block off plates with ECU UPGRADE???
  382. meisterschaft exhaust and x-pipes?
  383. shuddering from a stop. Please help
  384. I need some help, advice - engine malfunction.
  385. Anyone using iPhone app. Dynolicious?
  386. Video: Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 "600 HP" vs BMW M5 ECU + Dinan exhaust
  387. ?Engine Knock? Maybe?Need opinion
  388. Quick shots of my Modded M5
  389. g power supercharger on ebay !!
  390. Track comparison: M5 vs. a real track car
  391. Member dscotdavis' Sapphire Black BMW M5
  392. Who has actually used the Peak code tool?
  393. looking for an extra +50HP
  394. newbie question on M5 reliability
  395. Verizon Blackberry 8830: Phonebook not transferring help please
  396. Getting 1st O2 Sensor Emission Light.. AFR Lean..
  397. Launch Control not Working.. mods?
  398. Perfect Shifting Points
  399. Engine Oil Quantitiy Issue....
  400. verdict after service visit: New Clutch, Diff & Flywheel
  401. Move over: BMW M6 Convertible with strobes
  402. Finally got the M5 sitting on 20" HRE
  403. Angel iBright Issues??
  404. Software to change how the shift paddles work?
  405. After being inspired by another board members efforts..
  406. WTB 167's in M5 offset
  407. Smoked LED markers
  408. 110 Octane...? Good or bad? Worth the $$$?
  409. M's in Madison, WI?
  410. Stock M5 vs Stock CTS-V (Video)
  411. BMW Motorsport M3 GTR.....
  412. Motorweek comparo of 09 Caddy CTS-V vs 09 M5
  413. High pitched buzzing on acceleration
  414. Anyone in Omaha, NE? Moving there next week.
  415. 2010 e63 amg !! Just 525hp!!
  416. RPI Installation help.
  417. e60 - second owner coverage - transmission
  418. 2006 M5 Dynojet Dyno results - 439 RWHP/329 RWTQ
  419. Brake servo pipe modification
  420. SMG gearoil interval??
  421. What to make sure and do before 50K miles? (warranty end)
  422. Anyone running 275/30/20 and 285/30/20 tires?
  423. Just Returned from M Driving Experience
  424. A new take on side markers
  425. AWD Motorsports M5 Dyno Video... 200+ MPH..
  426. What type of lugs nuts/locks do I need for 2006 E60 M5?
  427. Jeroen Bleekemolen test BMW M5 Touring (VIDEO)
  428. CF CSL trunk installed. Mixed feelings
  429. Car is strange, please help with diagnose
  430. What power can our engines handle on stock internals? Nos?
  431. roof spoilers anyone? how did u install?
  432. M5 as a race car... Is this a great idea.
  433. Turbo Charging with more power or Atmospheric Aspiration & 500 hp
  434. Are there BMW Preformance school in the middle east
  435. New to the board, quick question
  436. New Shoes
  437. MotorTrend: discussion with BMW M CEO
  438. Floor Mats.
  439. M5 not running well
  440. Alpine White M5 on 261 North in Irvine today??
  441. Video: Motor Trend: BMW M5 Tribute
  442. SF Bay Area Detail Shop recommendation ?
  443. Member MRM5 gorgeous engine picture: V10 M Power in the night
  444. A questions about my oil level...just need some reassurance
  445. E39 MAF problems; do they happend on E60?
  446. Launch Control Guidance
  447. Anyone Have Tires to Sell?
  448. Just saying hello :)
  449. WSJ - BMW Expects 2009 to Be 'Transitional'
  450. ASR Engineering Exhaust Dyno Sheet + Video..
  451. drinking oil?
  452. Pics requested: smoked tail light and sidemarkers with no amber!!!
  453. New (better) pictures of the car.
  454. do you trust the electonic dipstick?
  455. Dry Start
  456. Finally got my car detailed! Before, progress, and after pics inside!
  457. tint shop Mpls/St Paul
  458. Anyone regret doing the resonator removal?
  459. What was the first 5 items you buy after you got your Beast
  460. S L O Ww.....
  461. Steering wheel plastic finish deterioration ?
  462. Mercedes AMG has launched a new site
  463. New Guy
  464. Ipod Question
  465. Grinding noise when shifting from 2nd to 3rd?
  466. Active Seats Too Affectionate
  467. Franken E30 M3 with S85 motor
  468. Need some advise about extended maintenance warranty.
  469. cost of an extra master key?
  470. e60 exhaust/muffler questions for Tubi and Dinan. (new to the board)
  471. High Definition Video: BMW M5 Touring vs Porsche 911 Turbo (997) Tiptronic
  472. what mods could void warranty?
  473. SMG pump?
  474. Re-Covered Steering Wheel - photos inside
  475. M3 Digital steering wheel on an M5? has anyone done it?
  476. Test drove 535i, 550i and M5...my thoughts
  477. RPI Scoops - My Left one is BIGGER than the Right?!?
  478. Any iPod experts here?
  479. black or fibre grill and gills?
  480. Yet another H&R v Dinan suspension question
  481. Understanding the need for spacers
  482. E60 M5 alloy wheels photo/data/choice thread
  483. Thoroughly confused
  484. First few pics this season!
  485. traded the M6 for cpo'd 997 turbo
  486. My Nav-TV, Ipod Integration, Laser Interceptor, and DVD player install
  487. Another stock M5 dyno'd
  488. E60 M5 with High Polished HREs
  489. need help with H&R spring and spacer
  490. Windows tinted today! Pics inside.
  491. Audi leads the Germans in displacement and mass downsizing
  492. New inductee
  493. BEST US TUNER for BMWs M-series !!!
  494. another ZR1 v. European comparo
  495. BMW car magazine DMS M5
  496. It's scary, the amount of crazy people on the road!
  497. Launch Control "bog"??
  498. Rated M on I4
  499. Just got back from a ride.
  500. Guys with Silverstone Interiors, What Do You Use to Clean It?
  501. Some pics of my ride
  502. Need help- weird sound
  503. Red cog of mf death
  504. Vista BMW sold me an M5 thats has been completely Painted on 1 side.. WTF??
  505. RPI Exhaust -Absolutely love it!!!
  506. 2009 AutoRama
  507. personalized tag suggestions?
  508. Whose M5 is this?
  509. M5 E60 Experince in Saudi Arabia
  510. Photoshop request
  511. Pic request, 10mm wheel spacers?
  512. BMW Reports Awful Earnings
  513. License plate light install problems
  514. picked it up today
  515. Advice from insurance company
  516. Still clueless on which exhaust to buy.
  517. Question for those who track
  518. New member old car :)
  519. Is the "full leather" dash real leather?
  520. Turned 50 yesterday...
  521. Dinan ECU question
  522. 1st time launch control.
  523. Member M6_kelleners takes on Ferrari 430 Scuderia with his Kelleners Sport BMW M6
  524. exhaust shop recommendation
  525. M logos on front seat headrests
  526. will Dinan/brembo brake kits clear stock wheels
  527. are there running lights on the 2006 M5's?
  528. m5 color: silver/gray or black?
  529. rpm 900-1000
  530. Multiple fault Codes
  531. Installing roundel?
  532. Member smg111 slection of BMW M5, E55 AMG and more
  533. New Member from Utah...
  534. wanted: used M5 E60 Kreissieg F1 Valvetronic Exhaust
  535. Member Oceanair Onyx Blue BMW M5 E60
  536. Just dyno'd my M5 tonight.. 441whp Stock!!!
  537. A Few of Pictures of Beauty and the Beast
  538. Custom bmw e60 m5 smg shift paddles
  539. Custom bmw e60 m5 smg shift paddles
  540. Chiming in as a new M5 owner!
  541. High-Definition videos from Geneva Salon: ALPINA, Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV, Bugatti, Koenigsegg, Ferrari, Ruf and Brabus
  542. BMW - Diamler Merger???
  543. Member cmh1098 Sapphire Black BWM M5 with Black BWM M6 wheelswith red lip
  545. Ipod Kit + Aux In
  546. Changing disks
  547. Tracking the M5
  548. What is most effective exhaust system?
  549. Nissan GT-R now as an Estate?
  550. m5 vs s600 brabus 570 hp
  551. To Bahraini M5 owners
  552. e60 M5 new wheel question: Will these fit?
  553. High-Definition Video: ALPINA on the BMW ALPINA B7 BiTurbo 7-series and indepth detailed videos on features interiour and exteriour
  554. new pics of IB M5 w spacers, headlight tints
  555. Another garage pic thread
  556. Added the light weight battary
  557. Accelerator pedal module removal....
  558. Question on brake pads
  559. Ugliest M5 on earth
  560. Be proud of your M car!
  561. what would you offer....
  562. What will you do if you catch someone shoot your Beast with a paint ball?
  563. BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M Official Microsite now live at BMW
  564. BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M Official Microsite now live at BMW
  565. US CPO / Canadian Certified Series Warranty
  566. Member jbdmd BMW M5 and Ferrari 360 Spider
  567. 2008 Dinan Stroker vs 2009 Cadillac CTS-V #2
  568. speeding ticket in connecticut
  569. Off to BMW performance school
  570. Buying used E60 soon. Anything I should check for before I sign papers?
  571. Good place to purchase grill surround & fender grills?
  572. Hi, please welcome me. This is Black M5 Jr. !
  573. A Lincoln LS V8 try to smoke me!!
  574. What ECU software to buy
  575. Recommendation for Suspension for 21" Wheels
  576. TIRES
  577. BMW Courtesy Car System Sucks!
  578. M6 Maha Dyno Results! 430 Wheel Hp
  579. question about the new look
  580. This IS a genuinely great forum!
  581. eisenmann exhaust
  582. Light Weight Batteries
  583. How to dyno E60 M5
  584. Question...
  585. Meisterschaft GT + section 1&2 in Qatar
  586. Post-detail photos: Interlagos Blue M5
  587. So after I got an "Increased Emissions" fault
  588. Best Speed at which gears for racing?
  589. Latest software program prevents ECU tuning?
  590. The Dirtiest Cars......................
  591. Re-Balance summer tires???
  592. Cilajet paint sealant
  593. KW-V3 vs. Dinan Stage II vs. Dinan Stage III
  594. CPO
  595. comfort access transmitter problem
  596. Steering issue....
  597. When do you fill UP?
  598. Eisenman RACE!!!
  599. what would you do?
  600. Stock M5 - Is rev limiter at 8250RPM or 8400RPM?
  601. More pics of my Beast and its shoes
  602. n00bie question about oil
  603. Great deal on a 2006 M5 - $28K
  604. Re: In Clearwater FL
  605. 2009 m3 dct test drive
  606. Asr Twin Turbo M5 Update? [Failed - ASR BlackListed]
  607. Got it!: Picked up my 2006 M5 yesterday!
  608. Bosch ECU Scan Tools
  609. SMG vs. DCT
  610. Laser Interceptor (Group Buy)
  611. Exhaust Note
  612. Is it normal to see oil residue in air box flexible tubing?
  613. Whats the whine noise I hear when I unlock my car..
  614. LED License Plate Lights Error/fix?
  615. Drove a 135i today
  616. H&R springs
  617. Strange Vibration
  618. 3 colors of M
  619. Voice Command - List of Commands?
  620. Issues with DVD CCC Map disc
  621. Cutting Primary Cats
  622. Evosport Line Locks
  623. M School (April 9-11)
  624. The winner IS.....
  625. E60 donut time (video)
  626. News from Geneva Salon 2009: Im here
  627. Another crazy track e60 M5
  628. Back to the 1/4 track
  629. suggestion please
  630. 2008 Dinan Stroker M5 versus 2009 Cadillac CTS-V
  631. Easiest access through the firewall?
  632. m5 wins again
  633. Practice in So Cal?
  634. Red Cog of Death!
  635. caught BMW mechanic joy riding in my car
  636. buy now or later
  637. Member pandajoe V10 duo: BMW M5 and Lamborghini Gallardo
  638. darren_dallas's 08 M5 Interlagos Blue on 20" Alloy Technic B9 charcoal finish
  639. Whats your mpg?
  640. Ran into a Z06 and...
  641. Picture: Dedicated grafitti to BMW M5
  642. Check out the Sick Lease Deals on M3,M5 and M6
  643. smoked by a stock m5!?!?!?!
  644. Wow...HUD at 167 MPH
  645. Loud clunking noise on gear shifts.
  646. Extended Maintenance now available?
  647. Got my beast.
  648. Who is running 275/30-19 and 295/30-19 on stock wheels?
  649. Finally got the SSR wheels put on!
  650. Video Kreissieg exhaust BMW M5
  651. How to install H8 Angel Eyes Converter Kit
  652. Extended Warranty on 06 M5
  653. High-Defintion Video: BMW M5 Touring stockvs Mercedes S65 AMG stock
  654. Some pics of my car
  655. high battery drain warning
  656. can someone give me the 411 on these lights?
  657. Is there an AFE representative on the board?
  658. iPhone / cradle / external aerial signal level
  659. The final countdown
  660. New member saying hello
  661. Ideas for Laser Interceptor Install
  662. M5 Audio --- Harman Kardon speakers or CDT?
  663. Oval exhaust wanted help !! :)
  664. Considering going from e55 to M5/M6.
  665. Someone Tried breaking into my car!!!
  666. Member JC58 Alpine White BMW M5 with HRE Wheels
  667. Valentine 1 problem, mysterious radar behind me?
  668. M Driving Experience Report
  669. Service Engine Soon- Air intake installed
  670. S6 rolling start
  671. Did I overpay?
  672. M5's last ski Trip
  673. M6 pushes harder than M5??
  674. Old Timer's 06' M5 with 49K miles
  675. Costco gasoline quality?
  676. Member dimitr Alpine White BMW M5
  677. Dallas Hangout
  678. m5 real racing machine
  679. "Coming to America" how difficult is it for the beast?
  680. V1 install-- modified lazy mans method
  681. Awesome drives in Southern California?
  682. High Definition video: BMW M5 Touring vs BMW M6
  683. What's this sound?
  684. High Definition: BMW M5 Touring vs BMW M3 V8 6-speed both stock
  685. Member Revo Sapphire Black BMW M5 2006
  686. Rough idle at cold starts
  687. Should I be worried about my tire?
  688. SMG Gearbox problem
  689. Is Sirius dead ?
  690. 06 M5 vs. 04 Svt cobra?
  691. BMW SMG and and Porsche MT
  692. Member MVOVJR Silverstone II BMW M5
  693. DINAIN Mods - No HP Increase?
  694. Detail Question
  695. Should I "force" a clutch replacement?
  696. BBS CH 19" on E60 M5?
  697. New member-question
  698. Pictures: Individual BMW M5 Messing Metallic with bicolour black Ecru interiour with AC Schnitzer options (prerpare for a different M5...)
  699. Picture: Individual Onyxblue with interiour Individual Oxydbraun BMW M5 facelifted sedan
  700. Pictures: One more Japan Red Individual BWM M5 now with bicolour red / white interiour

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